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Remembering having said those same two words just over a year ago, there is bound to be a little reluctance and restraint to carry on this tradition today ...

One would almost be tempted, as a precaution, to wait a few weeks before risking it again.

Yet these moments of brotherhood, of hope but also of promises rather than untenable resolutions have perhaps never been so timely. Indispensable even.

These Happy New Year wishes that I send to you today, and through me all the teams ofPadel spirit and Spirit Padel Shop, are therefore multiple but above all sincere, full of meaning and faithful to the values ​​that have been ours for 3 years now.


Happy New Year to Padel clubs!

Indoor sport and bar / catering; in 2020, it is hardly the nightclubs to have suffered harder than you, Padel clubs, the consequences of this crisis.

So, of course, we think of you first. You are the ones who allow us to practice our passion for this racquet sport and share it with as many people as possible. It is urgent and essential, yes I repeat it voluntarily, E S S E N T I E L, that you be able to resume your activity as soon as possible.

We wish you (and a little to us too) to live a year 2021 full of solicitation and successes, a grueling new year, devouring time and energy, but ultimately rewarding. In short, a typical year for any passionate and exciting entrepreneur that you necessarily are for having made the choice to engage in thePadel adventure.

The values ​​of environmental preservation and solidarity being written into the genes of the Padel Spirit, it is therefore quite natural that they are also founders of our padel store concept: Spirit Padel Shop.

In this dark period when the clubs without which our sport would not experience the exponential development that is its own, are struggling to survive, it seemed essential to us to involve them in our approach.

Indeed, for each item you order from our store, part of the fruit of your padel shopping will be donated to your club if it is a partner with Esprit Padel Shop (more information on 06 45 29 35 24).


Happy New Year to our partner brands!

Who says padel store, necessarily says partner brands of Padel!

Our past 3 years of expertise have made it possible today to offer you the best on the market at the fairest price.

From the general practitioner Babolat to the specialist Siux, Passing by Bullpadel, Dunlop, Head, Technifibre or Wilson, all the most major brands for Padel are present on our site and allow us to offer you their latest collections.

Your success will also be ours so "Happy New Year" to all those representing these brands and present daily by our side.


Happy New Year to you, Padel players!

Whether you are completely addicted, occasional practitioner, beginner persuaded to be the revelation of World Padel Tour soon or member of Top 10 French and Nutella waffle fan (And vice versa…), providing you with an ever more complete and relevant service is our motivation. Your passion expressed in return and your pleasure in using our articles will be our reward.

Without you, passionate about this sport, nothing would be possible. So it is with and for you that our shop was born and will develop. Each of your ideas, remarks or participation will be welcome. Online or face to face, never hesitate to seek advice, clarification or after-sales service from our teams. Each of its members will put at your service all the expertise gleaned during these Last 3 years spent by your side to provide you with an answer.


Happy New Year to the youngest graduate in the world: Terence Binisti!

His mum and dad, pioneers and great servants of our favorite racquet sport, respected the first confinement to the letter, from day one. Small effect, big consequence: 9 months later here they are three in the family team with the key a Guinness Book record as the youngest graduate of Tennis / Padel in the world!

Welcome Terence and Happy New Year to her parents and Padelmagazine !



Happy new year Padel to all!

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