Footgel Padel: a special Padel sole to warn of all ills.
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Footgel Padel: a special Padel sole to warn of all ills.

Footgel Padel: a special Padel sole to warn of all ills.

The Spanish brand Footgel, specialized in lifestyle soles embarks on sport and in the padel. Designed to improve comfort and prevent all types of injury, these soles absorb impacts with the ground thanks to its many technologies. Very elastic and offering a single triple layer, it has an unequaled cushioning and allows to prevent pain Linked to the sports chain of the sportsman: heels - knees - hunches - lumbar - cervical.

The latest TECNION technology makes these soles 100% breathable and neutralizes germs thanks to a super powerful antibacterial system. Very ventilated, they dry quickly and avoid odors with their sweet scent at eucalyptus.This menthol smell remains on the sole and in the shoe even after weeks/months of use. Anti allergy and thermoregulated, the footgel soles are super comfortable and give unique play comfort

Completely recyclable, the soles are guaranteed without a carcinogenic element (Chrome 6) and are manufactured without CO2 emissions. Washable without deformation or loss of properties, these soles are your ideal partners for Preserve your body to the maximum And play padel for several decades. FindThese solesOn our site Padel Shop.


By Pierre Mercier, editor Padel Shop
Passionate about sport in particular of tennis and basketball, he fell into the Padel and found his new predilection sport. He will offer you with all his expertise 2 types of articles throughout the year: the new collections offered by the biggest brands as well as articles on the Padel ecosystem in general.

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