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Top 5 rackets for professionals

Top 5 rackets for professionals

1. Bullpadel Vertex 03 by Maxi Sànchez

maxi sanchez bullpadel vertex 03

The Bullpadel Vertex 03 is the lethal weapon of the formidable left-wing player Maxi Sànchez. For several years with the Vertex 02, the current world number 5 recently changed racquets for his evolution: the Vertex 03. One of the biggest strengths of this pala is undoubtedly its versatility. Indeed, it is suitable for professional players but also for amateur players and even beginners. Indeed, thanks to its multilayer foam, the Vertex 03 allows you to appreciate all balls, whether they are fast or slow.

“Playability” and “explosiveness” are two adjectives that characterize wonder this pala Bullpadel.


2. Wilson Bela Pro by Fernando Belasteguín

bela wilson padel

As the name suggests, the Wilson bela pro was specially designed for Bela. For those who do not yet know Bela, this is one of the most great players in the history of padel.

Currently world number 7, Fernando Belasteguín has been world number 1 for 16 consecutive years.

The Wilson brand has dedicated a whole range of rackets to it, made up of the Bela pro, the Bela Elite and the Bela Team. From the stiffest to the most flexible, Wilson has worked this to appeal to any type of profile.

bela wilson padel

  • The Wilson Bela Team, allows advanced players to progress with very good playing sensations.
  • The Wilson Bela Elite, allows players who want a little more firmness, to have better feel and a higher performance.
  • The Wilson Bela Pro, allows advanced players to have a stiff racquet that provides powerful control t on big hits.


3. Babolat Technical Viper by Juan Lebròn

From the Babolat Viper 2021 range, The Babolat Technical Viper used by one of the the most spectacular players of the World Padel Tour : Juan Lebron. As a reminder, here are some masterpieces made by the Spanish player.

This racquet is suitable for offensive players looking for power in their attacking strokes. Diamond-shaped and very firm on impact, this Babolat provides a maximum power on pressed smashes.

In the same range of racket, the Technical Viper is completed by the Air Viper (lighter and more airy and by the Counter Viper (less in mind and easier to learn).

babolat 2021 viper racket range

There is also an intermediate range which uses the same shapes of racquets with different internals. We find the Technical Veron, the Air Veron and the Counter Veron.

babolat veron padel

To summarize, Babolat Veron are more flexible than Babolat Viper, they allow to have better sensations than their big sisters and a more important ball exit on the less powerful shots. On the other hand, they concede a loss of power on the dry strikes such as smashes.


4. Head Alpha Pro by Sanyo Guitierrez

sanyo head padel alpha pro

Straight out of the new Alpha range, the Head Alpha Pro is used by the star Sanyo Guitierrez. The current 5th world is known for its incredible level of play but especially for its many puntacos (spectacular exchange in padel language 😉).

The Alpha Pro is a fit racquet water drop which therefore allows for better handling in defense and on the fly compared to diamond-shaped racquets. Regarding its components, it has a rigid foam which brings a lot of control but a low output of the ball in the small game. On the other hand, during dry ball hits, it will have a better performance than other rackets with softer foam.

If you need a little more feel from a little softer racquets, don't be fooled, Head has you covered with theAlpha motion, theAlpha Eliteand theEVO Sanyo.

We also highlight the very simple and refined design of the entire Alpha range. Congratulations to Head who knew combine aesthetics and technology perfectly.


5. Bullpadel Hack 02 by Paquito Navarro

bullpadel hack 02 2021 paquito navaro

We couldn't have written an article on our top 5 pro rackets without mentioning the current world number 1! Yep, as you may know, the Bullpadel Hack is the racket of showman and talented Paquito Navarro. As a reminder, here are some puntacos from the Spanish player.

From the latest Bullpadel racket range, the Hack is profiled like an attacking racket. Ideal for left players, this pala is more rigid than its cousin the Vertex 03 and a little less in the lead. That is, it has less powerful ball output but more control on all low intensity shots, but a little more nervousness and performance on sharp hits like flat spikes. Considered a diamond-shaped racket by Bullpadel, the Hack is rather a hybrid between the diamond shape and the water drop shape. This pala is therefore more maneuverable on defense and volley shots compared to the Vertex 03.


Bonus: Babolat Revenge Woman by Victoria Iglesias

victoria iglesias revenge woman padel

This is the women's racquet of our selection! It is also handled to perfection by Victoria Eglesias. The current 17th world player has set their sights on the Babolat Revenge Woman who wants to be comfortable and extremely easy to play.

Thanks to its medium density EVA foam, you will enjoy nervousness when you want to accelerate the game while having great sensations on all low power balls.

With its weight of 350 grams and its teardrop shape, it is among the lightest and most manoeuvrable rackets on the market. Its "Dynamic Stability System" technology allows it to increase its stability on impact and increase its tolerance. That is to say that the strike zone is slightly larger and therefore allows compensate for poorer footwork for example.

A racquet that we therefore recommend to all women looking to have fun on the field while having a racquet with responsiveness.


In conclusion, and as you have noticed, all these models represent the cream of the padel rackets, and have the advantage of being accessible to amateur or even beginner players who want to have fun with a excellent racket to progress.


Joffrey Gilant padel shop spirit  Joffrey Gilant, big fan of par 3

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