NOX 2023 collection: The Grand X returns in force!
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NOX 2023 collection: The Grand X returns in force!

NOX 2023 collection: The Grand X returns in force!

 The Spanish brand Nox is considered to be A reference in the world of the padel Thanks to its manufacturing quality, its authenticity and its desire to constantly innovate. In 2023, Nox put the small dishes in the big ones to offer us A collection with new technologies present and ever more stylish designs. Back on the main snowshoes in the collection, All are available on our site, at the best price.

The AT10 range: like Tapia, nobody will beat you

To start under the best auspices, Nox offers you The snowshoes of the world's number 3 Argentinian Agustin Tapia, one of the best padeleros of its generation. Available in several forms so that everyone can find the most suitable racket, the AT10 is One of the brand's flagship models. The expertise of the player serves them to always surpass themselves and to redouble their requirements each year on the development of palas. The AT10 range is nevertheless recommended to players with already A good experience in the padel, because they are rather demanding in the game.

NOX AT10 GENIUS ARENA: Professional versatility.

We are already starting hard with one of the brand's flagship snowshoes, the AT10 Genius Arena. With rather dense carbon faces (12k), it promotes accuracy and responsiveness after the impact of ball. Its gum HR3 is also rather dense and is used to giver the necessary power When you have to finish the points. But all this rigidity must be offset by an element to make the racket as complete as possible. That is why The drop of water was chosen to add maneuverability and tolerance with an enlarged sweetspot and a rather centered balance in the middle of the sieve.


The Nox at10 Genius 18K: Rigidity there!

We go on a more offensive version with the AT10 Genius 18K and from the name, we can observe a radical change, carbon density. Indeed, the faces are created in carbon 18k, This makes it the highest density on the market. Despite this, the HR3 foam is also present which densifies the racket but which keeps a control game unlike certain snowshoes that we will see later. Of a drop of water, It also provides tolerance in the blows, which in fact in A complete racket despite its rigidity.

This racket is also available in Attack mode. The main difference is the change in The form that passes into diamonds. Much more oriented on the offensive, it allows you to Powerful and devastating blows to the detriment of the maneuverability that the drop of water brought. Be careful, although very effective, it takes experience to master this racket which is one of the most powerful on the market.

The ML10 range: Become the Lampeti double!

Like Tapia, Nox has decided to trust the best in the world of the padel. This is why the partnership with the Argentinian player Miguel Lamperi, 44, has been going on for several years already. With One of the most experienced players on the circuit and a real living legend, It is surely thanks to its experience that the brand and the range is at the top every year.

The Nox ML10 Shotgun Luxury: the weapon of mass destruction

Despite the change of range and player, we stay on a powerful racket with the shotgun. Reference to the pump rifle (just that), it is an RDiamond -shaped Acquette, with a sweetspot up of the racket, ideal for ensuring devastating smashs. Its 12k carbon faces Confirm the power that such a racket can generate. The HR3 foam is also present to make it an explosive racket. A sanded surface is applied on the faces To print the maximum effect and surprise your opponents.

The Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury Series: Perfectly precise

We change shape with the ML10 Pro Cup and we go on the side Precision with a round racket. Balanced to the handle for more precision, this pala is popular for its maneuverability. Nevertheless, The faces are made of 3K carbon This adds good rigidity for more precision but not too much so as not to lose in comfort of play. The HR3 foam is also used in order to Strengthen this rigid and precise aspect. A shortbread surface is also present on the faces to accentuate the effects and destabilize your opponents.

The Nox ML10 Pro Cup Silver: when comfort is combined with lightness

Little sister of the Pro Cup Coorp, the Silver is a light racket (approximately 350 grams) which can suit players with recurring injuries such as Elbow tennis or tendonitis. Round, it is very accessible and tolerant on strikes With its fiberglass faces which guarantee optimal playing comfort. The foam, on the other hand, is a rather rigid foam which brings more precision during the flying in particular. So we have here A comfortable and handy racket But which remains precise under certain conditions. Ideal for women or young teens who buy their first racket for example.

The Casual Series range: to start as serenely as possible

Advanced players are not the only ones to have their racket range at Nox. Beginners are also honored With suitable snowshoes, more accessible but no less qualitative to gently start their Padeleros career!

Nox X-One: What color do you want to represent?

The X-One is a fairly simple racket but which will be able to satisfy most players looking for balance for their first racket. With its round shape, it is quite easy to handle it, Especially since the faces In 3K fiberglass Bring an average density to the balls to control them as best as possible. The foam is an HR3 and brings a little rigidity to make the Pala as complete as possible. One of the advantages of the X-One 2023 is its personalization. Indeed, it ist Available in several colors at the same price! So rather red, blue or YELLOW

Nox Ultralight: your favorite snowshoes with mini weight!

Nox also innovated in its Casual range development with a line of Ultrallight rackets. Inspired by the best palas in the range, they are very light and advised for teens Who want to put themselves at the Padel. Equipped with shorter sleeves but sieves of the same size as conventional snowshoes, the goal is then to accustom the user to use adult rackets and help them progress quietly. Nox at10 rackets Genius Ultralight, ML10 PRO CUP Ultralight And ML10 PRO CUP SILVER ULTRALIGHT are so Available on our site Padel Shop!

 Both on the technical aspect as on the design, Nox released the big game this year with a collection that rivals strongly with its competitors. Each style, level of play and same age can find an adapted racket. So go for our site to discover all the new models!

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