LeBron, Tapia, Gutierrez… with what rackets do the professionals of the Padel play?
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LeBron, Tapia, Gutierrez… with what rackets do the professionals of the Padel play?

LeBron, Tapia, Gutierrez… with what rackets do the professionals of the Padel play?

Among the many references on our site Spirit Padel Shop and the many snowshoes that we presented to you through Our blog articles, several names of professional players appeared with their respective snowshoes. So here is a small summary of the palas of the biggest padel players on the planet, for inspire you with them and their game styles. Let's go !

Babolat Technical Viper: Pala of the world number 1 Juan LeBron

Nothing better than starting with the best, the world number 1 at the World Padel Tour, the Spaniard Juan LeBron. Partner this year with Alejandro Galan which we will talk about later, LeBron is on contract with Babolate For its equipment and uses the famous Technical Viper to defend its chances on the WPT circuit. This is a racket focused on power and explosiveness During the strikes with its diamond shape which guarantees a weight up of the racket, very useful for smashes and tall stolen for example.

In addition to his overpowered smash, LeBron is also a player who likes to put his opponents in difficulty with precise blows. The Technical Viper at everything in store to offer this kind of blows, with its special X-EVA foam. Made up of 3 distinct layers, it allows you to give enough power and responsiveness with the 2 exterior rigid layers and thus, allows the player to turn the balls as precisely as possible. The 3rd layer, closest to the heart of the racket, is more flexible and makes it possible to counterbalance the power by bringing comfort at the time of impact With the ball. Finally, this Babolat pala has a system to best remove the vibrations called Vibrasbsorb, to add play comfort and avoid injuries. In the end, the Technical Viper is a racket powerful Certainly, but who does not forget the comfort of its user.

Nox at10 Genius: the weapon of the little genius Tapia

Only 23 years old, the Argentinian Agustin Tapia is in the form of his life. Recent winner of a tournament in Denmark accompanied by his partner Sanyo GUITERREZ, the young prodigy continues to stand out as a rising star of the padel. Under contract with The specialized brand Nox, he uses a racket that carries his initials, the AT10 Genius. In the shape of a drop of water, it is a racket that wants to be versatile and very complete To face all the difficulties in the field. Power level, everything is (or almost) to finish the points correctly. 12k carbon faces are very rigid and allow increased responsiveness During the Smashs, the Flees and the Powerful blows. HR3 foam, very dense, present on the racket reinforces this feeling of explosiveness Well characteristic of the Tapia game.

But like the Technical Viper above, Nox has not forgotten the comfort of play to make the Pala very pleasant to play despite the rigidity of the carbon. AVS (Anti Vibration System) is also present to make the racket more tolerant Decentrated balls and also prevents vibrations from reaching the elbow and causing injuries, especially tendonitis. In conclusion, the AT10 Genius is as expected, versatile and very complete For a player on the left such as Agustin Tapia.


Adidas Metalbone 3.1: The 3 -band brand linked to Alejandro Galan

LeBron teammate and world number 1, Ale Galan Confirms his status as one of the best players in the world by winning with his partner the last final master in Madrid last December. These excellent results have helped Adidas well, the Galan partner brand, went up the slope and register for good among The biggest padel equipment manufacturers in the world. The young Argentinian champion plays on the circuit with a metalbone 3.1, a diamond -shaped racket for maximum power. Carbon faces also increase the density and thus the responsiveness of bullets, especially on the fly. The structure octagonal technology allows you to add a particular structure to the carbonated faces and makes the racket Almost indestructible!

Its soft eva foam is very flexible, making it possible to provide comfort and precision which counterbalances rigidity and which gives a pala Very balanced and pleasant to play. In addition, the Smart Holes Curve technology increases the surface of the striking area and gives the racket an additional tolerance on the decentrated strikes. Finally, the latest innovation of the brand with three bands, the Weight and Balance System which adds removable weights On the sides of the pala to modulate the weight of your racket as you wish and have the racket that suits you best.

Bonus, Marta Ortega, 6th world player, also uses this pala in light version, lighter (between 345 and 360 grams) and adapted to women or adolescents wanting to obtain a first adult racket. However, it has the same characteristics as its big sister, classic metalbon.

Head alpha pro: take with you the magic of Sanyo GUITERREZ

Current number 6 in the world and partner of Agustin Tapia, Argentinian Carlos Daniel GUITERREZ said “Sanyo” is considered one of the best padel players of all time. Lancer of the Austrian brand Head since 2014 and see you almost 38 years old, Sanyo is still one of the players who has the most influence On the circuit and its famous Alpha Pro is not for nothing. In the shape of a drop of water, this pala advocates versatility and adapts to all situations. With its faces made with a 360 graphene alloy and carbon specific to head, the racket has a very good control While keeping the rigidity necessary to be efficient on the fly.

Power Foam special foam is added to guarantee Very good power on the Smashs and other viboras to put your opponents in difficulty and thus create a very complete racket which can as well attack that defend And allow players to let their creativity speak, just like Sanyo!


