Osaka, the Padel brand with Japanese accent
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Osaka, the Padel brand with Japanese accent

Osaka, the Padel brand with Japanese accent

Small new in the world of the Padel, we present to you today the brand of Padel Osaka. Created in Belgium, the manufacturer offers The whole panoply of a padel player : snowshoes, Clothes, shoes and even some accessories. Having started hockey first, Osaka naturally went to the Padel thanks to their Expertise in technical carbon products But also by wanting to surf the growing popularity of the padel. With its design inspired by Japanese culture, the brand offers us a bias daring but assumed. Relive the great hours of the samurai or the largest animated under The Padel angle with Osaka!

The Pro range: Take advantage of the best snowshoes on the market!

Osaka's Pro range presents its snowshoes most technologically supplied And which are mostly intended for experienced players. All rackets of this brand are equipped with Japanese carbon, one of the strongest on the market, on the edge, just to stiffen and protect the racket from possible blows against the grid and against the windows.

Osaka Pro Tour Control Touch: between rigidity and precision

For this first racket, we are interested here in the pro Tower Control Touch, a racketvery rigid, Composed in high density carbon. Indeed with its 18,000 mono carbon fiber, the pala is quite hard which gives it very good qualities power and precision, to the detriment of a certain comfort. In addition, with its dense foam similar to a Hard Eva, The Pro Tower Control Tower has very good responsiveness any type of ball. The association of these elements make it a powerful and very precise racket which allows you to do everything on the ground.

To counterbalance all of this, Osaka opted for a round shape which adds very good control to the racket. With its weight centered towards the handle, it is very handy. This fairly special combination between rigidity and control And allows the racket to be versatile.

This racket has a different version called Vision Pro Control Touch, with many common points, starting with design. The only difference lies in the density of carbon faces: She goes from 18k to 3k. Much more flexible, the racket is reduced in power but increased in control and tolerance. She is More accessible and less difficult to play. Ideal for players who prefer lobs to smashs.

Osaka Pro Tour Control Snap: Hardness in the service of sweetness

In line with the previous racket, Osaka presents the pro Tower Control Snap. Also considered as a racket intended for experts, it consists of 18K carbon faces and is quite rigid. This gives the Pala a very good return of force and good precision Despite decreased comfort. However, its round shape makes it very handy and makes it a racket controlled and control.

But the big difference with the pro Tower Control Touch lies in the foam. Where the foam was rigid with the other racket, it presents a Soft, more flexible foam, which brings more comfort and control in the absence of power.

Also present on our site, the vision version of this racket: the pro control vision. The only difference with the Snap version is carbon density. Much more flexible (3K), this association makes it a racket focused completely on control and precision And can be offered to expert players and intermediaries.

Aero range: intended for intermediate players

Change of range and we end up with the Aero, the advanced / intermediary range from Osaka. More accessible, These rackets can go to less experienced players, from level 5.

Osaka Vision Aero Power: Maximum versatility

We start with the Aero Power vision which is presented by the brand gout And which offers very complete characteristics. With its fiberglass, quite flexible material, you can enjoy very good control and fairly comfortable strikes. The drop of water, between diamond and round, center the balance of the racket in the middle of the sieve, ideal for mastering as many blows as possible. The chosen foam is the Osaka Snap Foam, specific to the brand. Quite flexible, it allows you to add Good ball check and makes the racket tolerant. All in versatility, this bright colors racket will accompany you in your progress.

Osaka Vision Aero Control: Master all aspects of your game

Similar to the Aero Power vision, the Aero Control has all the characteristics of a Full control racket. With its fiberglass faces, The control is then increased, as is the comfort when the ball impact. Thus, more animal faults and more tennis Elbow. The foam is also flexible, and allows a Better absorption of vibrations and increase the accuracy of your blows. But the main difference is in the form, where we have a round shape here, much more handy than his sister Aero Power. All its specificities make it a racket controlled control, comfort and very accessible.

Osaka Deshi Control: to start serenely

Osaka has not forgotten beginners, which is why the Deshi Control was born. Available in several colors: black/green or white/blue, it is ideal for players looking for Their first Padel racket. Round It is very handy and makes it possible to limit direct faults, quite frustrating when you start playing. With its soft foam, Balle control is increased and allows you to better feel the ball in the racket. Comfort is also in the spotlight since the faces are manufactured fiberglass And limit vibrations as much as possible. Put all the odds on your side to progress and become the ultimate padel player.

Padel Osaka Ido MK1 shoe: grip in all circumstances!

No more slides and other loss of support on the track with the new Padel Osaka Ido MK1 shoe, the brand's flagship model. With its 4 different types of rafters under the sole, take advantage of exceptional grip on all types of surfaces. Other important point, The "o spot", located under the cuboid bone of the foot, is a Special rubber piece which improves the balance of the shoe and Harmonizes the supports. Very comfortable with its many pads present inside, its different materials used outside the shoe also makes it very solid. A must have to avoid injuries and move perfectly on the track!

Osaka Padel Classic Unisex sweatshirt: stylish together!

With shoes and rackets, you also need clothes to have the complete panoply of the real padel player. This is why Osaka also created sweatshirts, which can be carried on the tracks as in everyday life. With The brand logo In its center, wear this sweater as soon as the warm -up to announce the color to your opponent. Very comfortable With its 80% cotton manufacturing, be matching with your partner thanks to this Unisex sweatshirt!

Although all new in the Padel, Osaka intends to make a place for itself thanks to its Many quality snowshoes. With several ranges ranging from the expert to the beginner, the brand stands out as being very complete,Also offering technical and comfortable outfits and shoes. So don't hesitate, everything is available on Padel Shop spirit.

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