Fernando Belasteguin: How did he become the Goat of the World Padel?
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Fernando Belasteguin: How did he become the Goat of the World Padel?

Fernando Belasteguin: How did he become the Goat of the World Padel?

In the history of sport, each discipline has a master, a genius above others who embodies sport internationally. Sometimes difficult to identify as the competition is strong, it is not for the padel as the player we are going to talk about today Fluilded by his discipline in its entirety. Precursor, unbeatable and now trainer, here is the story of the Goat (Greatest of All Time) of the Padel, the Argentinian Fernando Belasteguin.

Start start

Born in the small town of Pehuajo on May 19, 1979, in the province of Buenos Aires, Fernando Belasteguin puts himself Quite quickly at Padel Thanks to the construction of Padel tracks in his football club. Little by little, he abandons the green ground for the little yellow ball and becomes one of the young players The most promising in the region. Discovered at his 13th birthday by the father of Mati Diaz, another professional player of Padel, he becomes Pro player at the age of 15. Five years later and with many victories in his pocket, he is proclaimed at only 20 years old best player in Argentina.

Confirmation at the highest level

In 2002, he began his collaboration with Juan Martin Diaz And then forms the pair of players most destructive of all time. The pair becomes world number 1 this year and will not let go of the throne during 13 consecutive years. Chaining the victories, they even stayed undefeated for 1 year and 9 consecutive months. Between September 2005 and June 2007, the pair did not lose a match and won 22 tournaments in a row. Unprecedented performance and never reproduced until then. With its Hispano-Argentinian friend, Bela won 115 tournaments, Which is obviously a record.

Fernando Belasteguin and his teammate Juan Martin Diaz

In 2015 and after 13 years of a perfect union, "Bela" changed partner and binds with the Brazilian Pablo Lima, One of its many competitors for first place. With him, and despite his advanced age, he managed to Keep your world's number 1 place For 3 more years, until 2018 when, especially because of an injury, the Argentinian champion leaves his place of world number 1, at 39 years old.

Torch passage for Bela

From this date and for the 2019 season, Bela changes her sports policy and wants Transmit your immense knowledge On the game to young players who will represent the world padel in the years to come. A flag passage in short. This is why he takes under his wing the young Argentinian Agustin Tapia, 20 years. With him his results will still be quite good with 3 tournaments won. But the objective is reached, Tapia progresses well and flies away on its own feet in 2021 and very quickly became one of the headliners of the professional circuit. Then it's the turn of Sanyo GUITERREZ, still an Argentinian, to move alongside Bela to perfect his game. Despite his advanced age, Sanyo also progresses and allows Fernando to add 3 more tournaments to his record.

In 2022, the Spanish world, Arturo Coello, 19 years that Bela chose as pair. With 23 years of age difference, this atypical pair wins 3 tournaments over the year and especially the hearts of fans. Back with Sanyo this year, Bela is playing her 28th professional season And always offers a solid padel that keeps it in the top 10 each year.

An actor in the evolution of the world padel

As mentioned above, Bela begins her 28th Professional Padel season. During all his years, he was able to see and act to The evolution of the circuit. In his early days, it was impossible to live from the padel: no sponsor, very low cash ... The passion for the discipline predominated. Then little by little, seeing the evolution of the circuit and the growing popularity of sport, The circuit has professionalized And the brands began to take an interest in the phenomenon. In 2005, the Pro Padel Tour is created and marks the beginning of a more structured organization. With points, a more substantial classification and cash, the Padel takes example on tennis. In 2011, one of the largest accomplishments of the circuit at that time was Sponsorization by the BWIN sports betting company which allows you to generate much more income, especially for tournament winners.

In 2013, the circuit evolves and gave way to World Padel Tour (WPT) that we know today. Very comparable to ATP, tennis circuit, it is however not alone unlike his big brother. Other associations have emerged like the APT Tour that has become the A1 PADEL or more recently the First padel, a circuit organized by Qatar and Nasser al-Khelaïfi. This competition is beneficial for players who can now benefit from much more interesting cash Prizes. For more information, see our Article on the World Padel Tour.

Fernando Belasteguin therefore witnessed this evolution. Whether in terms of structure and even equipment, between 1995 and 2023 everything changed. "The padel has changed in 15, 20 years. He continues to grow: LEs balls, land, snowshoes. The equipment has evolved while I started with wooden snowshoes. Padel is also professionalized, money is more and more present. "He explains.

Fernando Belasteguin's winners

With as many years to his credit and as much success, he is obviously the record holder of tournaments won with no less than 163 finals won on the official circuit (since 2005) and 228 in all! With its 6 world champion titles With Argentina, he is simply one of the most titled athletes of all time.

Some magnificent points of the goat, which we never get tired of:

Wilson at the heart of success

Champions snowshoe!

 In recent years, Wilson is Bela's main partner, Whether in terms of snowshoes that in terms of clothing, shoes and accessories. With Roger Federer and Serena Williams, the American brand surrounds the best and does not miss her blow with Bela. Even better, A special range was created in collaboration with the Argentinian champion. This year, 3 snowshoes came out with the Bela Team, the Bela Elite and especially the Bela Pro, Raquette used by the player in official matches. With its united red design, Wilson stands out and offers a unique racket that will make your opponents jealous.

Diamond in shape, the racket is intended powerful With a balance placed at the top of the sieve. The frame is made of primero carbon, which increases the rigidity of the Pala. However, its low density (3K) still allows to keep control in the balls. The foam used is a hard eva, a foam rather rigid which increases the feeling of power. In the end, Bela Pro is a Pala focused on power But who does not forget to add a little control to make the racket very pleasant to play.

Play bela to the toes!

Another innovation, Wilson also does in the shoe. All new, the Bela Pro 2023 pair is already one of the essential on the market. Reinforced in the strategic places of the padel, it is solid and will last you over time. At the insole level, the ortholite foam is used in order to to add impact maintenance and absorption. Finally, the outsole is made so as to adapt to All surfaces, whether indoor or outdoor. It's the pair you need to take a course!

Best Padelero in history, Fernando Belasteguin has crossed the eras and still continues, at 43 years old to amaze young and old on the track. He will have left a Very important imprint in the history of the Padel And is one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of this sport. His motto is like his career: "A Belastuin never abandons!".

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