Padel Wilson's snowshoes are back on Padel Shop: WA brand makes its comeback.
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Padel Wilson's snowshoes are back on Padel Shop: WA brand makes its comeback.

Padel Wilson's snowshoes are back on Padel Shop: WA brand makes its comeback.

The legendary American tennis mark returns to the world of the Padel with a most prestigious partnership: the goat of the padel, Fernando Belasteguin. Release in 2020 in small quantities, this collection is back onPadel Shop spirit. If you like red & black and want to shine like Bela, Wilson is the ideal brand. We explain to you which pala to choose according to your game and your level, let's go!


The Bela range: snowshoes inspired by the Bela legend.

Wilson Bela Pro: power and elegance

We start directly with an offensive racket, the Bela Pro. In the form of a diamond, it is the most rigid pala in the range: offering both power and precision. You will still need experience to tame this racket but well controlled, it is one of the best snowshoes on the circuit. Primero Carbon technology provides very good speed and very good responsiveness, as well as the SHIELD Protector which protects vibrations as much as possible in the handle and prevents you from contracting tendonitis, especially in the elbow. The Arrow Grip is present on the face of the racket to intensify your effects and surprise your opponents.

Wilson Bela Elite: A versatile racket for advanced players.

In the Bela family, I want the girl: The Bela Elite. More tender than the pro, this pala still keeps the diamond shape by bringing more flexibility with its carbon / fiberglass hybrid faces. A little lighter, it guarantees more comfort and maneuverability but still keeps the power that characterizes the range. Arrow grip technology is also present for maximum effects.

Wilson Bela Team: Handling in performance service.

With the Bela Team, Wilson offers a handy and versatile pala to make all the padel's blows easily. The fiberglass that composes the faces will allow you to vary your strikes and thus adapt to all types of opponents. The EVA flexible foam also makes it possible to guarantee impressive but well balanced game comfort with the power that the diamond shape brings to the pala. Intended for intermediate or even advanced players, this racket has a most interesting quality / price ratio on the market.


All BELA rackets are available with a special strap. In addition to being padded and comfortable, Bela's sentence is written "a Belasteguin Nunca is laughing", understand "a Belasteguin never abandons". What to motivate yourself for your big games to come.


The Blade range: snowshoes ideal for players in full progressions

In 2022, Wilson released a new collection of his best rackets available: the Blade. In addition to being used by the largest stars in the padel, including the French number 1 and 19th in the world Alix Collombon, these snowshoes are the fruit of major innovations from the American brand and this 2022 collection will not derogate from the rule.

The Wilson Blade Elite V2, already available on Padel Shop spirit, is a racket with a drop of water and has carbon and fiberglass alloy faces which brings it a certain control and comfort to the impact of the ball . Intended for advanced players, this Pala is the best in the versatile snowshoe market.

The other rackets in the range, the Blade Pro and the Blade Team have notable differences with the Elite and you will be presented when they come out of the year so stay connected!


The Pro Staff range: accessible and comfortable to progress with confidence.

The Pro Staff range is the range that Roger Federer uses for tennis, just that! On the padel side, we are here on a range favoring control in order to ensure surgical precision for your blows.

Wilson Pro Staff Elite: Balance combo - Efficiency

The Pro Staff Elite is a balanced and versatile pala but some notable differences are to be distinguished from the Bela Team. While the power was brought by the diamond shape, the Pro Staff Elite draws its explosiveness from the Power Foam foam and from Sharpe Hole technology which uses a single drilling system that strengthens power. The balance is then brought by the round shape of the racket which brings softness and comfort to create this versatility of the pala.

Wilson Pro Staff Team: a handy and accessible racket.

Finally, Wilson offers us an accessible racket, for beginners or intermediate players wanting to progress serenely, at their own pace. Round in shape and with a fiberglass frame, this blade is stable and reactive to avoid making mistakes and therefore gaining confidence in the game. With its superb petting red design, its faces are smooth and favor flat strikes , ideal for beginners.

The sublime grip is offered for any purchase of Wilson Pro Staff, a soft and comfortable surgrip which allows to absorb perspiration well thanks to its micro-perforations.


The ultra range: versatility for all.

Wilson Ultra Pro V2: precision for experienced players.

The ultra range of Wilson focuses on the versatility of its rackets to allow all players of all levels of performing by taking pleasure. The pro is no exception to the rule and its carbon fiber faces provide power and responsiveness while the foam allows you to keep control over your blows. Designed for advanced players, this pala will allow you to master your opponent.

Wilson Ultra Elite V2 : one of the best Wilson value for money.

Like the pro, this racket in water drop is versatile and simple to use. Designed for intermediate players, it brings additional comfort to the impact with in particular a more tolerant Sweet Sport. But power is still present with the heart Power Pillar, which makes the Pala complete and useful in all game situations.

Wilson Ultra Team V2: to start gently and control.

Whether in terms of handling or in terms of price, the Ultra Team Wilson is accessible to all players wanting to progress quickly. Thanks to its drop of water and improved comfort, it will allow all beginners to familiarize themselves well with the padel and understand the blows easily. Like its sisters in the ultra range, the black and blue alloy makes particularly well and will be perfectly combined with all your Padel outfits.


As you have seen, this Wilson collection is complete and includes snowshoes for all levels. Very elegant, these palas are offer everything that a padel player is looking for. So what are you waiting for to perform like Bela?

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