Our 5 best padel rackets for women in 2022
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Our 5 best padel rackets for women in 2022

Our 5 best padel rackets for women in 2022

Last year, on this same blog, the illustrious François Authier, Padel Padel Professor with Padel and French number 7, wrote an article on which he recommended his 6 rackets for women in 2021. For this year 2022, we start again with The best snowshoes of the year 2022 with many interesting new features. To discover these palas in more detail, click on the corresponding images. We left for a discovery of our selection of5 best female snowshoes of 2022. 

Bullpadel Vertex Woman 03 2022: explosiveness at the rendezvous

We start strong with one of the most efficient snowshoes of the year: the Vertex 03 Woman. With an unprecedented design, more sober than the previous year, the Vertex is, just like its male counterpart, a racket Powerful diamond -shaped. Ideal to finish the points on the fly and in Smash, thishe racket is intended for confirmed players because rather complicated to maneuver but once mastered, it is one of the best rackets offensive of the market. Used by the current world number 5 DELFINA BREA SENESI Known for its explosiveness on the ground, this pala will be able to satisfy your power desires to compete with your best opponents. The foam Multi Eva Interior is soft which allows a certain control while the outer foam is rigid hence the power of the racket.

Nox MJ10 / MP10 2022: two for the price of a

Inseparable as their muses, the Nox of “Gemelas Atomikas” are also super rackets, many more manageable that the Vertex above. The twin sisters Maria Pilar and Maria José Aleyato, partners on the circuit, created a pala in partnership with Nox for each player with small differences.

For the MJ10 (for Maria José), the watchword is the adaptation. In the form of a drop of water, it allows you to manage all the blows of the padel well, whether in defense or in attack. Very versatile, she uses a 12k carbon fiber To gain sustainability and rigidity, ideal for flying. Her rough surface is also ideal for the effects to surprise your opponents as much as possible.

The MP10, is theDo not control racket. Round, it allows you to control your opponent's blows by contrasting them. Unlike her sister, Maria Pilar uses a 3K carbon fiber, to improve game comfort and maneuverability in exchanges. Ideal for players wanting to contain the opposing attacks by making no mistakes!

Blackcrown Piton Nakano: very good value for money

More affordable than previous palas, this racket is intended for intermediate or even confirmed players. Lightly set back compared to the others, Blackcrown nevertheless offers very interesting equipment for players / players wanting to progress with confidence. So we look at Piton Nakano, a female racket of one of the brand's best ranges. Round and controlled control; This pala is still quite rigid to perform on the fly in particular thanks to its frame composed of 80% carbon and 20% fiberglass. The handle is deliberately enlarged to allow two -handed setbacks to fill the lack of power of the racket. Used by Marta Marrero, 10th in the WPT ranking, this Pala is a very good value for money, and improves its game without frustrations.

Head Zephyr Ul 2022: Lightness in performance service

For this racket, we take a tour of the side of Head to present the Zephyr Ul. This ultra light pala hence its name UL (Ultra Light), weighs only 340 grams, one of the lightest on the market. Very handy, it will allow you to fill your preparation delays on the quick blows of your opponents. To further improve comfort, foam Comfort Foam is present on the Pala. It also benefits from all HEAD technologies, one of the most innovative manufacturers on the market. Among them, The Touch graphene Minimizes racket vibrations to avoid injury, especially in the elbow.

Babolat Reveal 2022: to start well in peace

For the last racket of this article, we look at Babolat and his new Reveal 2022. Very accessible, This racket is intended for beginner players wishing a racket to start the practice of the padel. With its round shape, it is very handy and allows check the ball And avoid the maximum of direct faults at the start. Its widened sieve and its extended Sweet Spot (perfect striking point of the ball) reinforces This gaming comfort To best help beginners not to frustrate. With its unbeatable price, opt for the Reveal 2022 to start a great paadel career!

You will understand, women are served this year with many rackets available for all levels and all styles of play. All brands now offer rackets thought for women which clearly shows the evolution and the growing diversification of sport , initially very masculine. We hope you will find your happiness among these rackets, if not a special female section is present on our site just here. See you next year for another female racket top and see you soon on the blog for other articles!

By Pierre Mercier, editor Padel Shop
Passionate about sport in particular of tennis and basketball, he fell into the Padel and found his new predilection sport. He will offer you with all his expertise 2 types of articles throughout the year: the new collections offered by the biggest brands as well as articles on the Padel ecosystem in general.

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