The story of Bullpadel: the meteoric rise of a mythical brand
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The story of Bullpadel: the meteoric rise of a mythical brand

The story of Bullpadel: the meteoric rise of a mythical brand

a place among the top 3 of international padel,  reach the top.

Bullpadel: The birth of a mythical brand

participate in the development of this sport  manufactured and distributed in Spain.    a rough diamond to polish.

The first racket of the brand, the Bullpadel Drive

2005, the decisive turning point for Bullpadel

So it was in 2005 that Aguirre y Cí complete modification of the logo.  more professional, which is why the brand has adopted the big B that we know today. The technology then fits much more into Bullpadel's plans which  

Strong partnerships that make Bullpadel grow

get sponsorships from players       Juan Tello, Federico Chingotto  are under contract with Bullpadel which counts 

Paquito Navarro, the Bullpadel legend

Francisco "Paquito" Navarro.  a new contract is signed to bind the 2 parties. The peak arrived in 2019 when Paquito ended the year in the world's first place with its Bullpadel and Assoit racket His domination and that of the brand on the world of the padel.

Navarro Child Paquito with his first Bullpadel rackets

Having a player of such quality in their workforce is also a force for innovation and the development of new products. With the precious advice and recommendations of his foal, Bullpadel created the Hack, a whole new aggressive racket that Paquito will use on the circuit. Well took them because today the hack is One of the best -selling rackets on the market All brands combined. Another flagship racket of Bullpadel, the Vertex was also created thanks to Maxi Sanchez, another legendary player signed by Bullpadel. These sponsorships are uNO PROPERTY MARKETING but also a research and development force, What Bullpadel has greatly materialized. Consult our article on The new BullPadel collection to know more.

Tournament partnerships: validation by major institutions

Still on the sponsors' department but this time with institutions. For example, Bullpadel is A technical sponsor of the World Padel Tour, the largest professional padel circuit. With equipment like towels or training t-shirts, the Spanish brand is well rooted and is represented on all WPT tournaments worldwide. Bullpadel is also a partner of the Spanish Padel Federation in Providing equipment for many clubs in the country. Beyond the communication aspect with a brand that diffuses everywhere, it also shows the confidence that large institutions have towards the brand And so the quality of their products.

Paquito Navarro, Alejandra Salazar and Bullpadel for the World Padel Tour

If Bullpadel is a brand that counts in the world of the world padel, it is thanks to its many partnerships that make the brand visible by all, in all countries. It is also thanks to the quality of its products, validated by professionals and Padel institutions that have been trusting the brand for many years. So do not hesitate to consult our rackets and other products Bullpadel On our site Padel Shop.

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