DROP SHOT 2022 collection: What are the best rackets of the Spanish brand?
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DROP SHOT 2022 collection: What are the best rackets of the Spanish brand?

DROP SHOT 2022 collection: What are the best rackets of the Spanish brand?

We continue the tour racket collections, and we go to Drop Shot. The Spanish brand, rather under-cut in France but Very popular in Spain, especially thanks to their muse Juan Martin Diaz, legend of the international padel and world number 1 for 14 years. For this year 2022 and as usual, Drop Shot has reissued many of his flagship snowshoes that deserve a small review. It’s gone to discover The most effective palas of the brand.

Be one range

Drop Shot Conqueror 10: Conquering the Padel field

We start very hard with the conqueror 10th of the name, the legendary racket of the no less legendary Juan Martin Diaz, One of the most emblematic players of the international circuit. At the technical level, this pala is technologies To make you the best possible player. In the shape of a drop of water, Conqueror 10 (little sister of Conqueror 9) is nevertheless very rigid Due to its design 100% carbon. The frame and the faces are made of triaxial carbon, a technology that makes the racket very rigid and therefore very reactive and precise at the expense of a little game comfort.

To counterbalance all this, Drop Shot to work to make a snowshoe a minimum comfortable Thanks to the Silicone Grip Channel and the Cork Cushion Grip, 2 technologies that add cork to the handle in order to prevent vibrations from passing and which protects injuries, especially in the elbow. And fortunately these technologies are added, because the Eva Tech foam is also rather hard, which makes it less tolerant but devastating so well mastered, Like the global racket. Note that this racket is available in a child version, the Conqueror 10 junior, to train the stars of tomorrow.

Dropshot Legend 3.0: become legendary thanks to Dropshot

We stay in the high range from Dropshot and this time, it is the Legend 3.0 that we treat. This pala is versatile with its weight positioned in the center of the sieve and Its drop of water. However, it is very rigid, even more than its cousin that we have mentioned above thanks to textreme technology, which offers faces in very dense carbon of 24,000 filaments (24K carbon). Very responsive, the racket is therefore very powerful and precise, but the comfort of play is reduced, reserving this type of racket for experienced players.

The foam, on the other hand, is a Eva Pro. Less rigid than the Eva Tech to Conqueror, it is still rather dense, and Increases power and precision of the pala. To add control and comfort of play to this rather difficult racket, Drop Shot thought of everything with the smart holes system which guarantees an optimal holes to be positioned for minimize vibrations, welcome to such a rigid racket. The piece by Liège Cork Cushion Grip is also present in the handle for, once again, improving the comfort of play by reducing vibrations and increasing the comfort of play. In the end, the Legend 3.0 is a racket Very rigid, very responsive But whose technologies did not hesitate to make it more comfortable and thus rather versatile.

LCP range

Drop Shot Essence 1.0: Fuel of success!

We go to the LCP range, name given in relation to the tridirectional carbon LCP, an innovation specific to Drop Shot which guarantees a unique striking feeling. Any new range of the Spanish brand, the LCP range includes 2 snowshoes, including the 1.0 petrol. In the shape of a drop of water, it has a rather centered weight that allows you to be effective on all the padel strikes. With its Eva Pro foam which brings A certain dose of rigidity And coupled with the carbon frame, the 1.0 petrol is, like the 2 snowshoes above, reserved to experienced players who will be able to master the hardness of the pala.

Drop Shot Yukon 1.0: carbon very gently.

The Yukon 1.0 significantly takes up the same characteristics as the 1.0 essence with the same LCP carbon and the drop of water but with a major feature: foam. Indeed, this racket uses the foam Soft Eva, a well more tender and more permissive which absorbs almost all vibrations and counterbalances the rigidity of the carbon to make it a complete racket, which can Adapt to all types of games and blows. In addition, the Ergo Pro Protector is present in order to solidify the racket to the most fragile places and thus ensure the sustainability of the Pala over the long term. The Yukon 1.0 is therefore a versatile racket, More comfortable and which could go to a right player, while the 1.0 petrol is harder, more power -oriented and could correspond to a player on the left. So what are you waiting for so that your duo is equipped with Drop Shot?

Pro range

Drop Shot Power 2.0: an unsuspected power

We change range and pass on the pro range, one of the ranges more popular with high -level players And we start with the Power 2.0 which as its name suggests is a racket focused on power. Do not trust its round shape, This racket is very rigid With its carbon 12k and allows the player who uses it to deploy all its power, especially on the smashs and the tall flights.

