The story of the new Twenty by Ten: "My Only Weakness is my Partner"
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The story of the new Twenty by Ten: "My Only Weakness is my Partner"

The story of the new Twenty by Ten: "My Only Weakness is my Partner"
On the occasion of the release of their latest t-shirt " My Only Weakness is my Partner "Understand in French" my only weakness is my partner "the team of Twenty by ten Return to a recurring scenario on a padel field but not always justified: Put the fault on his partner ! Yes, that should sound familiar with any self -respecting padel player;) Michael Kuzaj, co-founder of Twenty by Ten, explains the reflection behind this new design to be taken in the third degree but which reflects a certain reality on the grounds: we too often forget that Padel is a team sport

Lack of lucidity on the ground: attempts to explain

Why is it so complicated to be lucid about what is really going on on the field? Several elements come into play and we will try to dissect them.

1. Lack of humility and negativity

Padel is a sport still very young, everyone is "beginner" because has been playing for a few years at most. However, we have all played with a partner who keeps coaching us, thinking that he had pierced all the secrets of this sport that Belasteguin He has not yet detected. For him it is obvious, it is stronger than you, because he has a better ranking, he has been playing for longer, or simply because he has a natural boulard. Know how to say "I don't know", and try to be as constructive as possible when you make a negative remark to your partner!
Padel partner advice
Indeed the human being tends to retain the negative much more easily than the positive: it is the rule of the bias of negativity. Bad news will often mark you much more than good news, and you bring more importance. And what is happening on land is no exception to the rule. If your partner makes 3 great shots in the game, but ends up missing an easy Smash on a break ball, a majority of players will tend to retain only the misch failed.

2. Emotions

As in all sports (and not only in sport) emotions make us lose our lucidity and obscure our judgment. Stress in particular is a real scourge! Someone stressed will be less tolerant and less patient than someone serene. So try to try to identify if you are stressed, and make efforts to be pleasant with your partner !
Padel partner fun

3. The quick rhythm

In a match Padel The rhythm is fast, the points and the games are linked quickly and we do not take enough time to analyze what is going on. Most of the time, we only remember the way in which the point has ended, and not the construction preceding this finish.
Example: my partner failed to defend a double window and made the fault. "" We have still lost the point because of him, the guy does not know how to defend ... ». Except that maybe he missed this defense because just before I played the bad zone and the opponent was able to slam an easy volley, putting my partner in difficulty.
Ideally with each change aside (at least at the end of each set) make a quick point of 2 minutes with his partner on what worked and what did not work, then have a plan for the next games. This allows you to take a step back, and it is better to do it with your partner than on its own because he may have a different feeling of ours.

Watch out for a priori

There is also another parameter that intervenes in our judgment, it is a priori concerning levels. These a priori are created from scratch by initial data that I have been given or that I went to look for myself, and most of the time we are not aware of it.
Let's take an example. I am level 6.5 and tonight I have a game with a 5.85 player, in my head I already prepare for the guy to be less strong than me, I go with a negative a priori that may have an impact at one point on my judgment on him. Now, we all know that it means absolutely nothing, and that it may be at the same level as me to see better!
The classification is one of this starting data that we record and which are frozen, and the problem is that these data constantly condition us and distort our objectivity: I play with less well classified so it will be less good than me, or I play guys better classified so I will have to make the match of my life to win, and if I lose 4 and 4 I will be happy enough from my performance.
Another initial data that will influence our judgment: Lthe previous results of my partner. Example: my partner played yesterday with a strong guy, and yet he lost on 2 guys that I used to beat. So he is less strong than me. FAKE ! All the matches are different, there are a thousand reasons why they may have lost: maybe they did not have compatible games, which they played on a different surface, in different weather conditions, that They played badly tactically that day or that one two had celebrated the day before ...

Have the right departments

Twentybyten Weakness T-shirt

When I'm going to do a game, it is therefore important to have the right starting data on my partner, and try to disregard the "parasitic data" listed above.
The right starting data, they are simply obtained ... by chatting with his partner! We cannot make it simpler and yet the vast majority of players jump this step. Do you know the answers to the following questions:
  • What is its strong / weak point? 
  • What does he like to do on a field the most?
  • Does he need to talk to him a lot or rather the opposite?
By having the answers to these 3 questions we already have a good idea of ​​the player that we have next to us and we can not only better understand his choices and reactions, but also adapt our game according to him.
If I have a guy next door who is not comfortable when it plays too fast, I may do a little more lobs. If its weak point is rather physical, I can take a little more bullets in the center ...
So don't forget that Padel is a team game, make sure that your partner is in the best conditions and you go out as far as hard! That said, do not hesitate to wear this t-shirt when you play with him to remind him that you watch the grain, and that you will not hesitate to chamber at the slightest opportunity ;) 
Mika kuzaj co founder of tbt 
Michael Kuzaj, Co-founder of Twentybyten

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