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Covid-19: unnecessary padle exercises??

Covid-19: unnecessary padle exercises??

In the face of this epidemic, which has taken our lives for more than a year, but most importantly, we must not forget that it has taken the lives of the weakest of us, and our sports activities in indoor clubs and other cultural and festival activities have been declared ~Unnecessary"Yes." That wording was too negative in 2020, and now it has to be in the past.


By 2021, it's time to focus on the present and the future Basic Requirements !


Padel ClubOf course, all the conditions for a safe recovery must be met as soon as possible. With the reopening date (or expected date) on January 20 approaching, club managers are crossing their fingers to publish useful advertisements. Without revenue, they are also shrinking in the face of accumulated pressure and burden Especially when they meet bankers or landlords, their muscles are a little lower anatomically.

Isn't padel essential to the club? While it is not possible to discuss the obvious utility of measures to reduce loss of life, there are also concerns about economic losses. In this stage of operation, almost all clubs have been in operation for three to five years, and the investment is far from amortization. How many clubs can't recover from this forced idle state with state assistance?

The values of solidarity and mutual support are already very common and will now be crucial. Of course, in this sense, A membership system has been established to allow your member club to recover part of the purchase amount from Esprit padel store.


The future president to be elected next month has to take it into account Padel As a sport High development potential It's not just a new license and entertainment carrier for those tennis players who don't reach the highest level at best. If Mr. Judy CHELLI trotted in this direction in his last term, it is clear that Mr. Moreton is closer to moonwalk in his league... Padmagazine Their recent campaign.

 Guidicelli moretton FFT

Equally important, the new management should not shy away from debating the status and representativeness of Padre's private club. When necessary, this crisis highlights the inequality of treatment and competition. In fact, in addition to the subsidies provided by federal and local governments at the start of the project, so-called "municipal" outdoor clubs can continue to receive and retain players when private indoor clubs try to survive without customers and suffer for some people. The risk / investment / return ratio must be better balanced.


Then, on the player side, if Presence and your good mood Of course, in our daily life, we miss some things that we don't think we will regret Zero evil Internal;)


For example, we must be able to congratulateGeoffrey G-Yes. For its dozensParagraph 3A glass of beer and tea Benjamin M. Instead, it has to be conquered by leg games againHugo B.

Hugo Bogosian padel leg game


It's important to pay attention to the knee's resilience Pierre G-Yes. Only spiritual equality Thibault p-Yes. He broke his padel racket after an unacceptable warm-up and an unfair loss by the first server,

Gardras Peren padel


No more confusion.Empty padel? and by Jerome B-Yes. No one is better at the game than a referee: Padel is emptyIt needs to be further utilized Mauritius o-Yes. Before his ehpad could not be discharged due to lack of vaccine,

 Maurice obitz padel


It's important to see John B-Yes. Successfully instill travel skills into Anthony L-Yes. And the touch of the ball Joe Wilfred t.,

John boglan and Anthony Lopez are playing padleZonggapadle


Critical for sprites to recover 0 and 1 Francois a-Yes. Put your left hand between two mouthfuls of new Delaware,

Waffle, French writerEsprit padel, French writer

It's important to see Charles A. Confirm his progress and victory in the final round of P2 Michelin and Gertrude However, in 1954 and 1955, he won the championship of Lyon silk embroidery for two consecutive years and had to enjoy it again Jose Lala-Yes. In the friendship between the two cigarettes, it is important to make a high assumption about the occupation of the opponent's mother JTP company-Yes. When you go to the opera, you have to rediscover the subtle tactics of the so-called "double dexterous Masons."Anas R-Yes. (left parpaing, right parpaing),

Anas River Spirit Padre

Review points Fabian V-Yes. In padel's land, before his osteoarthritis or cirrhosis finally took us,

Fabian Weber padel

It's important to read Justin L. applying for France's trials again with tact, restraint and prudence, because he appreciates it Frank B-Yes. Before her son takes it from her, it's important to see Sebastian R-Yes. As a spokesman for all overweight but competitive players,

Sebastian Ruiz interviews Padre magazine

It's important to enjoy brotherly encouragement again David M-Yes. To his forever companion Jean Yves L-Yes. Depending on who you're talking to, it's important to pay attention to the terminology that might send you to jailAlex C-Yes. Once again know how to use Spain's mountainous terrain, cycling back to Padre world tour; see again Michael K-Yes. from Trade wind C-Yes. Everyone rots,

Aliser Cornett and Michael kuzaji

In the end, we can have a good time together soon, and then start the world again, and then have a good time in the club


In the end, he will Basic Requirements When updating the hardware, select the correct option: At Esprit padel, these are the best products, the best brands, the best prices!




Jerome becasset Esprit padel store     Jerome B:In theory, enlightened amateurs...

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