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The jumped band: Frime or utility?

The jumped band: Frime or utility?

Hi my little stolen flip-ups duf,

Today, I wanted to write to a Padel theme That I know perfectly because mastered in everyday life "the free humor at a jumped bandage" finally if I understood correctly.

The band is what ? Well, I'll tell you.

You, my Padel Lambda player, who did not have this chance and that talent for playing a final of P1000 (like me), you must first go through this step.


There are several styles of bandjaHere are the 3 most popular examples by their creators:


  • The Boghossian: position at the height of the service square, total body stiffness except the arm that you shipped like a large slap that will finish 5cm from the opposite window, basically, you put everything about talent, and a little on the racket. And yes with a Hack 02 In the hands, the margin of error is even lower.

 Hugo Bogo Joeur Spirit Padel Shop


  • The bisson: physically good on your support, accurate, ready to fire but you always take the ball a little too high or a little too low and it leaves as fast as a glass of water on the counter of a Padel club. Of course, with aWilson Pro Staff Otherwise it's not the same ...

 M.Bisson who plays with Wilson Padel racquet


And finally, the one that interests us all

  • The Brulard: the small adjustment steps, The perfect inclination of the racket, the arm that wrinkled to the idea of ​​unfolding, Vertex 03 in hand, the head slightly inclined for the goal, smirk, Ettt bimmm it leaves, diagonally or in the middle, because the bluckle is precise, it's deep, it even tabs the most Uglings in brief is the elegance of the gesture.

 Mika Brulard Grand Player Player


That's it, my friend PADELAS or PADELEROS (3 years of Spanish in the heart of the Pampa Argentina when I trained Bela, it helps), you're now ready to hear If jumping is to be wrong.


I will not lie to you, it's a bit like choosing between a Cognac Lheraud Old Reserve and a Malibu Coco Ananas, yesii, Mrs., Mr, it's this famous choice between the purist and the Besogeny, between Marta and Alejandra, Between Veber and Revol, brief cornelian all that (Crow the playwright not the singer ...)


The bandage, which in Covid period can only be pronounced with a mask, it is the gesture of Padel:

  • The purist will tell you that with This smash tray, by definition, you are more powerful by keeping your support on the ground, you win over the opponent that you keep in the back of the short thanks to the accuracy of the movement and so you continue your walk forward while remaining low on Your legs to try to finish the point, so why jump?
  • The washth will answer that the jump allows: to win even more time on Pipa and Chouba, to hide the zones of strikes, to optimize the angles of attack and physical investment thanks to a cover of the shorter distance between the Impact and zone 1 (net).


Not easy to rabibach these two and yet, I have to enlighten you (well especially because the doc-gilant editor breathes them for a week ...)


So yes, my lambda, Let's be crazy and jump proudlyYes, you who has a much larger speed of execution in front of your 25cl alps blonde than in front of your opponents carved like beetles, it's your right.

Go, jumps my lambda, and no matter if the purist, well-thinking, gives you the lesson at the end of the game giving you the number of his coach and the address of his muscular room, because 'In the end, he too at a time, he was pleased with a malibu pineapple;)


My little chocolate bars, we meet very quickly for the next article Spirit Padel Shop finally if Doc Gilant is willing to let me chat again after this one.


(big up to our over-mentioned friends and big Alejandra kisses)


Charles Alexandre Padel Alias ​​Firstman 

Charles Alexander aka El Carlito aka The body

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