Padel shoes: which brand to choose and how?
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Padel shoes: which brand to choose and how?

Padel shoes: which brand to choose and how?

Many Padel players neglect shoes to practice their favorite sport. However, the padel is a sport that requires a lot of foot movements individuals, in particular almost unique rotations for this sport. Many manufacturers have therefore thought of Different types of shoes And it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. The Padel Shop spirit team helps you see more clearly with a quick tour in the Padel sneakers. Let's go !

Babolat: the Lyonnaise brand sets off at your feet

Babolat Jet Premura

We start directly from the heart of the matter with the French brand Babolat which has more than one string to its bow with in particular the Pretura jet. Quickly classified as essential, the shoe is now carried by many professional players such as world number 1 Juan LeBron for example.

Designed only for the practice of the padel, Babolat wanted to surround himself with the best Padel specialists to produce the best possible shoe. Among them, we can cite Mondo, the synthetic lawn manufacturer who has worked in particular with the World Padel Tour for certain professional tournaments. Thanks to this collaboration, Babolat was able to create The perfect shoe for uses on Padel terrains. The Lyon brand has also combined in Chamatex, a French brand of technical textiles to make the Pretura jet. To increase stability and maintenance, 4 straps made up of rigid mono-filaments are present to surround the shoe.

3 large notches are also present at the front of the shoe to facilitate rotations and have optimal support with the ground in order to have The best possible responsiveness. As you can see, the premura jet is the shoe to have from Babolat and will allow you to perform as best as possible on the padel tracks.

Babolat Movea

We go immediately with the little sister of the Pretura jet, the Movea. More accessible price level, MOVEA still has many technologies that make it a quality shoe. Among them, as on the premura jet, Michelin rubber is used to guarantee flexibility and resistance to all -test.

The heel also received a special treatment with KPRS-X innovation which adds an additional EVA insert foam which protects shocks and changes in directions. The Power Strap (powerful straps on each side of the foot) also allow optimal foot support.

Babolat Sensa Woman

Quite simply the equivalent of Movea, but for women. Sensa takes up the same characteristics as its male twin. From Power Strap technology to the partnership with Michelin, everything is there. In terms of women's shoes, it is one of the pairs that offers the most maintenance of the market, It is also one of the most popular pairs.

Note all the same that Babolat rather small size Compared to the other manufacturers, we therefore advise you to take half a size or even a size above your usual size to make the most of your shoes.

Bullpadel: the Padel expert puts himself in the shoe

Bullpadel Beker 22V

We go on the side of Bullpadel, where the Spanish brand is not to be outdone either level shoes. We start with the Beker 22V, which is one of the shoes having One of the best value for money on the market. More accessible than many pairs, this beker still has many technologies that make it flexible and durable. The mesh fabric composing the inside of the shoe makes it comfortable and above all breathable, your perspiration will be easily evacuated.

The sole is solidified To prevent management changes and often sudden side trips to the padel. Chevrons are also present under the sole to avoid sliding on any land area. Finally, thermofit technology is used to remove the seams from the pair as much as possible in order to Reduce weight and thus increase the maneuverability of shoes.

Bullpadel Hack Hybrid Fly 22V

We continue with BullPadel, with this time the range above. The brand has decided to name this the hack shoe (yes, like snowshoes) and we can say that the quality is present. Used by the fabulous Paquito navarro On the professional circuit, This pair is full of technologies adapted to the padel. The sole is divided into 3 separate layers and has reinforced areas, especially in the heel to ensure additional comfort when receiving jumps. The insole is made of ortholitis so that the Shoe adapts as best as possible to the shape of the user's foot. The outsole offers rafters to adapt to all types of surface and thus prevent any slide. This pair wants to be above all aerodynamic and it shows in its slender style, which goes on the point on the front.

In addition to the thermofit that lightens the shoe (see Bekker 22V), the Hack Hybrid Fly also has The Rotox system, a plastic ball present at the level of the large toe to facilitate very frequent half-tours at the padel. For this pair, he was enlarged for even more Facilitate half-tours and changes of direction.

