Powerful padel snowshoes: the 7 snowshoes ideal for smashs by 3
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Powerful padel snowshoes: the 7 snowshoes ideal for smashs by 3

Powerful padel snowshoes: the 7 snowshoes ideal for smashs by 3

As we know, power makes many padel players fantasize. Many would like to have the explosiveness ofAle Galan or Paquito navarro. But between the different brands, it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. The Padel Shop spirit team therefore Compiled the top 7 of the best powerful rackets, for all types of play and level.

These palas are therefore focused on power, which is often done at the expense of control, so you have to have some experience to tame these snowshoes to reveal their incredible potential. Nevertheless, once controlled, these rackets will be your best allies to carry out SMASHS like by 3.

Babolat Technical Viper 2022: the flagship racket of the world number 1 Juan LeBron

We start in force with one of the most popular rackets on the market: the Technical Viper from Babolat. Diamond in shape, like most palas of this article, the Technical Viper uses all its potential thanks to several technologies specific to Babolat. For example, HPS innovation (Holes Pattern System) is used for optimal holes to promote the ball output and therefore the accuracy of your blows.

Despite its great power, The Technical Viper brings a very correct comfort and tolerance for an explosive racket Thanks to its vibestorm system to erase the maximum number of vibrations but above all thanks to the Multieva gum which brings to the heart of the racket not 1 but 3 layers of foam. The 2 outer layers are more rigid to ensurepower but the inner layer is more flexible and then makes it possible to bring this tolerance which makes This technical viper a more versatile racket.


Head Delta Elite: power in all lightness

We go from Head's side with a racket from the Delta range, the power range of the Austrian brand. As with the previous racket, The Delta Elite provides control and surprising handling for an explosive racket But not for the same reasons. First of all, this pala offers one of the lowest weights for an attack racket: 360g, which brings a welcome handling for intermediate level players wanting to progress without rushing. This low weight is possible thanks to the fiberglass faces present on the frame and which give good strike sensations.

However, the power is not forgotten in particular thanks to the diamond shape of the racket and therefore the concentration of the weight at the head of the racket to be as effective as possible during the Smashs and other Viboras. But Power Foam foam technology is the detail that gives Pala its explosiveness. This rather rigid foam is very dense, which makes it formidable for powerful blows but also on the fly with very good responsiveness. Nevertheless, it should be noted that after a few hours of play, the racket can be more difficult to play, especially for the joints because of the inexpensive foam. The Delta Elite remains a powerful racket with good value for money.

Bullpadel Vertex 03: the most popular

The Spanish brand Bullpadel is also present in this top with the Vertex 03, the best -selling racket on the market and played by Juan Telo, world number 10 WPT. Powerful at will, it will suit confirmed players wanting to express their explosiveness on the field. As with the Technical Viper, the Vertex uses a multi -stroke that brings rigidity to the outside and flexibility inside in order to compensate for the power of the diamond shape.

The carbon frame is also very dense with Xtend 12K technology which allows power and reactivity to the volley much higher than average. The innovation of the air react channel (holes system in the structure of the heart of the racket specific to Bullpadel) allows to gain maneuverability and precision while keeping intact the so much sought -after explosiveness of the racket. And if you lack power or weight, head weights Where handle are available and can be added on the racket.

Blackcrown Special Power: for the purest power

We now focus on pure and raw power with the Blackcrown Special Power. As its name suggests, explosiveness is its trademark and it will take a certain mastery of the game to control this formidable racket because the Pala has a very dense carbon frame: 15,000 carbon microfilaments present to make this racket A reactivity monster. This 15K carbon frame brings all the power and responsiveness necessary to finish most points suddenly.

To counterbalance this rigidity, this racket is in the shape of a drop of water, which positions the weight towards the center of the racket to bring more maneuverability to the racket. However, it will be necessary to be vigilant to injuries, especially in the elbow after several hours of play, because of this demanding racket.

Drop Shot Conqueror 9.0: The legendary JMD pala!

In the family of dense snowshoes, we have the mother here! Indeed, despite its drop in water which brings a lower weight than the other rackets and therefore more maneuverability, this Conqueror 9.0 is still made for powerful players, especially With a 24K carbon frame, one of the densest on the market. No more soft shots, this pala will offer you all the responsiveness and the power necessary to put punch in your blows in the manner of the legend Juan Martin Diaz, which uses this racket on a professional level.

To complete all of this, the racket also has a rigid foam to provide resistance and explosiveness: Evatech foam. You will understand, this racket is very rigid and it will take experience and mastery to tame it and be able to use its devastating power.

Adidas Essnova 3.1: Explosiveness ... but versatility

Adidas offers a racket here for intermediate players, combining power of course and control. With its diamond shape, the Adidas Essnova offers a fairly good power, especially since its faces are made of carbon (quite rare for a racket of this price), a material used to increase the explosiveness to the impact of the ball. However, to ensure the control that intermediate players need, the holes are positioned so as to enlarge the striking area, and thus increase tolerance. The EVA Soft foam used guaranteed for play with a greater stroke control. So we have a powerful racket yes but quite balanced for players who want to progress without making too much mistakes.

Dropshot Sakura 3.0: the most accessible

We therefore finish this article with a racket for beginners, who also had the right to have fun on the field. So they need a powerful racket but also easy to handle and that is exactly what Drop Shot offers with the Sakura 3.0. The diamond shape and Smart Holes System technology allows the racket to bring the necessary explosiveness to finish the easily.

But beginners need control and maneuverability so as not to send all their blows to the windows. This is why Drop Shot has inserted a soft EVA foam to provide fairly rare play comfort for a powerful racket. The fiberglass present on the surface of the pala adds this feeling of comfort. Thus, the Sakura 3.0 is a powerful but balanced racket that will satisfy beginners Wanting to send by 3 ... or big mistakes.

You will understand, on Padel Shop spirit, powerful rackets are available for all levels and with different characteristics. Hoping that with this article you will find your happiness and thus choose the best pala to send large mines to your opponents.

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