Babolat vs Bullpadel: What are the common points and the differences between these 2 Padel giants?
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Babolat vs Bullpadel: What are the common points and the differences between these 2 Padel giants?

Babolat vs Bullpadel: What are the common points and the differences between these 2 Padel giants?

Prized by many padel players in France but also in the world, brands Babolat and Bullpadel are the 2 largest international padel equipment manufacturers. Between rackets, shoes, textiles, accessories and so on, the 2 brands are very versatile And present throughout the padel market. But then, what are the differences between these brands and which one to choose ? You will know everything after reading this article.

Raquette: different models for different sensations!

To start, we turn to rackets, the main instrument of our sport. Babolat offers a simple and effective way to classify his rackets to better navigate: 3 types of snowshoes for 3 ranges different. In terms of ranges, from the most accessible to the most technical we Find the virtue then the veron and finally the viper. In these 3 ranges, 3 variations are present: the Counter, a controlled racket which will allow you to counter-attack your opponents and exhaust them. The Air As aims, as its name suggests, being a very aerial and handy racket, as its weight proves: 355 grams, the lightest of the Babolat. And finally, the Technical is the powerful racket of the range, in the shape of a diamond which center all its weight up of the sieve, to hit as much as possible. Among these 9 Babolat rackets, you will inevitably find your happiness and the racket that best corresponds to your style of play.

For its part, the Spanish brand Bullpadel has adopted a similar practice for its 2 flagship rackets, the Vertex and the Hack by declining them both in 3 different models. The classic, hack or green, is the powerful model of the range, with a diamond shape and a hybrid foam that provides explosiveness while ensuring good control. The control version of these rackets is more focused on Balls with different shapes and weights that are located down the racket to guarantee very good maneuverability. Finally, the Comfort models are present, and use characteristics to make the racket most comfortable and the easiest to access Possible thanks in particular to much more flexible foams.

The French brand and the Spanish brand have therefore adopted rather similar ranges despite the notable differences between rackets. Indeed, Bullpadel rackets are known to be more accessible and easy to play At first glance while Babolat favors The rigidity of his snowshoes To make them devastating on the ground. But they will have to master them to reveal their full potential.

The shoes: lightness, rigidity ... or both?

We are now going on shoes and, unlike snowshoes, the two brands have rather opposite strategies. Babolat only focuses on 2 shoe models, The premura jet and the Movea. With the Premura jet, the Lyon brand offers the best shoes on the market here with regard to Foot maintenance And the Matryx 2.0 system, unique to the premura jet. For its little sister, Movea, the focus is also on the maintenance while ensuring shock resistance and significant grip thanks At the partnership between Michelin and Babolat which brings its expertise to create soles that challenge any competition. These 2 models exist in women's version with the Movea Woman and the Jet Ritma.

On the Bullpadel side, we are rather on a quantity strategy, all without losing the quality of Bullpadel specialist. One of the technologies specific to the Spanish brand is the Rotox system, an area located at the level of the big toe which Facilitates rotations on oneself, very important movements at the Padel. This technology is present on almost all Bullpadel shoes and represents a major asset. Overall, the brand has chosen to focus on Game comfort With the inner layer of the very tender rubber sole in order to amortize the jumps, especially on the heel. These technologies are present on the brand's bestsellers such as the Vertex Hybrid Fly 22V and the Hack Hybrid Fly 22V. However Bullpadel also offers more accessible shoes with One of the best value for money - market price Like the 22V Bekker which is a special Padel special and durable pair that you can get at low prices.

In the end, we can see that the 2 brands have their specialties, Babolat the maintenance of the foot and Bullpadel comfort. However, All shoes presented are of quality Can adapt to all types of style of play at the Padel. It is up to you to make your choice !

Textile: Who at the most supplied wardrobe?

We go to textiles and we can directly see that the 2 brands have a different strategy and share the textile market rather well. Bullpadel is positioned as One of the technical clothing leaders. Almost all made of polyester and elastane, they are very comfortable and very Appreciated for the practice of the padel and sport in general. The Spanish brand offers us here a large collection of jerseys, shorts, steams stamped World Padel Tour, exclusive partner of Bullpadel for several years. Several official professional players' jerseys are also available like those of Paquito Navarro or Juan Telo, two members of the world top 10. Dress in the colors of your favorite players with BullPadel and their large textile collection!

For Babolat, the focus is made on cotton clothes, which can be on and off the field without problems. With a collection more “lifestyle” Babolat is registered as a supplement de Bullpadel more than a real competitor. With flashy colors and funny texts, Babolat stands out from other brands by offering something new. Shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, everything goes with this collection of the French brand that appeals to experienced players as beginners.

Despite some similarities, Babolat and Bullpadel differentiate themselves on many points and can perfectly complement yourself to offer you the widest possible Padel panoply. While it is for snowshoes, textiles or shoes, you will necessarily find what you prefer in the collections of these 2 brands, available on Padel Shop spirit!

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