Bullpadel 2023 collection: The Spanish brand is getting a makeover!
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Bullpadel 2023 collection: The Spanish brand is getting a makeover!

Bullpadel 2023 collection: The Spanish brand is getting a makeover!

Who says new year, says New collection at Bullpadel And, in 2023, the manufacturer did not do in half measures. Many rackets have been reissued and even more innovative technologies were added to best satisfy players' requests. All the ranges have been reviewed in order to offer the best to All players, all levels and all styles of play. We offer you a little overview to appreciate the brand's latest news to the Grand B. To find out more, Consult this article Who talks about the history of Bullpadel.

The premium range: new for pros.

Hack 03: Paquito Navarro and its racket are resuming service!

One of the brand's flagship snowshoes is back with a new design. For the characteristics, they only different from last year. With its carbon faces and diamond shape, the racket is like its muse of Paquito Navarro: explosive. However, the adaptive multi -crad mousse makes it possible to keep control while keeping the necessary power with its different layers of gum. This is the racket that the Spanish champion will use for the 2023 season and it is already a classic as it is effective.

One of the more in the hack is The presence of Hesacore grip already implemented on the racket. Real brand innovation, this grip allows Improve the handling of the racket And the comfort of play. With the new Bullpadel color, also stay class on the ground in all circumstances.

Vertex 03: the brand's bestseller!

Hack sister, the Vertex was also renewed this season and for good reason: it is the best -selling racket on our site in 2022! With some Efficient muse players On the circuit like Juan Telo or Federico Chingotto regular members of the world top 10, the Vertex is used everywhere.

Less powerful and more versatile than hack, It is nonetheless explosive with its 12k carbon frame and its weight in mind due to its diamond shape. The structure of the heart of the racket is also reviewed with the air react channel which improves the aerodynamics and the tolerance of the racket. The foam is adaptive depending on the blow received. With its 3 distinct layers, the transition between rigidity for power and flexibility for control is softer.

These 2 palas are each available in their original form but also in Control and Comfort version. The Comfort version is more comfortable in impact Thanks to its carbon and fiberglass alloy in the faces, to the detriment of power. But the diamond shape is kept to make the racket versatile. The control version, on the other hand, changes mold and goes on a round shape To balance the weight downwards and thus make the racket more handy and limit direct faults.

The Next range: to progress as calmly as possible.

Ionic: control or power?

In the below, we find the Ionic which is divided into two versions. The Ionic Control is a racket of round shape which favors maneuverability. With its carbon and fiberglass alloy, it offers the necessary control that must have a round pala but also responsiveness to be effective on the fly.

On the other side, the Ionic Power is, as its name suggests, A racket focused on power. The characteristics are rather similar to the except control The form that is in diamond. These palas have faces with Topspin technology which adds a sanded effect in order to maximize the effects.

Axym: embodied versatility

To complete this range, a racket was needed between control and power, A versatile racket. This is why Bullpadel has created the Axym, a racket in the shape of a drop of water and whose weight is balanced in the center of the sieve. Carbon and fiberglass faces reinforce this versatility effect and make Axym A complete racket.

The Indiga range: starting with relaxation

Finally, so that beginners can also have their Bullpadel racket, the brand also developed the Indiga range. The indiga control is a racket Round in shape, ideal for beginners because very handy. Fiberglass, this material is ideal because it is tolerant and flexible and allowsAvoid the maximum of direct faults.

On the other side, The Indiga Power has the same characteristics, only the mold changes with a diamond shape. Planned to give no more power to blows, This pala still keeps fiberglass and flexible foam to make the model accessible and controllable for all.

What about women?

The female padel grows more and more and that is why the Spanish brand wanted to create snowshoes suitable for women.

Flow Woman: a good dose of punch!

To go with its famous hack and green, the flow was also redesigned by Spanish designers. High -end racket, it is presented with a diamond shape and is focused on power, which is quite rare for a female racket. With Fibrix technology and its multiple layers of fiberglass, it still keeps flexibility and ball control. It is also lighter and is between 350 and 360g. However, it is not limited to female use and anyone looking for punch and lightness could be won over by this model.

The Green Woman : a lighter vertex

Here, it's simple, we have to make a racket that includes all the characteristics of a green but with a few grams less. Between 345 and 360 grams, the Vertex Woman offers Unparalleled power for its weight And makes it possible to produce maximum power while being adapted to female morphology.

Indiga Woman : Take control of your progress!

Indiga Woman is perfect for progress: Round in shape it is very handy and peremt to limit the faults as much as possible. In short, it is an indiga control with a reduced weight. Count between 350 and 360 grams. With its new Girly design, dazzle all your opponents on the courts!

Bullpadel's new 2023 collection is, as you have noticed, very supplied. With new designs, the rackets of the Spanish brand come back in force to satisfy all players of all levels. Do not hesitate to click on the images for more information.

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