Babolat 2023 collection: Complete makeover for the Lyon brand
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Babolat 2023 collection: Complete makeover for the Lyon brand

Babolat 2023 collection: Complete makeover for the Lyon brand

The French brand Babolat, well known in the world of snowshoe sports, is no exception to its values ​​by offering Each year new features who delight regulars. 2023 is no exception and the manufacturer has not skimped onr Innovations and production of your favorite snowshoes. Let's go for an overview of New Babolat rackets of this year.

The Viper range: New in pros!

In the high -end category from Babolat, there was new! The different vipers have All been reshaped Both inside and outside to suit all players.

The air viper: lightness at the service of rigidity

In the shape of a drop of water, the viper is udo the lightest high -end rackets on the market ! Indeed, and despite its many on -board technologies, this pala only weighs 355 grams (with always more or less 10 grams). But beware, do not get me wrong, it is carbon that is present in the air. Very rigid (16k), it brings very good responsiveness in addition to a good dose of explosiveness. Beware all the same to vibrations that such of density can cause, despite the presence of an X EVA foam which has several layers of different densities.

Counter Viper: control to its climax

We stay in the Viper range and this time we are interested in Counter Viper, the racket controls. With a 3K carbon frame, the hardness of the carbon completes its low density to make the pala both precise and comfortable. Its Eva Soft foam presents between the face improves ball control. The maneuverability is also increased thanks to Its round shape And its weight located towards the handle.

The Technical Viper: Power in its pure state

After control, power. This time, we go on the red side with the technical. Racket very focused power With its 12k carbon frame, it is above all its diamond shape and its balance in mind which gives the pala a unique explosiveness. Rather recommended for experienced players Because rather demanding, it can be devastating if it is well under control.

Technical Viper Juan Lebron Edition: El Lobo's racket!

For the new collection, Babolat wanted to do things big. And for that, the release of The limited edition of the Technical Viper Juan LeBron. Partner with the brand since 2016, the Andalusian player has gone through many adventures with his favorite equipment supplier to reach world number 1 place that he has occupied for several years now. It was therefore time to fruit this association with a brand new Pala. And what we can say is the bet is successful.

Beyond technical characteristics which are very close to the Technical Viper, Raquette used by the Spanish player on the circuit, it is a work of shape and style that has been done. Goodbye bubble paper and welcome to red box which surrounds the racket and makes her a real collection object. In this box, there are two removable straps to personalize your racket in addition to the racket. The design of the pala represents a wolf, animal totem from LeBron, in shades of blue and red. Certain elements such as the name of the racket are shiny and give a Aggressive style while remaining premium. Damper all your opponents in the field and Bring out the animal that in you! 

Also note that all rackets in this new range haveA detachable strap that can wash. Thanks to that, no more hygiene but also more personalization. The handle was also enlarged to allow two -handed backhands to play. Beyond style, it is innovations like that that make Babolat One of the most influential brands on the market.

The Veron range: to progress in all serenity

Babolat also declined its different models on the Veron range so that all players can have a racket adapted to their level and their style of play.

Air Veron: versatility at all costs

In the Veron range, the Air model is surely what is most complete. With Its drop of water And its balance centered in the middle of the sieve, power and control are well balanced. The presence of a low density carbon (3K) Allows to bring responsiveness to the ball, ideal during flying. And finally, the classic air model, the weight. Indeed, as on the Viper, Only 355 grams For this snowshoe which is one of the lightest in its category.

Counter Veron: To counter everything?

To complete the Veron range, the Counter model is obviously present. With its round shape and tender foam, we are facing a racket controlled, which would be suitable for players wanting to be precise while having optimal game comfort. The big difference with her big sister, Counter Viper, is the presence of faces en Fiberglass and carbon alloy Instead of carbon alone. This frame gives more flexibility to the Pala and make the blows even more comfortable.

Technical Veron: Be explosive in all circumstances!

Finally, the Technical Veron is the explosive racket of the range, but do not get me wrong, unlike the Viper, it has characteristics that make it a more complete racket, which adds more control. Always with a diamond shape, the foam is nevertheless more tender And carbon density is lower. Intended for powerful or advanced powerful players, Tech Veron is there to provide you A balanced power!

The Virtuo range: where accessibility is the key word

For the latest range, the most accessible, Babolat also declined its 3 models in different versions. Advised to beginners or intermediate players, these palas are ideal for those who progress everything with a style of play with their own!

Counter virtue: to master all the balls

We therefore start again with the virtue -virto counter, racket that (you are used to it) is focused on Control and maneuverability. With its round shape, you will have no trouble mastering it, even if it is your first racket. With its fiberglass faces and fairly flexible foam, everything is done to return as many bullets as possible and avoid frustrating faults from the start.

Virtue air: power and lightness

The virtue air is distinguished from others by its lightness (like the other air) but also with its Black Eva foam which guarantees both power and comfort of play. Fiberglass faces Allow the ball control while providing impact tolerance. With its 345 grams, Virtue air is a versatile racket that will be able to satisfy the greatest number.

Technical Virtuo: gentle explosiveness

The Technical range has also had the right to its virtue model. The power side is well represented with the diamond shape and the Weight located towards the racket head Who helps put explosiveness on high bullets and smashs in particular. But don't panic, this pala is well done for beginners. Done fiberglass which adds flexibility to the impact, the control side is also very present for counterbalance the power And make it a racket that can go to beginners.

The Gaming range: to start quietly

If virtuo are not tolerant enough or simply off -budget, Babolat wanted to create an additional range in order to Say as many players as possible. Here are some models of this range.

Babolat Storm: to choose your playing style as best as possible

The Babolat Storm is one of the best rackets to start the padel. For what ? Very tolerant with its fiberglass, It makes it possible to limit direct faults as much as possible and not frustrate from the start. It is also very versatile: gout It has a sweetsport centered in the middle of the racket. Ideal for beginner players Who do not yet know what style of play to adopt. The other rackets in this range are also available to find the racket that suits you best. So find them Babolat Contact, Reveal And Reflex are Present on Padel Shop spirit!

Babolat Viper Junior: For the future of the Padel!

What could be better to become a future padel champion than progressing with the best? The French brand also thought of the champion seeds and has developed a junior viper, ideal for young shoots to progress! With an optimized weight (between 290 and 310 grams) and a reduced thickness (34mm instead of 38mm). We recommend these snowshoes to children or pre-adolescents under the age of 13.

With the new year, the Lyon brand has started to offer new rackets that stick to customer expectations. New technologies, new designs, Babolat spoiled us with his new collection. Find all these snowshoes on our site!

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