Adidas 2022 collection: Nine racket levels for the three -band brand.
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Adidas 2022 collection: Nine racket levels for the three -band brand.

Adidas 2022 collection: Nine racket levels for the three -band brand.

At the start of the year, it's the same thing: all brands are released their new collections with even more innovative technologies. But this time, the 2022 collection of Adidas has shot the game thanks to numerous reissues of rather interesting snowshoes. Our Padel Shop spirit team has therefore looked into these outings in order to offer this little summary of this year's new products.

Metalbone and Adipower: the brand's spearheads.

Clearly when we talk about Adidas at the Padel, it is the Metalbone and Adipower rackets that come first to mind. Many pro players use them and have a significant success among amateur players.

Metalbone 3.1: racket of champion Alejandro Galan

Recently passed the world's world and victorious from the Masters at the end of the season (tournament that brings together the 8 best pairs of the year), Alejandro Galan has just completed an exceptional 2021 year alongside Adidas. For 2022, the 3 -band brand decided to make a reissue of the famous metalbone of the Spanish champion, the metalbone 3.1. Who this year will benefit from an Eva High Memory nucleus to make its touch harder and therefore increase its power.

Adidas also produced palas inspired by the principal as the Metalbone control version, which will ensure better handling for players. The Metalbone Lite 3.1 and Metalbone Lite Woman 3.1 are much lighter and accessible variations and allow essential play comfort for more occasional practitioners.

Adipower 3.1: The most famous collection!

As for years, the Adipower collection has been one of the most requested and for good reason, many professional players use it. Starting with neo-retired Sebastian Nerone, who sees his pala being updated in Adipower 3.1. Designed for powerful players thanks to its diamond shape, control is not overlooked with an enlarged surface to have a more tolerant sweet spot.

Its control version, the Adipower CTRL 3.1 has a round shape and increased precision in order to master all the balls sent by the opponent. This is the pala that chose Alejandro Ruiz, 7th in the world to perform on the WPT circuit. In line with the CTRL, the Adipower Light 3.1 is a very handy and light racket used by the Spanish player Marta Ortega, 14th world player.

Like Metalbone, the Adipower has the right to its Light range which are lighter and suitable for less experienced players. The Adipower Light 3.1 is therefore the power version while the Light CTRL 3.1 is the control version.

Greenpadel: adidas ecological innovation

New this year, GreenPadel rackets are palas made with recycled materials and flax fiber faces. By offering the Adipower and the Metalbone in Green mode, Adidas launches products that have no impact on the environment and already begins to prepare the future of the Padel. Not yet efficient enough for the professional level, these rackets still obtain surprising advances with advanced level. We can therefore hope that the other brands are following Adidas in order, ultimately, to equip all pros players with recycled snowshoes and give the example to other racket sports.

The other adidas ranges: to progress in all serenity


Also very popular last season, the ESSNOVA returns with version 3.1. 2 new snowshoes are presented with the classic Essnova 3.1. All in power, the diamond shape and its 3K carbon faces makes it possible to capitalize on the strong blows of the padel such as the Smash or the flying. If, however, you have a counter -based game, the ESSNOVA CTRL 3.1 version will be satisfied with its round shape and its low balance point. Note the right quality / price ratio of this range, intended for advanced players.

RX series 2022

The Adidas RX series is suitable for intermediate players, sometimes playing a month and wanting to progress at the next level. This year, 3 snowshoes are reissued in this category. First, the RX300, offering a versatile play style with its drop in water, the power / control ratio is balanced. Ideal for mastering all the blows of the padel and thus improving at your own pace. The RX100 has the same characteristics, only the weight changes for more maneuverability (-20g). The RX200 Light, on the other hand, is rather devoted to women.

Discovery range

For beginners, Adidas opted for 2 different rackets with their variations. For the power and explosiveness side, moderate of course for beginners, the Adidas Match 3.1 is a good racket to start. However, if you need maximum control to better control the balls, the Adidas Drive 3.1 will suit you better with its round shape. Its two snowshoes are available in light version, with a reduced weight that can very well go to women or adolescents.

Thanks to this 2022 collection, Adidas shows that it is indeed a most influential manufacturer on the market. Their new GreenPadel innovation is a big step forward in what could be the future of snowshoes. In addition, all levels are served this year, and everything is available on our site so do not hesitate to check the sheets of each product.

By Pierre Mercier, editor Padel Shop
Passionate about sport in particular of tennis and basketball, he fell into the Padel and found his new predilection sport. He will offer you with all his expertise 2 types of articles throughout the year: the new collections offered by the biggest brands as well as articles on the Padel ecosystem in general.

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