SIUX 2023 collection: new features that stretch your arms
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SIUX 2023 collection: new features that stretch your arms

SIUX 2023 collection: new features that stretch your arms

New year for the Padel and New collection for Siux! The Spanish brand specializing in Padel is back in 2023 with a new wave of ever more interesting products. Since its creation in 2012, the manufacturer has continued to impress us with his new creations and Its innovative side. A domination that is more and more materialized with increasingly prestigious partnerships. After the powerful Argentinian Franco Stupaczuk, he's the magician Sanyo GUTIERREZ Who enters the Siux team. Beautiful people for this year 2023 which promises to be explosive for the brand. So let's discover New rackets this year. 

SIux Electra ST2 2023: thunderclap on the track!

We start strong with the reissue of the stupa racket, The Electra ST2. And the least we can say is that Siux did not skimp on the modifications in this racket. Goodbye to carbon 12k and Welcome to carbon 15k adding even more hardness at the racket and a increased explosiveness. With these new, more rigid faces, enjoy greater power for your Smashs and other Viboras: Wake up the lightning that is in you!

To counterbalance this enormous power, Siux did not hesitate to carry out a partnership with Shockout. The anti vibration specialist At the padel therefore included anti vibrators in the racket holes to make Sweeting impacts For your joints, without losing the initial power of the racket.

Also with the aim of making the racket more versatile, A soft eva foam was added between the faces to add ball control and play comfort. The racket is therefore found easier to play And more versatile than a racket focused on power. The mold also goes in this direction with A drop of water which allows the balance to be centered in the middle of the pala.

So here we are with a fairly complete pala, quite aggressive outside but soft and comfortable inside to prevent injuries as much as possible and improve ball control. Electra St2 is undoubtedly part Best rackets this year 2023.

SIux Sanyo Cooper Edition: a racket worthy of a magician!

For his other star player and recruit of the year, Siux created another high -end model, The Sanyo Cooper Edition, in tribute to the Argentinian player. Often considered a genius by padel fans around the world, Sanyo Gutiérrez There is nonetheless a powerful player, capable of taking out winning blows in any position on the field. This is why, Siux decided to produce A 18K carbon racket Which makes her one of the most rigid rackets on the market.

The foam is a Black Eva, East average density This offers beautiful versatility between aggressiveness and ball control, always in order to make the racket adaptable to all situations. The drop in water will allow you to benefit from a rather centered balance, which makes the racket more than complete. Powerful and fairly rigid pala, Siux added some technological elements to make it more accessible such as anti -vibrators already implemented in the racket thanks in partnership with Shockout


SIUX PEGASUS 1K Limited Edition: Sweetness to performance service

Another ranges and other racket style with the Pegasus, one of the light ranges of Siux. The first racket is presented is a pala in full carbon With the reinforced slices to resist against the windows or the mesh. But it is the density of faces that makes this racket a special edition. Indeed, with only 1000 carbon microfilaments present, it is the most flexible carbon on the market and will allow you to Easily control your opponent's balls. However, this remains carbon, rigid matter by definition, and requires a certain mastery of the game to tame it.

In addition, other racket components are present to make it even more controllable. Soft Eva foam present between the 2 faces and allows a very good absorption of vibrations and impacts making it very comfortable to play. The centered balance of the racket makes it possible to make it complete and quite versatile.

SIUX PEGASUS REVOLUTION 12K: Power with a tender heart

In its Pegasus range, Siux also decided to take The Power of Power and Explosiveness While keeping this sweetness to the impact that characterizes the range. With her Soft Eva foam which allows Add comfort and control, the racket will be rather easy to play and tolerant for your joints. To compensate for this sweetness, the faces itst manufactured in carbon 12k And allow a very good return of force and good responsiveness on the fly in particular. This rigidity also allows A very good power during smashs and high bullets. The drop of water from the racket makes it possible to bring a rather centered balance and make the racket even more versatile. SIUX New this year, A special spiral -shaped grip is already placed on the handle for better holding of the hand.

The Spyder range: 2 snowshoes for 2 game styles

SIux Spyder Revolution 2: balanced power

For the Spyder range, the Spanish manufacturer has created two palas with the same name but very different characteristics. The first is the Spyder Revolution 2, powerful racket by its diamond shape and its balance at the top of the racket, ideal for drying up powerful smashs and viboras. However, the other characteristics differ completely from a powerful racket, starting with the foam: A SOFT EVA which provides more control and appreciable tolerance to make the pala easier to play. The carbon used for faces is average density (3K) And allows both to strike the ball stronger to accelerate it or less to control it more. This versatility allows the racket to be useful in all circumstances If you manage to master your weight in mind.

SIux Spyder Revolution 2 Control: Rigid control

On the other side, we have a round control racket with round shape which has a balance towards the handle, which makes the pala very handy. In addition to this very tolerant form, a soft eva foam is present to make the racket comfortable, both for the player and for his joints. Ideal for Elbow tennis suffering players for example. However, its 12k carbon faces are very rigid And allow significant responsiveness, especially on the fly. Thanks to this hardness, your feedback will be much more precise but beware, it will take some experience in the padel to master this harshness.

SIUX CAYMAN: For Padel fans!

After these special snowshoes, the characteristics of which are very rarely associated, we end up with the Cayman, racket control par excellence. Balanced in the center of the sieve with Its drop of water, this pala is quite comfortable with its Eva Soft foam. 3K carbon of faces Bringing precision and tolerance in the strikes. Note that the faces are rough. This shortbread surface is useful enough for print effect in bullets And so surprise your opponents.

SIX SX7: The perfect racket for intermediate players?

Going down, we arrive at the SIX SX7. Mainly composed of fiberglass on faces, The racket is quite handy and very accessible, whether in terms of technical capacities that at the price level. A carbon tube is nevertheless present all around the racket for Protect the racket from any shocks on the walls. With a low balance, you can handle the racket with ease and control all the blows of your opponents with Eva Soft foam present between the faces of the racket. Ideal for continuing to progress, it is Available in 2 colors : purple and red.

Siux Android: to improve in all serenity

Last racket presented here, SIux Android. Quite close to the SX7 described above, we are dealing with a water drop racket and whose balance is more centered. The foam is always A SOFT EVA, in order to keep a soft feeling of the impact of the ball. Fiberglass faces Allow the racket to gain lightness and ball control. Ideal for intermediate beginner players, the SIux Android is Available on our site at low prices.

We have seen it through this article, the Spanish brand Siux returns in force with ever more innovative models of snowshoes. Thanks to its partnerships and its models made for all, the manufacturer intends to impose itself as a brand that counts in the global PADEL.

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