4 tips to best manage the resumption of tournaments after 40 years
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4 tips to best manage the resumption of tournaments after 40 years

4 tips to best manage the resumption of tournaments after 40 years

Like many padel players during confinement and health restrictions, I missed the padel, a little, a lot, madly.
Our legs itch, our gaze regularly headed for our padel affairs left in the entrance "in case".
Sometimes small jumps, like before a return, or even an empty gesture to mimic a forehand, for the most technical a gesture of Bandeja, even a rotation in a perfect timing.
Some, to continue to visualize, have even subscribed to the channel Youtube of World Padel Tour.
In a word as in a hundred, the padel was missing in madness.

For numbers of us, Padel is of course leisure, the game with friends accompanied by an aperitif, but it is also the adrenaline of the competition, tournaments. No matter the value of the P, only counts the concentration, tension, the pleasure of victory and the bitterness of defeat.

Padel Club spirit

Only one detail is tarnishing this set, in any case for me, a former 40 -year -old tennis player (and a few ...), the pace of tournaments and the rehearsal of matches. And yes, 3, 4 or 5 games in a weekend is often complicated to manage for most of us. This is confirmed by the number of "I am dead" Heard on the slopes last weekend during our last tournament ...

With the first "Los Maestros", tournaments +45 years at Esprit Padel, and soon the +55 (tournament name to define, your ideas will be welcome); I told myself that it was time to Share my "experience" To give you 4 tips for Manage a tournament on weekends and continue to be able to walk on Monday morning.

Advice n ° 1: sleep, hydration, food

Nothing revolutionary for this first advice. It consists only of preparing and managing your body before an effort that will be important, at least if you run on the ground.

Sleep :

Sleep is the best way for the body to be rested, in full capacity. So we Avoid the white night, we take a small soup and we get a night from 8 to 10 a.m.
The waking time is also important: for a summons at 10 a.m., it is necessary to wake up two hours before To allow optimal muscle awakening.


The right hydration during effort is a particularly important aspect, and not I am not talking about the Recovery beer.
This hydration is preparing before the competition by drinking regularly as soon as it wakes up.
During the effort, you must start to hydrate yourself from the start, and drink every 10-15 minutes maximum in small quantities of 2-3 sips. The volume of water must be 1 liter per hour of sports at least
If you are not serious, there is a cascade of more or less serious consequences:

  1. 1% water mass less, decreases by 10% muscle efficiency
  2. The feeling of fatigue quickly appears in case of dehydration
  3. The risk of injury muscle increases quickly and particularly in the calves for padel players

Padel recovery and hydration

    To replace the mineral salts that you eliminate during your effort, but also have a boost during the effort, thank you sugar, the energy drinks can be a good idea but be careful, it should not be the only one Source of hydration! It is essential to have a bottle of water if you consume energy drinks and regularly drink the two drinks.

    Food :

    The issue of food is extremely complicated, and I am not entirely competent to give you a perfect lesson. Here are a few points that will help you:

    1. Carbohydrates must be priority
    2. The proteins, help the muscle to work but you have to favor lean proteins
    3. Fats must be limited
    4. Food must be chosen Depending on its intolerances (sure)

      The objectives are simple, to have sufficient energy available for the duration of the effort (even split), Reduce recovery time, and Improve recovery.

        Advice n ° 2: Echarification, stretching


        Alala, the heating up ... Most of the time, our warm -ups boil down to a few ball strikes directly on the track, just before starting the game with All the violence that a padel match can represent
        This is not what is called a warm -up.
        The objective of a warm -up is to prepare its muscles, its joints, its ligaments and your brain for the effort that will have to be done.
        Like when you were a child, the first movements consist in mobilizing all his joints, ankles, knees, hip, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck. We start from below to go up to the head. Once tumbled, it's time to raise the temperature of the muscle machine. To do this, just trot, then chain movements, "heel/buttock", "knees/chest", "not crossed". Finally, if the club in which the tournament offers it, 10 minutes of bike will end the ideal warm -up. It only remains to put your feet on the ground and cold picking his opponents


        Contrary to what one might think, It is not recommended to make your stretching directly after your match. On the contrary, the small existing lesions can worsen! The endorphins produced during the effort could hide the pains linked to these injuries, and the stretching could worsen them! Mistrust!

