Top 10 best padel snowshoes to start
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Our selection of the best padel snowshoes for beginners

Our selection of the best padel snowshoes for beginners

To properly start your Padel player career, it is essential to buy The appropriate racket To progress in all serenity. The Padel Shop spirit team has therefore prepared this article to you to find yourself there among all the brands present on the site. Depending on your game style, you will find the racket that suits you perfectly while reading this. Let's go for The best palas for beginners!

Bullpadel Indiga Power: Powerful but not only!

We start directly with BullPadel and the Indiga Power. And already, this racket differs from others by its power appearance which is rather rare in the snowshoes of beginners who rather seek ball control. But thanks to its many technologies, this Pala still ensures the necessary control for beginners.

It is with its diamond shape that the Indiga Power holds its power with its School -headed weight To guarantee explosive smashs. But as said above; This racket remains balanced and Control is brought with the Soft Eva foam which offers the player essential play comfort to start playing the padel. Poly Glass technology of fiberglass faces Also ensures a comfort of play and precision which counterbalances the power and make the racket rather balanced.

Bullpadel BP10 Evo: control in all circumstances

We stay at Bullpadel with another racket to start playing: the BP10 Evo. Rather focused Precision and comfort of play, This pala still offers technologies similar to the Indiga Power with a soft EVA foam that makes the impact with the ball sweeter and more comfortable to play. The hollow carbon tubes positioned on the sides of the racket will better centralize the weight and thus better balance the racket.

The fiberglass frame brings excellent playing comfort but the true peculiarity of this racket is its hybrid shape between round and drop of water which brings a very good control At the expense of power, ideal to start playing the padel.

Bullpadel BP10 Padel

Head Evo Sanyo: Play there like Gutiérrez

We go to Head and focus on the Evo Sanyo, one of the rackets with one of the Best value for money of the market. The legendary Sanyo GUITERREZ, world number 6 (at a time when these lines are written) has given its name to this racket, proof of its quality. In the shape of a water, this pala emphasizes Game comfort With a soft Foam foam so that the player feels as much comfort as possible during strikes. Thanks to its graphite / rubber combo, EVO SANYO does not impose any style of play And lets the player find hers. Another quality asset, Head has enlarged the racket sieve to allow beginners to return the most ball more easily.

Black Crown Shark: for the maximum comfort and precision

Blackcrown offers a very controlled racket here, with a round shape with a focus on tolerance On the ball strikes. Its low balance point makes it possible to give the best handling to the racket and gives the player the possibility of shaping his game as he wishes. The real highlight of this racket is in the foam, a super soft white eva which guarantees the maximum control while absorbing the vibrations as best as possible to prevent injuries and offer The best game comfort. In addition, 3D prints were made on the faces of the racket in order to facilitate the creation of effect in the balls to improve (again) ball control. In short, a racket that offers Precision and maneuverability, ideal for beginners who wish to make their weapons very gently.

Babolat Technical Virtuo: for aggressive players

We completely change pala style with the technical virtue from Babolat, A powerful racket. In the Virtuo range, the most accessible, 3 different types of snowshoes are available: control with the Counter, precision with air and therefore power with technical. In the shape of a diamond, the weight is positioned towards the racket head in order to give the most explosiveness Possible during smashs and flights. The foam is also special: a Black Eva which further strengthens the power effect of the racket with a dense and rigid rubber.

Nevertheless, Babolat still designed this racket for beginners and added technologies allowing to control power that the pala offers. The Vibrabsorb System can absorb the vibrations and makes the racket much more tolerant with powerful blows. Another important technology, the Holes Pattern System distributes the holes on the sieve as best as possible to enlarge the striking area and thus make the racket much more accessible.


Head Zephyr UL: Lightness in all its splendor

We go back to Head and change the range with the Zephyr Ul. In the form of a drop of water to guarantee control in loss of power, the true peculiarity of this racket is his weight. As its name suggests (ULns Ultra Light), the Pala is one of the rackets the lightest on the market With its 340g to make it super handling.

The Comfort Foam gum used is very comfortable and which absorbs vibrations very well. Head also incorporated graphene to increase the appearance Comfortable and very pleasant to play racket, But which still keeps a certain rigidity, very useful for performing on the fly in particular.

Wilson Pro Staff Team: to become the Padel Federer

Wilson is also not to be outdone at the level of beginners rackets. The American brand offers in particular the Pro Staff Team, the Padel equivalent of Roger Federer's racket in tennis, just that! For technical characteristics, such as the Waeve fiberglass: carbon fiber faces which give maximum reactivity therefore a very good precision to your balls. As for foam, Comfort Foam is also used and brings Flexibility and comfort For maximum control of the balls. The racket has 2 variants in red and black to perfect your style.

Nox X-One Evo: Carbon versatility

We go to Nox and analyze the X-One Evo. Round in shape, it is a pala made to control the balls and facilitate precise returns. However, several elements of this racket are placed to make it as complete as possible. First, carbon faces, Rather rare for a racket of this price, add a rigid side to the racket and Promotes responsiveness Especially during the flying. The foam used also goes in this direction, indeed the HR3 is a rigid eraser which optimizes precision to the detriment of comfort. But to counterbalance all this, the density of the carbon is 3k, which makes much more comfortable bullet intake. Finally, the racket is rather balanced and is very suitable for beginners.

Starvie Vesta: Robust and foolproof

For Starvie, we are now focusing on the Vesta, one of the 3 snowshoes of its entry -level. This pala corresponds precisely to everything that a beginner needs to progress: control and maneuverability. The fiberglass present on the faces of the racket makes it possible to provide maximum control and precision in order to avoid all the small frustrating faults of the beginnings at the Padel. The Soft Eva foam strengthens this control side by adding a certain comfort during the strikes, due to the low density of the gum. Finally, carbon tubes called carbon frame are positioned on the sides of the racket to strengthen the frame and thus prevent the shocks against the walls or the fence to break your play instrument. With the Starvie Vesta, you hold a racket Solid and durable!

Dropshot Sakura 4.0: Comfortable as desired

We finish this article with the Drop Shot brand, the Spanish brand which sponsors the legend of the international padel Juan Martin Diaz. In the form of a drop of water, this 4th edition of the Sakura is A balanced racket containingMany technologies to allow beginners to evolve in the best conditions. Like the Starvie Vesta above, the Sakura has fiberglass faces and a soft EVA foam to promote the control and precision of the blows to Make the fewest mistakes as possible.

But the particularity of this Sakura is the almost total absence of vibrations During the strikes and maximum comfort in using the racket. CORK CUTION GRIP technology is to position a cork leaf at the handle for limit vibrations as much as possible And protect the elbows from tendonitis in particular. The Smart Holes System innovation is also thought of in this direction: the placement of the racket holes are optimized to have the largest punch area possible and therefore increase tolerance. With Sakura, everything is planned to Game comfort!

All brands have developed a range of rackets for people who start the Padel and you now know which best suits your game. All detailed product sheets are available by clicking on the images and on the Padel- site!

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