How to understand the rules of the padel and better understand your parts.
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How to understand the rules of the padel and better understand your parts.

How to understand the rules of the padel and better understand your parts.

 Do you have your first part of Padel soon and you don't know the rules? Don't worry this article Is there for you. Because indeed, with its particularities as The windows Or the fact that this is only played in double, the padel has rather sharp rules that must be controlled in order to be able to progress calmly. Similar to tennis but having rules which he borrows from squash, let's set off to discover the favorite sport of the Spanish.

Padel field: smaller with more players

First of all, it is important to know on which land we play. Smaller That a tennis court of course, the Padel field presents only 2 lines to represent the service squares, located 6.95m from the net. No corridors or background line, the windows do work very well.

With a surface of 20 meters long and 10 meters wide, It is much smaller than a tennis court although we play two against 2 above. Windows and grids must also be at regulatory heights. The upper window must therefore make 3 meters with a wrap surface 1 meter above. For side windows, 3 meters are regulatory without added wire mesh.

On the side, the windows and the grids share the laterality of the terrain. 4m for the windows and 6m for the grids which also include space to enter and get out of the field. In height, 6 meters are, at least, necessary to have the place To place the lobs and other high bullets. The net must logically measure the width of the land (10m) and its regulatory height is between 88 and 92 centimeters. All these regulations are numerous and tedious for clubs who want to add padel land, but they are important for players, especially high level, for not not lose their habits. 

How do we count the points?

First similarity of the padel with tennis, points, games and sets are counted in the same way in the 2 sports. The games are counted in 15, 30, 40, however the advantages are valid depending on the country or the professional circuit. On the World Padel Tour, the “Punto de Oro”, point in gold for non-Hispanophones, is in order, that is to say a decisive point at 40-40. For other circuits, the rule of advantage is adopted.

6 games are necessary to win a set, 2 sets are necessary to win a match, quite simply. If the two pairs arrive at 6 games everywhere, A tie break In 7 points with 2 points apart. On some tournaments, a super tie-break in 10 points can replace the possible 3rd set to shorten the length of the matches.

In addition, as in tennis, a side change is made to all odd games. At the end of the set, if the total games are peer, we rest and we take back the places during a game, then we turn to the next game. During the tie-breaks (or super tie-break in 10 points), we turn and we rest all 6 points. 

The service, the simplest blow of the padel?

To engage the ball to the padel, we apply the same model as in tennis double matches. A player serves during a full game, then we alternate between the 2 teams. The goal is that The 4 players are used in turn. During the game, the service alternates aside, starting right. As in tennis, it is necessary serve in the service square provided for this purpose. Note that the lines in the field are only used for service. Here are some important points that you need to know to carry out well -and -for -form services:

  • At Padel, the service is carried out below the hip, spoonful With a rebound before hitting. It is prohibited to make it too high to avoid too fast services.
  • The service also cannot bounce back on the grid after its first rebound. Forget the short traitors ... However, the Rebounds against windows are allowed As long as the first rebound is made in the service square.
  • If the ball hits the net before bouncing in the opposing square, it is said that the ball is let and We replay the service. However, if the service is let and it is false afterwards (next to the square or grid) we do not replay the point, He is considered false.
  • Finally, as in tennis, A second service is authorized If the first is missed.

Players positioning

Padel is a sport that is played two against two. In the service, the 2 recipients can place themselves where they want on the court, but they are not not allowed to resume the flight service. Most recipients therefore put themselves Behind the line. At the Padel, the positioning between teammates is very important, they often advance and retreat at the same time to form a straight line and leave as little angle as possible to the opponent.

As receivers must return by being "Court background", servers can take advantage of it to take the preferential position, the net. The player who serves must be behind the line, but his teammate is where he wishes. Often it is placed in the net, While waiting for his colleague to join him after his service.