Bullpadel Flow Hybrid 22V Woman

Like the Sensa Woman, the Flow takes up the same characteristics as the hack with a female adaptation, both visual and technical. The precise lacing system which keeps the foot admirably in the pair was however revised to Better adapt to the a priori finer feet of women. Much lighter, shoesAlejandra Salazar, number 1 in the WPT ranking will delight all women looking for The ideal shoe.

Nox: from science to the end of your feet

The emblematic Spanish brand Nox also has its own collection of shoes, in addition to its snowshoes and many accessories. Building on its various partnerships with professional players (Agustin Tapia, Miguel Lamperi, the Aleyato twins…), the brand at X extends the pleasure with pairs also in the colors of the players.

Nox at10 Lux

AT10 Lux from Nox corresponds to the initials of Agustin Tapia, young rising star of the international padel and world number 5. With all its technologies, This pair was certified Through the technological center of the Inescop shoe in Alicante in Spain after going through many scientific and morphological tests.

In addition, the sole has received a special treatment to adapt as much as possible to the difficulties encountered by a padel player. AGG (Advance Gravity Geometry) technology is notably present for lightly raise the heel And thus better distribute the structure of the sole. Very useful for arrested departures and sudden acceleration. Lateral support innovation is also added to add material to the sides of the shoe To avoid the torsions of the foot.

Nox ML10 Hexa

We change the pair and we focus on that of MIGUEL LAPPERTI, 21st World and True Legend of the International Padel. The Argentinian player has helped a lot to make this shoe in order to better center the problems of padel players. In addition, Nox has validated it by the high -level sports center of Sant Cugat in Spain, A guarantee of quality that few manufacturers can boast.

Technical level, we still find his reinforcements on the sides of the shoes to prevent twists, but also a particular lacing system which keeps the foot as much as possible. Abraxone technology is also implemented on the sole to bring the best possible cushioning and also increase the sustainability of the pair. With the ML10 Hexa, you hold A sober, efficient and resistant pair over time.

Prince by Hydrogen Tour Pro Light: Aggressive ... Like your game

Former brand of tennis, Prince turns into a hydrogen for a revival of its products and in particular in padel. With a singular style And his skull as a logo, be aggressive on the court with a pair which, beyond design, can compete with its more “known” competitors.

Technologies level, the classics are mastered with a well maintained foot with a lacing system provided for this purpose. The sole is also qualitative with a reinforcement on the heels to prevent shocks and maximize the starting speed. A rounded system at the base of the toe makes it possible to facilitate half-plays. And finally, rafters are placed on the outsole which can then Adapt to all types of surfaces, indoors and outdoors. Available in black and white.

Head: to always have a head in advance

Head Sprint Team 3.0

To finish this article, we go to Head. With an imprint in the padel that grows more and more, the Austrian brand continues its development by offering Mixed shoes tennis and padel To satisfy all racket sports lovers.

The Sprint Team has an innovative foot support system with median straps intertwine the shoe called Lockdown Straps. The soles are built with a particular rubber, very dense called hybrasion. His goal is to stiffen the sole as much as possible to increase resistance and Improve ground support. The chevron sole allows you to play on carpet that is covered with sand, and thus avoid sliding.

Head Revolut Court

Last pair, but not the least with the HEAD revolut short. Like its cousin the sprint team, it can be used in tennis as in the padel and on almost all surfaces. Available in black or white, its shoes are made of breathable mesh fabric, for Best your feet as best during your frenzied games.

Very comfortable with an interior with foam liners, it is also very resistant with synthetic leather straps placed at the front and back of the pair. Ideal for combining comfort and performance On Padel terrains or elsewhere!

As you can see, Padel brands did not hesitate to get into the world of shoes to diversify their offer and thus offer the best technologies to players. Hoping that this article has managed you in your choice, find all these pairs and much more on Padel Shop spirit!

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