Three key points to having a beautiful Padre Stadium
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Three points to having a beautiful paddell Stadium

Three points to having a beautiful paddell Stadium

For any Padel lover, Padel's "track" has something magical, the transparency of the windows, the very lively light which highlights the color of the carpet, all the ingredients are united to enhance the protagonists of a part.

World Padel Tour padel field

It is not for nothing that we all dwell on looking at games, whatever their level.

The play is beautiful because the scene is magnificent.

In this article, I will describe the differences that are found on existing structures, advantages, and disadvantages. Everything to have beautiful land ...

Synthetic lawn (and not carpet ...)

There is a lot to say about synthetic lawns, and this is normal because they largely influence the game. I am of course not talking to you about color, everyone has the right to have their opinion on the question (even If everyone of good taste prefer blue terrains ...).

At a time not so distant, the question to ask for your lawn was to choose between Poly/Mono-Filament. But with the appearance of "without sand" carpets, this separation was questioned to focus on the lawns with or without sand.

We're going to put things to the point quickly, not these carpets (such as the SUPERCOURT XN of Mondo) are not "without sand". This new "curly" fiber technology makes it possible to significantly reduce the amount of sand necessary to "protect" and stabilize the fibers of the carpet.

Padel World Padel Tour Wpt carpet

The consequences of this decrease in quantity of sand on the change lawn are numerous.
You will think that I do a fixette, but the first is visual, the color of the tracks is more intense, more colorful, and therefore more pleasant in play.
The second rather concerns centers managers. Less sand means less sand in players' socks, and therefore less sand in showers, and so? And much less clogged pipes.
Another pleasant thing for managers, less maintenance for land (beware I have not said more maintenance!), Even if it is necessary to regularly bring sand. Without this addition of sand, the land could over time "ring hollow".

Last consequence, and not the least, the game is slower on the "Sandless" lawns, and the slides are no longer possible. Suddenly, the manufacturers of bullets had to imagine more lively bullets, such as Head Pro S, THE Babolat Tour where the Bullpadel Master, in order to satisfy lovers by 4 and others by 3... The end of the slides caused another material evolution, the "clay" shoe soles have given way to mixed crampons + chevron soles as for Prolonged at Babolat or the Hack Hybrid Fly.

Padel shoe sole


The structure of the land: panoramic or classic

It is the setting of our parts, the structure of the terrain itself. There are two main categories of structures.
The so -called "classic" terrains are the most numerous terrains, it is clearly the basic field. For what? It is the cheapest terrain, and it is a great reason. But above all it is perceived as of less good quality because visibility from the outside is hampered by the vertical steel amounts.
The panoramic terrains are more prestigious, visibility is better because the whole of the rear is only an uninterrupted window. The photo presented in the article is even that of a "Full-Panoramic". What is the difference? The absence of steel amount even in the corners of the field further increasing the visibility of the game. These land are in most clubs the window, the central land, on which the most certain players of their talent like to play.
Panoramic padel fieldClassic padel field
Is there a difference for players? Absolutely none.
On the other hand, a new version of the terrains appeared recently, first on the World Padel Tour, then little by little on the new fields, as with the friends of Padel Horizon. What is this difference? The 2nd window in return from the bottom of the terrain is also 3m height (instead of a window of 2m and 1m of mesh) ...
Padel Horizon Padel Club Parisian region
The change may seem minor, but the reckless smasheurs will no longer have the possibility of counting on the unpredictable rebound of the grid in case of by 3 missed ...

Lighting: LED / halogen

The final key is highlighting the whole.
Let us dwell a minute on the different pole forms bearing the lights. The different possibilities, rights, curved, in V each give a particular hidden to the field. It can be noted that more and more clubs - Indoor - choose to light the land directly from the ceiling.

In reality the question between LED and halogen almost no longer arises.
Halogen lighting is of poor quality, yellowish in color, long to heat, and very energy delicious.
In contrast, LED lighting is very white without being dazzling, instantly at maximum power, and much less greedy than halogen.

The amount of light at each place on the ground is perfectly framed by the FFT and must reach 300 lux without too much variation between different points.
Currently, the best solution to achieve this result is to install 8 spots of 200W per field

Investigation supplements

My goal was not to make a buying guide but rather to describe the different elements allowing to obtain a "beautiful" padel field.
I would still like to mention a few points on which it is necessary to be careful. I advise you to pay attention to the quality of the screed under the lawn, because it can be the source of many complications.
The quality of steel, especially if the terrain is outside and therefore subject to bad weather, is also an essential aspect.
If you ask yourself other questions, you probably know how to contact me ...


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Sébastien Cornet, Padel founder

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