Juan Lebron's journey: How has El Lobo become the best player in the w
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Juan Lebron's journey: How has El Lobo become the best player in the world?

Juan Lebron's journey: How has El Lobo become the best player in the world?

In the history of a sport, Some players are more striking than others And revolutionize the game, passing it from the caps. Today we are going to talk about one in particular which, for several years, push back the limits of the padel. Number 1 in undisputed world, he is today the best and reigns over his discipline. Glance at the career still far from being finished Juan LeBron.

Born to shine

January 30, 1995, in the small town of El Puerto de Santa Maria, not far from Cadiz, was born Juan LeBron Chincoa. Love at first sight with the Padel arrives from his 7 years, when he wanted to imitate his father who played with his friends. As a result, it is a love story that lasts and that he brought it to the top. From the young categories, he showed His talent in Spain By winning several major local and then national tournaments by displaying a strong character which will follow him throughout his career. It was at 17 that he had to make a difficult decision but necessary for the rest of his progression: go to Madrid To focus 100% on the padel and make it its job. He trains and launches on The professional circuit in 2014, at only 19 years old.

Professional confirmation

On the World Padel Tour circuit, Juan LeBron is progressing and wins more and more games and places in the standings. With several successive teammates such as Gabi Reca or Marcello Jardim, he reached theA 19th place in the WPT ranking at the end of 2017. In 2018, with his new teammate Juan Cruz, he formed a very solid pair that will take them to the final By beating the world's number 1 pair At the time: Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima. It is to this day that Juan LeBron turns out to be in the eyes of the world and reaches the high sphere of the international padel.

At the beginning of 2019, he announced his association which promises to be explosive with Navarro paquito, one of the most popular players of the moment. After a colorful season and twists and turns, where you will see Juan LeBron win his first tournaments on the circuit, The pair will end the world number 1 in the world. An express ascent for the native of Cadiz who then becomes with his teammate thehe first player born in Spain at the top of the world padel, a feat reserved until then for Argentines.

Despite this accomplishment, the 2 players separate and LeBron joins Alejandro Galan To confirm his domination. Result, 3 years of sunder and a place of world number 1 guarded since November 2019. This status, Juan LeBron assumes it 100% and always wants to do better by working harder and harder on his game. The nickname "El Lobo" (The wolf in Spanish) was also given to characterize this combative side. But for him, the secret of his success is not due to luck but only at work and humility : "The most important thing is to work with humility what you have to improve and leave your ego out of the track."

Here, some monstrous points of Spanish, among so many others:

Juan LeBron's records

Since his first tournament won with Paquito Navarro, Juan Lebron has chained tournaments won with brio. The first in Alicante in 2019 and the latest, the final master of Barcelona in 2022 with Galan. In total it is 19 "open" tournaments won (around 20 tournaments per year disputed), 7 Masters tournaments (5 to 6 per year disputed) and 2 "Master Final" (1 tournament per year that brings together the best players of the season, the most difficult tournament to win). An impressive track record that has not finished growing as the duo's performance does not decrease.

Always alongside Babolat

TOut Grand Champion is accompanied by a large equipment supplier And Juan Lebron is no exception to this rule. Spanish and the French brand work together Since 2016 In one of the most fruitful partnerships in the history of the Padel. And with all these years of collaboration, Babolat was able to provide us Quality products whose design was carried out with LeBron. This is the case of the premura jet, one of, if not there, Best pair of shoes of Padel on the market. Light, but also solid, it is reinforced in strategic places of the Padel and a stormy sole, manufactured by the famous Michelin brand. Approved and used by Juan LeBron on the professional circuit.

But the flagship product of this collaboration is the now famous Technical Viper Juan Lebron Edition Released in November 2022. This is a limited edition of the player's racket, the Technical Viper. With Wolf's head, Symbol of LeBron thanks to its nickname, it offers a magnificent and 100% unique design, in shades of blue, red and black. Delivered with a collector's box Including the racket and 2 in addition to be replaced, this racket is undoubtedly themore powerful on the market And will help you make all your by 3. Its 12k carbon and its diamond shape can make you ultra dominant with all the balls above your head.

And now, the rest?

With this uninvaded domination for 4 years, what could still stimulate the Spanish champion? It's very simple, Stay at the top for as much time as possible And touch the finger at the record of Fernando Belasteguin remained number 1 for 14 consecutive seasons. And it is not the criticisms of the public towards this lack of novelty that will make him change my mind: "I understand people who want more diversity but I will not do it on purpose. Their complaints leave me quite indifferent "Press El Lobo, sure of himself.

Especially since 28 years old, LeBron still has many years ahead of him And his association with Ale Galan (26 years old), although sometimes tumultuous is ultra effective and scares all the biggest pairs of the world Padel. In addition, his Partnership with Babolat always runs and has many surprises in store for us with dSpecial editions Even more collector. You have not finished hearing about Juan LeBron.

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