Paddle, Padel, Paddle Tennis or Padel Tennis? We will flash the situation!
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Oar, oar, oartennis or oartennis? We are clarifying the situation!

Oar, oar, oartennis or oartennis? We are clarifying the situation!

You want to send a text message to your friend and say:Padel tennisBut do you have any questions about the spelling of the word and the real name of the movement? It's normal, because Many versions of the word Move.

This may be because of its homonym.Oar, oar"What's better known than racket sport so far is that most of the confusion is caused by racket sport. Yes, when we try to talk about our sport, our interlocutors usually see that we're gone Use boards on water.

But we're here to clarify!


Paddle Blade:

The pronunciation is "pa.d ə L" or "

Standing oar writing oar

This is because the most famous name is ~propellerThis is far from the meaning of our sport, because it is just the abbreviation of water sports derived from surfing, Standing oar-Yes. "Oar" is an English translation of the word "oar".

This sport has one thing in common with our sport, which is that it is quite easy to obtain and more interesting than the sport it originated from. That's why it has been a huge success, which was confirmed in 2013, when oars were designated as the most popular outdoor sport in the United States.

Another reason for confusion is that:Paddle tennisAlso exists, but still does not represent our movement.


Paddle tennis:

Paddle tennis writing paddle

This is a racket game created on cruise ships in the 19th century, when passengers wanted to entertain themselves by playing tennis, creating a customized court, which was close to the goal in principle Tennis-Yes. At that time, it was practiced with oars, so the word "paddle tennis" would be replaced by a racket similar to our oars. Nevertheless, this seemingly crazy sport achieved great success, especially in 1922 when the first official championship was held in New York.

This sport still exists today, different from ours, it has both singles and doubles.



The pronunciation is ɛ pa.d ɛ L ɛ or

Spiritual Padre writing Padre

This is the official record of our campaign that started in Mexico in 1969. It is Don Enrique coquilla Since there is no space to build a tennis court in his garden, he has to adapt to the environment by building a smaller court and allow wall games like squash for practical reasons! What's the difference between the two sports Padel There is a net, so the opponent is not on the same piece of land.

His friends Alfonso de hohenloSpain's famous jet dispatcher fell in love with this practice at first sight. He decided to build two stadiums in his home at Le Marbella Club Hotel in Spain! As a result, Padre first developed in this country, but its growth did not stop. In fact, Spanish friends are not the only one to be conquered by the sport, because an Argentinian brought the sport back to his country after his stay in Marbella. There are about five million people in the country todayTo make it the number one practitioner in China Before Spain.

Back to writing, though he may have written ~Oar, oarAt the beginning of practicePaddle tennisIt was in Spain that his work gradually became the official work of the sport:Padel(and ~Padel? Spanish).

Even if the text ~Paddle tennisSome clubs, even the French Tennis Federation, have used ~Oar, oarIf you want to be a connoisseur of the sport, don't make a fatal mistake, just use the word.Padel».


Padel tennis

EuropePadel tennisIt is also a common term, especially in spoken language, to distinguish it from water sports. Therefore, it may help to let the interlocutors know that we will not Not on the water, but on the Padre courtBut the word has no meaning. In writing, you have to forget the word tennis and keep only "padel.".


Because it's easier to understand in the video, let's take a look at this interesting animation, which shows Padel's first level competition :

In short, to make sure you're not mistaken, write: PadelI hope we won't have to ask ourselves again in a few years Our games are developing so fast.

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