New Bullpadel 2022 collection: everything you need to know about snowshoes.
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New Bullpadel 2022 collection: everything you need to know about snowshoes.

New Bullpadel 2022 collection: everything you need to know about snowshoes.

You were waiting for it, the 2022 collection of the Bullpadel brand, a reference in terms of Padel racket has finally arrived. This year, the brand has spoiled us with several new palas, accompanied by new technologies to perfect your style of play. Esprit Padel Shop offers you today a review of everything you need to know about this new arrival of the Spanish brand . Let's go !

The headliners: the Vertex 03 and the Hack 03

True bestsellers on our site last year, the Vertex and the Hack are coming back this year with a brand new model. As usual with BullPadel, rackets are very handy and offer a very balanced power / control ratio with, however, some specificities.

Hack 03 2022: an unrivaled power

Hack 03 is a racket which, like its predecessor, favors power and explosiveness. Thanks to these different technologies, which you will find in detail on our site, this diamond -shaped racket is one of the most powerful on the market. Used by world number 2 Paquito navarro, The Hack 03 has the particularity this year to use the Air React Channel innovation, present so far only on the Vertex, which makes it much more aerial and easy to handle. Note that version 03 of this year is a real diamond shape compared to the 2021 hack 02 which was a diamond hybrid - water drop.



Vertex 03 2022: Purpose versatility

Diamond head racket also, the Vertex, it favors more versatility and comfort at the time of the impact. Less explosive, it is more handy and offers total effect of effects thanks to Top Spin technology that materializes by a more rough fiber on faces. Used by ArgentinianJuan Telo10th in the world, this pala will suit comprehensive players. All other characteristics are also present on our site.



These two rackets are available in comfort and control version. The base of the Pala remains the same but slight modifications are made in order to best correspond to the different styles of play.

For control rackets, the shape goes from diamond to a drop of water and the balance point is below than on basic those in order to provide more control, as its name suggests. Small feature for the Hack control which goes this year to a drop of water compared to previous years, where it was round. Comfort rackets only have Fibrix technology in addition, a hybrid fiber that adds elasticity at the time of strike and therefore more comfort.

Despite the fact that these rackets are used by pros, they remain accessible to less experienced players thanks to their comfort of use that characterizes the brand.

Other new Bullpadel snowshoes

In addition to these 2 headliners, Bullpadel offers us many other possibilities to please us for the year 2022. Thanks to their racket ratates according to your level, you will be able to choose the one that suits you best to progress as soon as possible.

The front range: for experienced players

With 3 unpublished rackets, Bullpadel delights advanced level players. With the Ionic Power, the Ionic Control and the Axym, each style of play will find its suitable racket.

For a game on the offensive, the Ionic Power is ideal thanks to its diamond shape and its focused weight on the top of the racket.

For more maneuverability, Lonic Control will be perfect, especially thanks to its drop in water.

If you prefer to have a more versatile racket, the pala axym is what you need. Very balanced, its glaphite faces (carbon + fiberglass) make it possible to master all the blows of the padel. Also note that Axym is available in female model.

The Performance range: for intermediate level players

As for the Avent range, the Performance range has a racket focused on power and explosiveness, The K2 Power as well as a controlled racket control and maneuverability, BP10 EVO. These palas are ideal if you play regularly, 1 to 2 times a week for example and that the comfort of play is your priority.

For this category, the par excellence female model is the Flow Light, a more accessible version of the Flow, a racket used by the world number 1, Alejandra Salazar.



The Tour range: for beginner players

And yes, Bullpadel has thought of everyone for the new year, even beginners with the indiga racket. Whether it's the Power, the control Or the Woman model, this pala is perfect for properly appropriating the different strokes of the padel and progressing at its own pace from the start. Very handy and light thanks to the carbon frame and the Softeva nucleus, this racket is one of the best to start in Padel.


Bullpadel delights us with this new 2022 collection, where everyone can find their account there. In this new year, the moment is therefore well chosen to change the racket and thus reveal your real potential! Go to our site spirit-padel-shop.comTo discover all these snowshoes in detail.

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