3 errors not to be made when you buy a padel racket
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3 mistakes not to make when buying a padel racket

3 mistakes not to make when buying a padel racket

Choose the racket With which we will play many parts is often a difficult exercise. The Padel is a new sport in full development, and many actors are present. Hundreds of brands are re assed and for each, dozens of models, which greatly complicates the choice when you want to equip yourself. This is why we are here thanks to Our blog articles In order to you Help in your choice.

Here is the list of 3 errors that are most often identified in Padel players wanting to equip himself with a new racket.


1. Take a racket too light

We often think that a Light padel racket Allows you to play better and decreases the risk of injury.


To. Do we play really better with a lighter racket?

It is important to say that a light racket grants a better handling and greater maneuverability On the majority of blows. But beware because weight is a very important element for a padel racket. Too light weight can cause a cruel lack of power. And you are going to say to me: "But we don't need power at the Padel! "And I'm going to answer you:" Excimentary! »»

But in reality, when you make a forehand, a bandja or a volley, you need the inertia of the racket to put what we call weight in the ball. This weight in the ball generates a better ball outing and a greater length of the ball.

A higher weight will also increase the stability of the racket to the impact which induces a Best tolerance of the Pala.


 b. Are we less likely to injure yourself with a light racket?

Having too light a racket can cause the effect contrary to the decrease in tendinitis, Elbow tennis, etc. pain, etc.

Eh yes ! Because with a very light racket, we tend to want to type stronger to send the ball to the same place as with a heavier racket. Tap stronger in the ball will therefore increase the efforts of the arm as well as vibrations in the racket and ultimately increase your potential arm pains ...

This is why it is important to find the right weight of your future racket. The right weight but also Materials adapted to your needs.

The average weight is between 360g and 370g. Lighter rackets can suit young players, women or beginners who are looking for better handling for rapid progression, but they will be more quickly limited by these snowshoes.


2. Buy the same racket as professionals

It is surely thanks to this type of video that you have to come and sweat on a padel field!

Professional players are very impressive and carry out extraordinary points With cutting -edge snowshoes. These snowshoes meet specific needs that these players have from year to year.

You can imagine, these needs are not the same as those of amateur players. Some snowshoes used by the biggest Padel players are comfortable and can be advised to beginner or confirmed players wanting to have fun. We can take as an example the Vertex 03 CTR by Fede Chingotto, the Alpha Motion by Ariana Sanchez and the Vertex 03 Comfort From Juan TeLlo who are 3 pleasant snowshoes, at the cutting edge of technology and very easy to take in hand. You can also consult our blog articles which compare the different racket brands like our article on Babolat vs Bullpadel Who will surely help you make your choice.

In general, the snowshoes of professional players are not suitable for beginner players because they do not offer characteristics that make it possible to obtain good sensations and pleasant feeling during the game. We can take as an example the Viper from Babolat which are intended for advanced level players. This is why the French brand has declined its racket line in different range of rackets:


Viper Babolat powerful snowshoes

Padel Veron Babolat rackets

Virtue Babolat Padel Shop

In summary, you can buy the same racket as your idol but be very careful with the model you take, ask beforehand, test it if possible, because you can be disappointed during your first match with.


3. Wanting a racket too in mind

It is true that at the Padel, one of the consecrations is to know how to take the ball out of the field in Smash "by 3 "Or" by 4 ". To do this, it will be easier to put power in the ball thanks to a racket at the head. A racket is considered at the top from a balance located 265mm. It is generally, the diamond -shaped palas that provide the most weight in mind.

Indeed, their forms is made up in such a way that there is more material at the top of the racket. As you could see the article "better understand rackets to better choose it", these palas are more powerful but more difficult to handle.

It is therefore natural that players of an offensive nature, who want to get the balls out of the field, turn to palas with a weight distributed towards the racket head. There is one thing that is rarely said to players ... if they cannot get out of bullets with a round racket or drop of water, they will not arrive with a diamond racket. It is most often a history of technique. And having a racket in mind with a very rigid foam can have the opposite effect of that of a discount if you do not have it good gesture.

This is why at the padel, especially when you start, it is better to choose a racket that goes help quickly. And this is where diamond -shaped snowshoes are not recommended for players wanting to learn quickly by putting all the odds on their side.


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