To counterbalance this explosiveness, Drop Shot added a soft Eva foam, rather tender to make the versatile pala And above all formidable. Another characteristic that makes the racket even more complete: 3D face. This consists in adding relief on the faces to maximize the effects and thus destabilize your opponents with lifted smashs or well -felt amortized. Particular racket, almost not found elsewhere, the Power 2.0 is devastating so well mastered.

Drop Shot Explorer Pro Soft: the control par excellence

We pass on another racket with a objective diametrically opposed to the one above, the explorer pro soft, which wants to be in Ball control and in precision in the field. Indeed, it has all the characteristics of a racket focused "control" with a round shape and a weight towards the handle Who ensures very good maneuverability and a soft EVA foam which ensures comfort at the time of the impact and absorption of vibrations which make this racket a hyper tolerant instrument. The cork Cushion GIP, technology dear to Drop Shot, is also present, To minimize vibrations And thus make the explorer Pro Soft usable by all players, experienced or not. Soft version of the Explorer 4.0, you will not be disappointed with this pala!

Ambition range: to progress with confidence

Drop shot doppel: pure tolerance

In this rather supplied range, where intermediate level players find their happiness, many rackets are present, starting with doppel, a novelty of this year. This round shape pala is the control version of the range. It allows all intermediate players and why not beginners of progress at the padel By playing as many balls as possible, without necessarily hitting hard. The Smart Holes System, which allows more tolerance to the player as well as 3K carbon used, In this direction by limiting the power but by increasing the control / comfort axis of the racket to obtain a very pleasant pala to play. Be careful all the same for frustration when you can't finish a point, a frequent action with this type of racket. To finish, The foam used is a soft eva, which really makes it dopple a tender and comfortable racket.

Drop Shot Allegra 1.0: Put joy in your strikes

We now focus on the Allegra 1.0 which is positioned as the versatile racket of the Ambition range, which adds power without losing too much control. In the shape of a drop of water, the allegra benefits from a median weight that ensures maneuverability while keeping a minimum of power. The faces made in carbon Bring good rigidity and bring reactivity, useful in particular for flying and smashs. However, carbon is only made up of 3,000 microfilaments which makes it a tender carbon, and remains rather easy to play.

The foam used is the EVA Pro, an intermediate foam which sometimes provides ball control, sometimes powerful enough to finish the points if necessary. 3D Face is also present: The faces are rough, with relief that allows you to print effect on your balls and thus surprise your opponents. Allegra 1.0 is therefore complete, Can be used for all positions, for all types of players.

Drop shot crystal 3.0: balanced power

Raquette accustomed to this range, the 3.0 crystal is a more powerful racket compared to the other three. We see it rather quickly thanks to its diamond shape, which places The weight of the racket in mind In order to assemble smashs in all power. 3K carbon faces Strengthen this rigid and power effect while keeping a certain comfort with the low density of it. However, the racket is balanced with the foam, very tender and flexible.

Like the 3.0 crystal of last year, that of this year uses SOFT EVA To soften the normal strikes (excluding smashs and powerful blows) and therefore add game comfort, Especially at the impact of the ball. The crystal is therefore a rather powerful racket, but which does not forget the comfort of the players with a flexible foam.

Essential range

Drop Shot Sakura 4.0: Complete racket to start!

We go to the latest range, the essential range. Ideal to start playing padel and progressing, these drop shot rackets are an entry level Rather undergoing in the world of the padel. And in particular the Sakura 4.0. Successor of the Sakura 3.0, the 4th version of this racket is in a drop of water, a versatile shape which can control the balls as well as to strike them. With its fiberglass faces And its soft EVA foam, comfort is optimized so that beginners start this sport in the best way, without making mistakes and especially without frustrating. The Twin Tubular System is also present. Carbon tubes are present on the sides of the racket to prevent shocks against the windows And guarantee the solidity of the Pala.

Drop Shot Kibo 3.0: one of the best value for money - Price

And finally, this is one of the snowshoes for beginners the most accessible both in terms of price and at the level of the game. Round form and fiberglass, this pala is made for beginners Always with the aim of controlling the balls as much as possible. Eva Soft foam and grip channel silicone are also present to ensure a very good strike comfort And increased precision, especially for beginners who need it. Young teenagers who want to quietly want to migrate to adult rackets are also a good target for this racket.

With this new 2022 collection, Drop Shot delights us with a very wide range of rackets, intended for experienced players as beginners. The Spanish brand proves to us that it counts in the landscape of the international padel in both professional and deprivation. Find all the brand's snowshoes on our site Padel Shop!

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