During the game, 2 positions are often occupied by the players, at the bottom of the short and in the net. The intermediate zone, at the line level, is an area to avoid because she is vulnerable to angles and different bullet lengths. The net position is the best position to have because it allows finish the points more easily by a smash or a volley. To counter volleyball players, The lob is the best option to force them to return to the bottom of the short and to lose this advantage. After a lob, A net ride is often carried out to take the preferential position and have the ascendant on the opponent.


Rules during the game: tennis with windows!

What are the most common faults?

At Padel as in tennis, the most common faults are those in length and height. The net mistakes or balls that hit the window before the rebound are everyday faults among beginners (and some confirmed players who do not assume it). As hours of play, with the adaptation to the racket and the dimensions of the terrain, these faults are less and less present, in any case without the opponent putting you in difficulty.

Of course, 1 rebound is authorized Before taking up a bullet sent by the opponent, otherwise we say that the ball doubled and that we lost the point. Finally, specificity of the padel, it is prohibited to return a ball by typing the front grid. Only the windows are authorized to help get the ball back.

The windows, essential elements at the padel!

The windows are The particularity Padel, which makes the Padel a unique sport. It is possible to make several shots, sometimes spectacular, using the windows in order to get out of complicated points.

Indeed, in certain situations, often urgent, it is possible to bounce back the ball on the glass to send it back On the other side of the net. Whether it is the window bottom windows or the side windows (more complicated), this often produces spectacular points.

Otherwise, much more simply, the “Back window” is a blow to master as quickly as possible as it is useful. After a rebound on the glass, the ball is slowed down and can recover more easily. The difficulty with this blow is the placement and anticipation of the rebound. You have to be close enough to the window so as not to be surprised, you must also perform a gesture of rotation with the basin To return the ball to the opposing ground. This gesture requires a minimum of training and beginners are struggling to use it at first because it is not very intuitive especially for former tennis players. But by dint of rehearsals, the blow becomes more natural and Allows you to greatly facilitate certain exchanges.

Perform smashs (almost) like pros.

At higher level, of by 3 and by 4 can be made. This is Smasher Fort, so that the ball comes out of the field. By 3 means that the ball comes out on the side of the field, where the window reaches 3m. By 4 means that the ball comes out where the windows are the highest, on the bottom window. To send your best by 3 and have all the keys to make these blows, Read this article on the Smash by 3.

Two is better!

Another peculiarity of the padel is the fact of Play 2 against 2. This adds a tactical dimension but also team spirit that is not common in racket sports. Communication is therefore essential For several situations:

  • Announce how many players are or not during lobs. Your partner can then adjust (lob, amortized, passing) when he has his eyes riveted on the ball.
  • To agree on who takes the bullets in the center of the field. As the parties made with a teammate, these details will no longer be a problem.
  • To avoid accidents. A padel racket is rather hard, especially the frame that is sometimes made of carbon. A blow quickly arrived if the communication between players is not good And can cause big damage.

Positioning on the ground is also important. The famous “Right -right players” and “Left player” That we often hear in clubs are defined by their placement in the field. Left players are most often the most powerful or those with A better quality of Smash Because the lobs sent to the middle land on the forehand of the player on the left and therefore easier to accelerate. The snowshoeing of these players are often Powerful snowshoes, which allows them to be even more aggressive.

Right -wing players affect a little fewer balls and must play by taking less risks, More in lobs and discounts in power. Their diagonal is in their forehand, normally the most intuitive and easy in the padel, so it is easier for them to Check the ball. All these "game principles" are worth if the 2 players are right -handed. If one of the players is left -handed, the best is that he plays on the right in order to be on his forehand in Smash and therefore destabilize opponents who do not know how to defend. However, communication between players is primordial, which makes the padel almost a team sport.

The most important rule: fair play and conviviality

At the Padel, the most essential rules are fair play and conviviality. On the ground as outside, The good atmosphere reign between players. It is common for bars or restaurants to be linked to Padel clubs as in Spain and that players drink a blow or eat a piece together before or after the game. The main goal of the Padel and enjoy And have a good time so don't hesitate to invite your friends!

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