        Padel stretching

        On the other hand, make your stretching from the effort, for example in the evening between the qualifying table and the final table, will provide a feeling of relaxation, but will not improve recovery. For this point there, nothing beats a very cold shower to reduce inflammation due to muscle microleas ... Other products which I will speak later will also help us on this point.

        Advice n ° 3: know your weaknesses, the equipment to protect yourself

        This is the advantage, and the disadvantage, to have Over 40 years. We have weaknesses and we know them, finally in principle.
        Many people have had more or less serious injuries, cross ligaments, menisci, recurrent injuries to adductors, back, arm pain -pod, shoulder ... I will not make a list in the prevert, but these wounds are of great diversity and varies from one player to another, and often they combine for our greatest happiness.

        To know them is to be able to act before they become unbearable. For example, all ligamental attacks are often less strong when you Hydrate properly throughout your day, and I'm not talking about beer pints obviously! It does not cost and it's very effective.

        On Padel Shop spirit, we have created a section Health and prevention To orient you on the products we have Tested and validated. I will leave you for a walk to find the product that meets your needs. If what you are looking for is not there, then it is essential to go for a ride on Sport-Protech by Yann Obitz.

        Come on I start, I give you the two products that I find essential To my Padel practice and which allow me to avoid a lot of suffering after the matches.
        The first, the most discreet and therefore the best accepted is the Short Cross Compression, from MC David. Quickly, its technology allows thanks to the compression of Maintain and stabilize the muscles of your adductors. This is equivalent to a Strapping posed by a physiotherapy Sport. Indispensable so as not to undergo the small (or large) pain, during and after the effort!
        The second product is the subject of much more mockery, because more visible but also More age marker, and yet! These are the CEP recovery socks. It looks magic and yet it is real since I experienced them, these socks allow faster warm -up of the muscles, Minimizing the risk of injury. She also minimizes Gathers after the effort Allowing to chain the parts of the next day, ideal during the tournaments!

        We see a recognition of the usefulness of these products with an increasingly important presence during tournaments and particularly, of course, during tournaments +45 (and soon the +55!).

        Maurice Obitz with recovery socks

        Depending on your weakness points, there are Protections for each part of the body, and I can only advise you not to pay attention to the eyes of people, and to protect yourself!

        Advice n ° 4: equipment to recover

        I'm going to talk about equipment, but the base for recovering after a tournament day. Little thing that I discovered not very long ago to avoid the aches of the next day (you never know you could be in the quarter or half of your tournaments ...), it's the BCAA, I let you look on the net, we have it at the club. These are amino acids that our organism does not know how to synthesize (Valine, Leucine and isoleucine)

        It will be necessary to remember that their consumption:

        1. reduces the degradation of our muscles,
        2. Minimizes degradation glycogen stocks,
        3. decreases the phenomenon of "central nervous fatigue".

          If some are resistant to the use of pharmaceutical products, I then advise to go to the whole massage equipment, from the simplest with the rollers Blackrollto the most sophisticated as the feet massage device Flowfeetthrough the massage pistol Flow, they will all have the same goal, promote muscle relaxation, blood circulation and therefore drastically improve recovery. The other interest is psychological, taking care of your body well, does good in mind And allows you to leave Ragaillardi on the grounds for the rest of the tournament!


          Note: Back after two recovery tournaments

          I just reread the article, and I confirm the interest of each of my points.
          On the other hand, it seems obvious to me that I forgot a very important part ... the a physical training...
          Given the state in which I finished the first day of the first two tournaments, I know that I will have to work the physical a little, and I intend to make you benefit from my experience. But it will be in a future article in which I will resume what has been put in place, and the effect on my performances ...

          See you soon !


          Sebastien Cornet

          Sébastien Cornet, Padel Spirit Founder

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