Discovering Slazenger Padel
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Discovering Slazenger Padel

Discovering Slazenger Padel

It is with joy that the Padel Shop spirit team presents its new brand present on the site ... Slazenger!

This English brand created in 1881 was first specialized in tennis. It was after the emergence of the Padel that Slazenger has developed a special Padel range.

Slazenger Padel started in 2020, the first collection of rackets by Padel Slazenger bears the name of one of the most emblematic tennis rackets ever made, Slazenger Challenge No.1.

Slazenger was one of the largest tennis racket manufacturers at the time of wooden snowshoes. This emblematic brand always has an inked feet in the world of tennis thanks to its partnership with Wimbledon as an official supplier of Balls du Grand Chelem.

Although this brand is just established on the padel market, it remains very interesting and to watch closely ...

Let's go back to the heart of the matter now, with the rackets of Padel of course!

The rackets of Padel Slazenger Challenge and Series

SLAZEGER Challenge n ° 1


Padel Slazenger's first racket bears the name of one of the most emblematic tennis rackets, the Slazenger Challenge No.1.

Challenge No. 1 is a high -range racket intended for advanced level players.

This unique racket is made of Hard Eva gum… a rigid eraser. This rigidity provides the latter with the explosiveness necessary for all players looking for powerful blows. This eraser, once mastered, can become an ultimate unstoppable weapon for experienced players.

However, it is not only the gum that makes challenge n ° 1 a unique racket. Its frame is made in 12k carbon. This means that more than 12,000 carbon micro filaments were woven to form a single wire. This advanced technique is often used in aeronautics and in extreme sports. Carbon offers the racket excellent resistance. In addition to the sustainability of the carbon, this technique provides the ball an excellent rebound for an ideal control.

On the frame, grooves in relief in the form of panthers. In addition to adding play comfort, its grooves promote effects.

Shape of water and an optimized weight of 360/375 gram, this padel racket was studied to the nearest millimeter to have an excellent compromise between control and power. A racket that is not suitable for everyone but which once mastered becomes an unstoppable weapon.

Slazenger Challenge n ° 2


Still in the name of the first collection of Slazenger tennis racket, challenge n ° 2.

Quite similar to challenge n ° 1, this round -shape racket with an optimized weight of 360/375 grams. Having the same technologies as challenge n ° 1 it is nonetheless different.

First of all, its round shape optimizes it for control. This shape allows you to have an enlarged Sweet Spot. This racket is therefore suitable for experienced players but also to beginners who can have good control.

In terms of technologies we find the frame made of 12k carbon. This is ideal for optimizing control. Panther grooves are also present, providing additional comfort and promoting effects.

Finally, the gum of the challenge n ° 2 The Hard Eva gives the racket a rigidity and a good control without omitting the power.

Supplied with its design cover, the Slazenger racket will conquer control lovers and players looking for less rigidity than challenge n ° 1

Slazenger Challenge n ° 3


Slazenger continues in its launched with a round racket: the challenge n ° 3

Its control is first illustrated by its weight of 360 grams. This handy racket is made up of hard Eva foam. This foam is rigid but coupled with the 6K carbon frame, its rigidity is reduced. Carbon 6K offers additional flexibility while keeping power and control. More flexible than 12K carbon This technique offers very pleasant and less rigid rebound sensations.

However, this does not affect the power of this racket which is more docile than challenge n ° 1 for example.

For control, the frame is in relief. This provides additional comfort and promotes the creation of effects.

This racket is rather recommended to the players seeking to feel the ball well. In addition, the racket is much less rigid than its counterparts making it less tiring. Recommended for suffering players in terms of arms and elbows after a match.

SLAZEGER Challenge n ° 4

And to finish the series of rackets of Padel Challenge in style, here is the number 4.

Slazenger offers here the most flexible and handy racket in this range. First of all, its weight is optimized at 350g which makes this lightest racket in this range. In terms of gum, challenge No. 4 is equipped with Hard Eva ... Rigid therefore. However, this flexibility is mainly reflected in its frame made in 3K carbon which is less dense almost the others. This density at the frame level offers an excellent feeling of rebound.

Its balance is average, coupled with its round shape the racket of Slazenger to an enlarged Sweet Spot.

However, the challenge is not the only range of Slazenger rackets. We find the Series range with its two flagship models.


Slazenger Series Epic

With its black design on black, the SERIES EPIC racket will seduce your look with its look but also thanks to the technologies incorporated into the racket.

We find of course on the relief on the frame at the Slazenger logo. The fact that the framework is rough facilitates control and creation of effects ...

About the frame, it is made of 12k carbon. A solid setting therefore which gives a good punch to the ball. This technique makes the framework of the rigid racket which gives it a certain harshness during exchanges. However, this rigidity provided an additional control over the slightly slower blows.

The foam is made in Hard Eva. Gum Ensuring power and control.The experienced players, with good technical mastery, will benefit from a rigid gum.

