El Comparator: the new racket comparator made in Padel Shop spirit
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El Comparator: the new racket comparator made in Padel Shop spirit

El Comparator: the new racket comparator made in Padel Shop spirit

How to find the racket most suited to its level of play? How to find your way among the many brands and models? Padel Shop spirit has leaned over it and created A revolutionary tool To save you time and choose the best racket for you, the El Comparator racket comparator!

No more dozens of open product sheets to compare padel snowshoes between them. Our teams have understood that The many characteristics of each racket were difficult to study and compare as many of them. This is why this new tool will help you differentiate the rackets from Padel and make the best choice. The principle is simple: Compare the 6 main characteristics of each racket and represent it in a diagram.

Each of its characteristics is noted from 0 to 100 for maximum precision. In addition, you can compare up to 4 different rackets. We have selected 3 snowshoes as an example.


Here are the 6 characteristics that El Comparator will be able to assess and compare:

Power/ explosiveness:

If you want information on the power of the racket, this is where it happens! It is a question here Force return of the Pala as well as its mold. Thus, with the characteristic power, you will be able to realize How fast your ball will go.

Control :

Regarding control, we are talking about here of precision. This metric is based according to The shape of the racket But also materials present in the latter. Weight distribution Also play on control of your racket.

Tolerance :

The offset bullets disturb you? No problem with the tolerance metric, you will be able to know The size of the striking area. Varying according to rackets and their shape, it is always important to know what the real limits of their Sweetspot.


Regarding maneuverability, it is a question here of weight. In effect, The lighter the racket, the more handy it is! Thus, you will have greater freedom of movement when this metric is at its maximum. SMasters of your movements!


Point of honor of the Padeleros Plus share ... The spin. Although it is above all a gesture, your rackets often have very useful technologiesTo properly practiced this exercise. To properly assess the taking, we have taken into account the surface of the frame as well as its shape.

Comfort :

Too often put aside when it is primordial at the Padel, Comfort is also present in these characteristics. It is a question here vibration absorption, for greater flexibility during strikes. The variables that come into account here are the foam and the frame.

All these compared characteristics between they give A spider diagram. Below an example for selected snowshoes:

The eye of François Authier, professional padel player

To help us in the tedious work to note each racket, the old French number 1 and Member of the French team of Padel François Authier Put his expert eye on all our rackets to help us be as precise as possible in the rating of our palas. With his experience as a Padel teacher, he was able to test many snowshoes With the whole Padel Shop spirit team and bring us their Padelero experience.


The goal is not to get the racket that has the highest overall note as possible but the racket The most suitable for your style and your level of play.

First sales site to offer this tool, Spirit Padel Shop helps you differentiate the rackets of Padel, compare them to find the one that will make you pass in your progress and become the best padel player in record time!


Test our padel snowshoe comparator: El Comparator.

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