HEAD PADEL 2022 collection: beautiful rackets presented for the new year.
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HEAD PADEL 2022 collection: beautiful rackets presented for the new year.

HEAD PADEL 2022 collection: beautiful rackets presented for the new year.

For the new 2022 collection, the Head brand offers reissues of its most popular snowshoes. Despite the absence of the Head Alpha, which does not change this year, this new arrival remains interesting, even for experienced players. Spirit Padel Shop offers you a quick analysis of these palas to allow you to best choose your future head racket.

The Delta range: the best comfort power alloy.

More powerful than the Alpha range, the Delta range is used by experienced players wanting to accentuate their game on power. This year, the whole range has been reviewed to offer new new technologies.

Head Delta Pro

The Delta Pro is the most powerful racket in this collection with its oversized diamond shape and its concentrated weight upwards. Thanks to its entirely carbon composition, the pala brings solidity and firmness to your strikes. Nevertheless, the new Auxetic structure provides increased touch for your more delicate blows. The effects will also be accentuated thanks to Extreme Spin technology which adds relief to the faces.

Head Delta Motion

Substantially similar to the pro, The Delta Motion is also a power racket with a slight difference: weight. With 10 grams less than its sister, the motion offers a different design and better handling. All the technologies mentioned above are present on this pala.

Head Delta Elite

Another pala of the Delta range, the Elite. Powerful, thanks to its diamond shape, it also has fiberglass faces to make touch softer and elastic than pro or motion. The absence of relief on faces also improves the effectiveness of flat strikes. If you have an aggressive game, without being too focused on the effects, this racket is made for you.

All these snowshoes use the Power Foam nucleus, a specialized power nucleus to gain explosiveness with each shot. Once mastered, these rackets can be devastating on the Smashs and the Flees.

Head Evo Delta

The Evo Delta Provigate all the skills and know-how of Head and from the Delta range to beginners, wanting to start the padel with confidence. In a drop of water, this racket is controlled and handling focused, to best control the ball. With the soft foam foam, the impact with the ball is softer as well as the more tolerant striking area, for a maximum of comfort during strikes.

The Zéphyr range: to control all of the padel.

The Zéphyr range focuses on control and precision. Intended for intermediate level players, these rackets are ideal for players using a counter game.

Head Zephyr Pro

The Zephyr Pro is a heavy control racket, which therefore has a very interesting power / precision ratio. Thanks to the gum of the Comfort Foam nucleus and its drop of water, the ball touch is soft and handy to place your strikes as well as possible. Graphine 360+ technology, specific to Head, accentuates comfort during impacts. Its rather heavy weight of 365 grams, still allows to play strong, especially on the smashs.

Head Zephyr and Head Zephyr UL

Like the pro, The Zephyr is a drop -shaped control racket. Lighter than the pro (20 grams less), it allows you to be freer of its movements to the detriment of the striking power. For even more mastery, The Zephyr UL is even lighter, one of the lightest in the circuit with 340 grams. This pala is ideal for a teenager or a woman wanting to progress in the best way.

The Flash range: perfect for starting!

For beginners, Head presents its Flash 2022 collection with 2 models that deserve to look over it. In shape drop of water and with a Power Foam nucleus, the Flash Pro offers a very interesting balance to make you grow as a player. Stabilizer technology can balance stability and power to obtain an attractive racket. His little sister, Flash, has the same characteristics as the pro, with a few grams less for maneuverability. It is available in two colors on our site (pink / black / and gray / yellow).

For Head, this start of the school year promises to be charged with reissues of mythical and very popular snowshoes. The watchword remains the same in the Austrian brand: quality above all. And with this collection, all padel lovers, from any level will be served.


By Pierre Mercier, editor Padel Shop
Passionate about sport in particular of tennis and basketball, he fell into the Padel and found his new predilection sport. He will offer you with all his expertise 2 types of articles throughout the year: the new collections offered by the biggest brands as well as articles on the Padel ecosystem in general.

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