The Slazenger Serie Epic racket is therefore a racket focused on control with its round shape but also offers very good power. Finally, in addition to technologies, the Epic series has a very beautiful design that will seduce the fashion victim of the Padel.

Slazenger Series Icon


Finally, let's finish the racket ranges in style with the icon series.
This drop -shaped racket has a fairly similar look to the EPIC series.

This completely black racket is versatile due to its shape but also its technologies. A big difference: the shape. Its diamond shape gives it greater power as well as less good maneuverability than its cousin the Epic.

The racket frame is made up of 12K carbon fiber. It is a cutting -edge technique which consists in shaking 12,000 carbon filaments in a single thread. This technique offers the racket control and explosiveness through increased rigidity.

The gum is in hard Eva is hard. This rigidity provides it with the power necessary for all players looking for powerful blows.

Her rough surface In the form of black panthers provided comfort and increased precision.

The racket is also delivered with a Executive protection tape. This one is in the colors of Slazenger. The goal of this ribbon is to protect the Padel racket as much as possible, in order to limit the marks to the frame caused by the shock.


But Slazenger only launched himself in the Padel racket. In line with the design of rackets, here is their winter 2021 collection. Because even if it means winning (or losing) as much to do it with class!

The Slazenger clothing collection

Slazenger presents the winter 2021 collection in line with the design of rackets.

Men's collection

Slazenger sweater s Crew

Let's start the collection with an article that will warm you up in style. The S Pull S Crew with an S embroidered on it. Available in White Emerson, Black panther and Red Harvard.

Perfect to keep you warm, this sweater of Slazenger will keep you at a good temperature after a Padel part.

Sober, you can wear it anywhere.

Exclusively made of polyester, the Sweat S Crew is a resistant and durable product.

Polo Salazerger Court Blanc Emerson

Slazenger has released the typical tennis product ... the polo shirt.

Designed only with polyester, this polo shirt of Slazenger turns out to be very pleasant to wear.

The material is light and breathable, which will increase your Player comfort.

With his round collar, the short polo shirt Slazenger has an adjusted cut that will accompany you in the best times in your progress in padel.  

Slazenger the S tee t-shirt

Sober, classy, ​​timeless… Here is the S tee t-shirt with an S as a logo recalling the name of Slazenger.

Exclusively in polyester, this sports t-shirt is solid and its fabric is soft ensuring comfort during your exchanges.

Well ventilated to keep you at a good temperature.

Available in black panther, BLanc Emerson and ROUGE HARVARD.

Slazenger jacket Diego Track

If you are more jacket, it's the Diego Track you need!

Ideal for heating And the ends of training to cover you, this jacket is vshemposhed 100% of polyester.

Jacket Diego of Slazenger In addition to keeping you warm, turns out to be pleasant to wear what will allow you to play with without being embarrassed by the cold.

This jacket is perfect for accompanied you in town or on the Padel terrains thanks to its sober and elegant design.

Short SlazengerDiego Track / Jimmy

The Short Jimmy and Diego are wide and comfortable.

100 % in polyester, the shorts Slazenger is wearing And made to last over time.

Discreet, the Jimmy shorts can accompany you as much on the Padel fields than in town.

Available in 3 colors:Red Harvard, Black Panther and White Emerson.

Slazenger pants Diego Track

If you like comfort with class, here is the track pants White Slazenger Diego, also available in black.

Made 100 % in polyester, this trousers is resistant and durable.

Its sober design will make it an excellent companion on the Padel fields.

Female collection

Slazenger Paula Dress dress

The Paula Dress dress is one of the "must have" of a female dress station to play Padel. This polyester dress is extremely pleasant to wear and adapts to all the movement made on a padel track.

Slazenger tank topLola V-Neck / Ana Top

Very useful for playing in a relaxed manner, the tank top Lola V-Neck as well as the tank top Ana Top will be your essential ally during sunny days.

Slazenger skirt Francesca Skirt

The Franscesca Skirt skirt is made of polyester, which makes it very comfortable for part of Padel.

Slazenger jacket Ariana Track

Ideal for your training as well as for your before and after games, the Ariana Track jacket is a very classy accessory of the Slazenger range.



Padel Slazenger balls

Slazenger has produced tennis balls for the Wimbledon tournament since the start in 1902, making this longest partnership in the sport industry. The Slazenger tennis ball has been known from the start as the premium tennis ball n ° 1. This heritage is transferred to a brand new Padel ball.

Slazenger cap

Available in black and white, the Slazenger cap Simon is entirely created in polyester assuring Comfort and durability.

The cap is ventilated and well adjusted for good hold even during the effort.

His aeration Allows you to evacuate the sweat and ventilate the scalp. Ideal therefore to give its best band in front of the sun!


To summarize, the English brand strikes a big blow with this new range for the Padel. Very complete and qualitative, this range Slazenger Padel awaits you exclusively on Padel Shop spirit.

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