Orven collection: when the quality meets performance
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Orven collection: when the quality meets performance

Orven collection: when the quality meets performance

Rather unknown to the general public, the Spanish brand Orven offers this year Several high quality snowshoes, for advanced level players. Orven is also one of the only brands of Padel which manufactures all its snowshoes in Spain to guarantee local know-how. For all players wanting to perform with class, these palas are versatile and thanks to this article, you will know which one to choose according to your style of play.

Orven vulcano v2: pure power

We start with the top of the basket, the cream of the power level cream. The Vulcano V2 wants to be an explosive racket with its diamond shape and its fiber reinforced carbon provide rigidity Certain to the racket which then reveals all its offensive potential. To counterbalance this rigidity, Orven thought of everything to make the Pala comfortable. Soft EVA foam with low density and vibration Anti Shock can absorb vibrations And therefore make the racket ultra comfortable to the impact.

Orven Kerala V2: explosiveness while controlling

Like the Vulcano above, the Kerala is a powerful racket, designed to finish the points with force. The frame of the racket is also made of reinforced carbon for Bring the rigid side to the racket. However, the foam used is different. This time, the High Eva Super Soft is present, very low density foam to control the vibrations and add an additional comfort side to the Pala. The Kevlar structure on the sides of the racket in order to better protect it from shocks on windows and grids. Orven thinks of everything, even of the sustainability of your racket.

Orven Malta V1: Control ... but not only!

We leave the power a little bit to focus on a control racket the Malta V1. With Its round shape and the Eva Soft foam, the precision is in order, you can place the ball wherever you want. But the Pala is still quite rigid enough to allow you to be effective on the fly and on the Smashs thanks to the reinforced carbon fiber frame also present on the rackets previously mentioned. The Kevlar structure which strengthens the sides to avoid shock -related cracks is also present on the Pala which makes it almost unbreakable. 

Orven Saona V2: the perfect alloy between maneuverability and performance

Another control type racket and this time, we are in pure and hard control. In line with the Malta, the Saona offers Excellent control and great maneuverability in play, always thanks to the round shape of the pala. But the difference is in the foam which is very low density, to accentuate this feeling of comfort and precision at the time of impact. A little less power but even more mastery, Ideal for right -wing players who want to remove the faults from their game

Orven kume v1: when versatility is the watchword

Control, power ... and also versatility. Orven also offers its Kume V1, a very complete racket in particular thanks to its drop of water. The power of the carbon frame is beautifully offset thanks to a Sweet Spot extended to maximize control when the balls are offsets. Once again, Orven demonstrates the solidity of its rackets with the addition of High Impact Resistance technology which solidifies the frame to make it indestructible.

Orven also provides the Orven Öland V1, which is the little sister of the Kume V1. Lighter (about 360 instead of 370), it benefits from Weigh Balance Upper technology and can no longer suit women. However, it keeps all the characteristics of the kume.

Orven Maui V2: the most accessible

For the last Orven racket, the Spanish brand offers us the Maui V2, their most accessible pala. Being very light (about 360 grams), it allows you to react quickly on all the balls and to be very precise thanks to its carbon fiber alloy and soft foam. The cheapest racket in the range, it can be intended for advanced or intermediate level players.

Orven offers you here a very beautiful collection of rackets with sharp characteristics that will make the difference during your games. The Spanish brand has the strongest and robust rackets on the market, all manufactured in Spain. Go to Padel Shop spirit to discover the technical sheets in detail!

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