The 4ON products: one more innovation for the padel.
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The 4ON products: one more innovation for the padel.

The 4ON products: one more innovation for the padel.

 The Swedish brand of Padel 4on presents today Its brand new range of members. With a cream and a spray, the brand thus helps people who sweat during their Padel games and offers a good alternative to magnesia. We tested it for you and here is our feelings on these products as practical as innovative. 

For cream, a hazelnut is enough for the adhering effect to be felt with a good grip the racket. The sticky sensation is present, without being too unpleasant to the touch And your perspiration problems will be quickly erased thanks to this cream. Only downside, the outfit. Indeed, after about 45 minutes, the effect is no longer as striking as at the beginning and, like magnesia, it will be necessary to put it during a break or a change of side to have the same Adherence from start to finish.


As for spray, it is applicable on hands or on the handle of the racket directly. Very adherent, it allows you to have a good grip of the racket which no longer slides at all with the hand. Unlike the cream, the spray holds longer and It will not be necessary to put it during the match, unless I sweat a lot. However, the feeling to the touch is quite special, similar to glue and can displease. For us, the very adhesive touch has not disturbed too much and it left rather easily with a hand washing with hot water.

If hand sweating is a problem for you, 4on products are a good alternative to magnesia, summer and winter. Whether it is the cream or the spray, the adherent properties are present and will allow you to perform by putting aside this problem of sliding hands. The products are available on our Padel Shop Esprit site and in testing directly at the club.

By Pierre Mercier, editor Padel Shop
Passionate about sport in particular of tennis and basketball, he fell into the Padel and found his new predilection sport. He will offer you with all his expertise 2 types of articles throughout the year: the new collections offered by the biggest brands as well as articles on the Padel ecosystem in general.

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