Starvie collection: the Spanish brand still has it in the belly!
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Starvie collection: the Spanish brand still has it in the belly!

Starvie collection: the Spanish brand still has it in the belly!

With the many brands of Padel which emerge and which offer an increasingly efficient equipment, Starvie has decided to reshape 3 snowshoes from her collection and thus bring A new blow to the Premium range. For the rest, everything remains unchanged with a 2021 collection which has already proven itself with quality snowshoes intended for all types of game. Back on a less known but very effective brand.

Also note that all Starvie rackets are made in Spain, In the Airks workshop in Henares not far from Madrid. This local manufacturing allows you to keep the brand's historic know-how by maintaining a local link between products and customers.


Raquettes reissued for 2022: the premium range

Starvie Astrum Eris: Bea Gonzalez's racket!

The very young star of the Padel Bea Gonzalez has the right to a new racket this year, the Astrum Eris, one of the snowshoes revamped by Starvie for this year. With a new 3K carbon side that overcomes a layer of fiberglass, this pala wants to be handy and offers maximum control, like the style of play of play Bea.

Starvie Raptor Evolution: aggressiveness while controlling

Starvie strives to offer rackets for all types of players and play. Unlike the Astrum, the Raptor presents a more aggressive and powerful side thanks to its Full Plane Effect surface which also improves the effects. Despite its more offensive side assumed, It still keeps a round shape to guarantee control and handling Required to make the Pala very complete.

Starvie Metheora Warrior: an almost perfect balance

Between the two previous snowshoes is the Metheora Warrior, a balanced racket which presents as the other two round shape and 3K carbon on the faces. But unlike the astrum, This pala is heavier to bring edge to finish the points. Raquette used by Mati Diaz, a regular of large WPT tournaments, it keeps maximum control and precision without abandoning the possibility of attacking when necessary.

Universe range: the whole universe of the padel for you

Starvie Basalto Osiris: balanced in all circumstances

To open this range, let's present the Basalto Osiris, a little gem of balance. Thanks to its drop of water and its soft eva foam, The racket is very soft and pleasant to the impact From the ball but the weight located on the part of the middle / top of the racket allows you to add the right dose of necessary power. The pala is also made up of carbon and basalt (hence its name) and makes the racket much more durable over time, while adding gaming comfort.

Starvie Triton and Triton Pro: the explosive binoculars

Other rackets, other characteristics and this time we turn to power. The classic triton, made of carbon fibers, is of a drop of water and offers a fairly interesting balance With Star Balance Technology which allows you to center the weight of the racket thanks to the central star, the brand's logo. The Eva Soft foam makes it possible to delay the power by providing a much more comfortable ball outlet. His sister, the Triton Pro, is almost exclusively focused on power. The big difference remains the foam, which goes from a soft EVA to a hard Eva to guarantee even more explosiveness when finishing the points. However, it will take experience to master a racket that can be devastating.

Starvie Dronos Galaxy: to make the padel simpler

Last racket in this range; Dronos Galaxy is certainly the easiest to handle. With its carbon frame mixed with aluminum, Its resistance is thus increased and also increases the rigidity of the racket For better precision. Quite light, it will allow everyone to use it and get the best performance, men and women. Full Plane Effect technology also adds 3D prints to promote effects and surprise your opponents as much as possible.


Star range: to target the stars

Starvie Aquila Space and Aquila Space Pro: accessibility and control

Like the Triton, Aquila has 2 models to best adapt to your play style: Aquila and Aquila Pro. In a drop of water, the classic Aquila allows you to control the balls of your opponent as much as possible. A little more accessible than the Triton, it is enough tolerant for the players wanting to progress in all serenity. Its soft eva foam helps in this sense, providing very good precision. For players wanting to put a little more punch on their strikes, the Aquila Pro offers the same characteristics as its sister with the only dense and therefore harder foam. To finish the points with more strength, you can favor the pro.

Starvie Titania Kepler and Titania Kepler Pro: Maneuverability above all

In the mid -range of Starvie, the Spanish brand offers us a Raquette focused on control and maneuverability, with also a professional version for a little more power. The round shape and the soft EVA foam makes it possible to limit vibrations (and thus elbow injuries) and to maximize ball control and precision. Light, it allows everyone to use it in the best conditions. The pro version offers it a slightly denser foam to bring a little more power during the strikes.


Discover range: Discover and enjoy the padel

In its most accessible range, Starvie offers 4 rackets whose characteristics are closer or less. Focus therefore on 2 of the 4 rackets in the range.

Starvie Spika: When carbon invites itself to beginners

We start this range with a racket like no other: spika. Big particularity of this pala, The frame and the faces are made of carbon fiber to bring a certain rigidity which well counterbalances the control made by the round shape and the soft EVA foam. Rare for a racket in this range, carbon is more complicated to manage than fiberglass, especially for beginners. It will then take a minimum of experience to master this racket but which will be able to reward you if you use it correctly.

Starvie Arcadia: take the right start

Conversely, the Arcadia is perfectly suited to beginners, with its fiberglass faces which guarantee total control over the balls. The comfort of play is also to put thanks to the low density foam and the low weight between 350 and 360 grams. Like the other palas in the range, the Arcadia is round in shape to guarantee the tolerance and maneuverability necessary for rackets for beginners.

The other 2 snowshoes in the range, the vesta and ICARUS Are also available on our Padel Shop site, you can consult their product sheets by clicking on their names.

You have noticed, the Starvie catalog is full with rackets for all budgets and all levels. Despite the absence of rackets focused on power, the Spanish brand still offers a wide choice with diversified palas. Find them all about Padel Shop spirit with their product sheets.

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