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Three points to having a beautiful paddell Stadium

Three points to having a beautiful paddell Stadium

For any padel enthusiast, padel's "track" has some magical things, glass transparency, very bright light, highlights the color of the carpet, all the ingredients are concentrated together, highlighting a part of the protagonist.

World padel tour padel Stadium

In fact, we're all watching the game, no matter what their level.

The play is beautiful because the scenery is beautiful.

I will use this article to describe the differences, strengths and weaknesses that can be found in different types of structures.

Artificial lawn (not carpet...)

There's a lot to say about artificial turf, it's normal because they have a big impact on the game. Of course, I'm not talking about color, and everyone has the right to have their own view of the problem (even if all good taste people like blue floors...).

At a short time, the problem with lawn selection is multifibria / monofilament. But with the appearance of "sand free" carpet, this separation is questioned, and it is concentrated on the turf with sand or sand free.

We'll get things right soon, not the carpets Ultra short xn The new "curl" fiber technology greatly reduces the amount of sand needed to protect carpet fibers.

Padel world padel tour WPT carpet

The effect of sand reduction on lawn change is multifaceted.
You'll think I'm making a fixture, but the first is visual, the track is more colorful and richer, so it's more enjoyable in the game.
The second issue concerns the center manager. The less sand, the less sand in the players' socks, and the less sand in the shower. Fewer blocked pipes.
Another good thing for managers is to reduce maintenance of the site (note, I didn't say more maintenance!) Even if sand is still required to be carried out regularly. Without these extra sand, the land may "hollow" over time.

Last but not least, on grass without sand, the race is slow and it's no longer possible to slide. So bullet manufacturers have to come up with brighter bullets, such as Head specialty s, and Babola trip perhaps Master bourpadel, to meet fans such as par 4, etc Paragraph 3I... The end of sliding leads to the development of another material, where the "Earth" sole of the shoe is replaced by a splint +v-shaped hybrid sole, like Praemora In babola or Huck hybrid flight.

Padel sole


Topographical structure: panoramic or classic

This is the shell of our parts, the structure of the site itself. There are two types of structure.
The so-called "classic" land is the most numerous land, which is obviously the basic land. Why are you doing this? This is the cheapest land, and that's a good reason. But most importantly, it is considered to be of poor quality because visibility outside is hindered by vertical steel columns.
The panoramic fields are more prestigious, the visibility is better because the whole of the back of the field is only an uninterrupted glass. The photo presented in the article is even that of a "full-panoramic". What's the difference? The absence of a steel stud even in the corners of the pitch further increasing the visibility of the game. These pitches are in most clubs the showcase, the central field, on which the most certain players of their talent like to play.
Panoramic padel terrainClassic paddell Stadium
Is there a difference for the players? Absolutely none.
On the other hand, a new version of the terrain appeared recently, first on the World Padel Tour, then little by little on the new terrain, as with the friends of Padel Horizon. What is the difference? the 2nd glass in return from the bottom of the field is also a height of 3m (instead of a glass of 2m and 1m of mesh)...
Padel Horizon Club, padel, Paris
The change may seem minor, but reckless smashers will no longer have the opportunity to rely on the unpredictable bounce of the grid in case of Par 3 missed...

Lighting: LED / Halogen

The final touch is the highlighting of the whole.
Let's spend a minute on the different post shapes carrying the lights. The different possibilities, straight, curved, in V each give a particular hidden to the ground. It can be noted that more and more indoor clubs are choosing to illuminate the grounds directly from the ceiling.

In reality, the question between LEDs and halogens is almost no longer an issue.
Halogen lighting is of poor quality, yellowish in color, long to be efficient, and very energy-intensive.
In contrast, the LED lighting is very white without being dazzling, instantly at maximum power, and much less greedy than halogen.

The amount of light at each point of the field is perfectly framed by the FFT and must reach 300 lux without too much variation between different points.
Currently, the best solution to achieve this result is to install 8 200W spots per terrain

Survey supplements

My goal was not to make a buying guide but rather to describe the different elements to obtain a "beautiful" padel field.
I would still like to mention a few points on which we should be careful. I advise you to pay attention to the quality of the cap under the turf, as it can be the source of many complications.
The quality of the steel, especially if the terrain is outdoors and therefore subject to bad weather, is also an essential aspect.


Sebastian cornit Esprit padel storeSebastien CORNET, Founder of Esprit Padel

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