Bullpadel Hack 03 2022: Play there like Paquito navarro

We continue our Top 10 tour with Francisco Navarro said “Paquito” and its famous hack 03, reissued in 2022 with a brand new edition. The world number 3 is an aggressive player, who has deployed all his power on the slopes with BullPadel since 2016. The hack 03 corresponds well to His explosive style And has many advanced technologies. In the shape of a diamond, the hack is one of the rackets that provides the most power Thanks to its three -tone carbon technology (intertwined carbon faces) while keeping a certain lightness.

In order to bring The minimum control required, the multieva foam arranged on the racket. The two layers of the gum are very distinct: the one outside is more rigid and makes it possible to maximize the power and the explosiveness of the ball to the impact, while the one inside is more flexible, more tender and allows to ensure Balle control and comfort Who is not too much and who makes the racket pleasant to play. Customweight technology is also present. Weights can be added handle and on the framework To allow you to personalize the weight of your racket.

Bullpadel Vertex 03 2022: Tello and Chingotto, the green pair!

We stay at Bullpadel, and this time, we have two players for the price of one! Both of the world's 8 numbers, the two players have been playing together for over 7 years and form one of the oldest pairs on the circuit. And to top it all, the two Argentines use The same racket, La Vertex 03, the most popular and the best -selling pala each year. In the shape of a diamond, this racket is focused Like the hack above but has some particular characteristics. First, carbon faces are implemented with Xtend Carbon 12k technology which makes the racket quite rigid and therefore Very reactive, especially on the fly, to the detriment of the comfort of play. Green technology compensates for this rigidity with a special racket heart, suitable for maximize stability When hitting and harmonizing the overall weight.

Hack multi -va foam is also used for the Vertex, the 2 distinct layers provide a certain comfort of play And make the racket much easier to play. With top spin technology, the faces are rough and allow to accentuate the effects And thus give more rotation to the ball. Air React Channel innovation is also present. Exclusive to the Bullpadel brand, this technology allows to improve aerodynamics thanks to the position of the arms at the level of the heart of the racket and therefore of strengthen maneuverability And make the racket more manageable. The Vertex is therefore full of technology and proves that it is not popular for nothing.

Bullpadel Flow: Adopt the Flow of the world number 1 Alejandra Salazar

Another Bullpadel racket which this time is suitable for players. World number 1 pala Alejandra Salazar, The 40 WPT titles player, this flow has unique characteristics who make her One of the best rackets for women of the market. Its hybrid shape between water drop and round specific to the Bullpadel brand ensures maximum control And is adapted to the slower and tactical game of the female padel. Vibradrive technology is present on the flow. This piece of rubber that surrounds the handle allows to absorb vibrations Especially on unattractive blows and therefore avoid injuries.

Bullpadel also placed on the flow the multi-EVA foam, which has 2 distinct and different layers. The inner layer is flexible and makes it possible to The impact with the more comfortable balls And above all make the blows more precise. The outer layer is more rigid, more dense and allows increase the reactivity and power of the racket To ensure the Smashs and other tall stolen. To summarize, flow is one of the most popular rackets for women as it is efficient and versatile.

Blackcrown Piton Nakano: all the experience of Marta Marrero racket

We go to Blackcrown and we are interested in one of the legends of the female padel, Marta Marrero. After a professional tenniswoman career that took him to the quarter -finals to Roland Garros, the player from the Canary Islands has converted to the Padel in 2011 and since all smiled at her: become world number 1 in 2019, she is One of the best players in the world Despite his 39 years. For several years, Marrero has been using Blackcrown Piton Nakano, A racket centered control which offers a lot of game comfort.

Round, this Pala offers unique control, with its double frame made of carbon alloy and fiberglass. The extra soft white foam allows you to accentuate this feeling of comfort and precision In the strikes thanks to its flexibility and its soft side. And finally, the Piton Nakano has a Man larger than other snowshoes, in order to be able to make two -handed setbacks, specialty of Marta Marrero, former tennis player. Nakano is good a controlled racket controls in order not to miss any ball And to make the exchanges last as much as possible and thus become the best possible player!


Nox ML10 PRO CUP: Legendary racket for the legendary MIGUEL LAPPERTI 

With the youth of Tapia, Nox also has in its ranks, the experienced MIGUEL LAPPERTI. The 43 -year -old Argentinian still has energy to resell and still offers great parts. Its ML10 is available in many versions (for women, powerful, light) but “Miguelito” uses the ML10 Pro Cup Luxury Series, the control version. Round, it guarantees Very good handling With its weight positioned at the base of the racket.

However, many characteristics of this racket are added to make The more rigid racket And be efficient in flight and especially in Smashs, a favorite blow from Lampeti. The frame is made of carbon to add rigidity. In addition, it is coupled with an HR3 gum which is dense and allows to have maximum responsiveness in volley and smash. The surface carbon has a rough texture to improve the effect and therefore best surprise your opponents. If you want a handy but very responsive racket to ensure your nets in the net, the ML10 Pro Cup Luxury is made for you!

You are now armed to choose the racket of your favorite player, hoping that it sticks to your style of play. Do not forget that these palas are created according to the habits of the pros and may be more complicated to play for Beginners. Do not hesitate to go check out other articles on our blog !

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