Nox releases the big game with its new collection of rackets 2022
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Nox releases the big game with its new collection of rackets 2022

Nox releases the big game with its new collection of rackets 2022

New year, new collection for Nox. In 2022, the transition was in place in the brand to the Grand X with the advent of Agustin Tapia, 22 years old, new muse who gradually replaces the legendary MIGUEL LAPPERTI, 43 years. Building on these 2 partnerships, in addition to that with the ALAYETO twins, Nox is released this year several palas who deserve to bend over.

The Luxury range: by professionals, for professionals

AT10, racket of the young Agustin Tapia.

Last year, this pala was distributed in 1 version, unlike today where 4 different versions are presented by NOX. In addition to the classic At Genius Arena Who made all the reputation of the product, Nox innovates with an ultra dense 18K carbon fiber. This technology adds hardness to best succeed in powerful blows such as smashs or volley. It is present on 2 snowshoes, the AT10 Genius 18K, round in shape but also on the AT10 Genius Attack 18K, in the shape of a diamond which makes it one of the most powerful racquets on the market which turns out to be devastating when it is good controlled.



The ML10, racket of the legend Miguel Lampeti

Emblematic figure of the World Padel Tour and the NOX brand, Miguelito recently re -signed with the brand for 2 additional years. What then releases new snowshoes for this year like the ML10 Pro Cup Luxury Series. Accustomed to squatting the advanced categories, this round pala that the Argentinian player will use in the professional range thanks to a new anti vibration system and more rough faces to accentuate the effects.

In the same category, the ML10 Luxury Shotgun offers more power with its diamond shape for players preferring a more offensive style while the ML10 Luxury Bahia and its drop of water allow a more complete and versatile game.



Sanchez ALAYETO twins rackets

To finish on professional snowshoes, we focus on the sisters Mapiand Majo Sanchez Alayato AKA “Las Gemenas Atomikas”, respectively 15th and 16th in the world. Having similar characteristics, the Palas Nox MP10 and Nox MJ10 have some details that characterize them.

For the MJ10, versatility is in order with a 12k carbon fiber for faces and a drop in water, which promotes a balance between power and control. On the other side, MP10 offers a 3K carbon fiber and a round shape in order to offer control and maneuverability defying any competition.



The World Padel Tour rackets: Play with official palas!

In addition to their association with these professional players, Nox is also a partner of the official WPT circuit. Thanks to this, they can therefore offer rackets stamped World Padel Tour with undeniable qualities.

The Luxury range is also available for these snowshoes, with in particular the Nerbo World Padel Tour 2022. It is a powerful diamond -shaped racket that also benefits from 18K technology which can be a very good alternative to the AT10 Genius Attack cited more high.

The Advanced Series range is more accessible and has glass fiber faces for increased comfort at the time of impact. The WPT 2022 attraction racket is the power version while WPT Equation provides more control and precision for intermediate / advanced players. Note that it also has a female version.

The Pro Series range: Pro Cup, the racket that crossed the eras.

Present from the first hours of the brand, the Pro Cup also returns in force this year with the ML10 Pro Cup 2022 model. As usual, it is very versatile, offering a very balanced control power ratio. Round in shape, with very flexible faces in 3K fiberglass and a carbon frame, the racket will be able to satisfy all types of players wanting to place precise blows without losing too much power. The Silver version is also available, lighter which can very well suit women.



The Casual range: so that beginner and intermediate players progress in the best way.

In this range, the X-One racket appears to be essential for beginners. Very versatile, it adapts very well to the player level whatever its style of play. This Pala has a good value for money - price and is a first choice when it comes to choosing a first padel racket.

For women, the racket Nox Silhouette is the equivalent of the X-One, adding more maneuverability and lightness.



Nox textile range: when performance meets elegance.

To finish this already very complete collection, the Spanish brand also released a range of clothes still with the headliner Agustin Tapia. Available in 3 colors (white, black and red), the official Argentine champion jersey is simple and elegant but has many technologies like the sweatshirt control to best evacuate perspiration. From a more lifestyle perspective, the basic t-shirt for women is also present with the slogan of the brand "Makes You Improve". To play padel or simply in daily use, this 100% cotton t-shirt can be worn everywhere and is available in red, white and blue on our site at a very affordable price. To see the entire 2022 collection on Padel Shop spirit, Click here !


You have noticed, the 2022 collection of Nox is very complete, in particular thanks to its many partners. Professional players, intermediaries or beginners, everyone will find their happiness in one of the most supplied catalogs on the market

By Pierre Mercier, editor Padel Shop
Passionate about sport in particular of tennis and basketball, he fell into the Padel recently and found a new predilection sport. He will offer you with all his expertise 2 types of articles throughout the year: the new collections offered by the biggest brands as well as articles on the Padel ecosystem in general.

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