Padel Shop Esprit club offers: Padel equipment for clubs
Payment 3 times free of charge

Padel Shop Esprit club offers: Padel equipment for clubs

Padel Shop Esprit club offers: Padel equipment for clubs

Padel Shop Esprit, Padel equipment shop, has different club offers to allow structures to support them in setting up their pro-shop. Each club has its problems and our different offers allow you to meet them according to the needs of each.

Purchase offer - resale

Padel Shop Esprit can allow clubs to benefit from professional prices on many brands. The goal is to offer clubs a very wide range of products and allow them to resell them with a comfortable margin. No more interlocutors of different brands, here we will be your contact for all the brands you need. Ideal for structures wanting to offer several brands to their players while saving time by not multiplying exchanges with the different brands. This system works just as well for troubleshooting. Example: you usually sell from Bullpadel and you do not temporarily have stock on a certain model, we can send you one several rackets in order to help you out.

Deposit offer - Sale

Padel Shop Esprit also has a deposit - sale offer. The principle is simple. We offer clubs who wish to provide equipment with us for the sale of their rackets. The advantage? They are only conceded in the event of the sale of equipment which allows you to manage your cash at best. A big +that can allow the club to refocus on its core business: the rental of padel land.


If a player wishes an article that your club does not have, send it back to our site Spirit Padel Shop. Via a promo code, it will be traceable and it will receive a reduction on its purchases while the club will also receive financial compensation. A win-win action for everyone!


Padel club equipment


As a summary above by the summary sheet, these club offers have been created to promote mutual aid between clubs, develop the Padel complexes in France as much as possible and participate in the influence of sport. If you are interested or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone on or by email to

By Pierre Mercier, editor Padel Shop
Passionate about sport in particular of tennis and basketball, he fell into the padel and found a new predilection sport. He will offer you with all his expertise 2 types of articles throughout the year: the new collections offered by the biggest brands as well as articles on the Padel ecosystem in general.

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