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Powerful padel racket: rigid or soft foam?

Posted by Joffrey Gilant on

Powerful padel racket: rigid or soft foam?

When we choose a padel racket, it has different elements to take into account. These main elements are the racket weight, shape and composition.

decomposed padel racket

Today we will see in detail the composition of the racket and more particularly the different types of foams that we can find on padel rackets.

There are 2 types of foam mainly used in the composition of a padel racket: foam EVA and the moss FOAM.

 foam foam and eva padel racket

Racket made of FOAM foam

You should know that FOAM foam is a soft eraser. It will allow the racket to have more sensations, more than playing comfort and over power during the majority of strokes. On the other hand, with this foam, the padel racket has less control than with an EVA foam.

This type of foam is recommended for people with tendonitis problems. Indeed, one of the big advantages of this foam is that it has a much greater shock and vibration absorption capacity than its neighbor EVA. Here are a few examples of fun and easy-to-play FOAM racquets that you can easily adopt: Head Evo SanyoBabolat Reflex, Wilson balde eliteand the Head Alpha Elite.

padel ball impact on a paddle tennis racket

As with the stringing of a tennis racket, the softer the foam, the more elastic the racket will benefit from to bring out the ball faster than it hit the racket. This is why FOAM foams have characteristics that give the padel racket better ball output and therefore greater power.


Racket made of EVA foam

EVA foams are more rigid foams than FOAM foams. They provide more control when hitting the ball but less feeling and playing comfort. These padel rackets are "harder" at impact, and the more rigid the EVA rubber, the more you have the feeling of playing with a wooden board. These EVA foam racquets are less powerful than their FOAM neighbors. In fact, during a normal ball strike, the racquet will not have this trampoline effect which allows it to give speed in the ball.

Some padel rackets are made of several EVA layers to reduce the stiffness of the racket:

  • The inner layer of the core: in general rather flexible and of low density, it can be used mainly during low power hitting the ball. It therefore aims to make the racket pleasant to play on these low intensity shots by giving it more touch and more playing comfort.
  • The outer layer of the core: generally more compact and stiff, is used during hitting more intense balls and allows for better ball output. It is this layer that is very useful when hitting hard flat.

This is particularly the case with high-end rackets such as the Bullpadel vertex 03, the Wilson bela pro, the Babolat Air Viper or even the Technifibre Wall Master 375


Which mousse is the most powerful with?

Having read this article, you will naturally tell me that you need a racket with FOAM foam to gain power. But it's a little more complex than that ...

Because be careful! The elasticity that allows FOAM to be powerful to its limits.

Indeed, you wonder why it is more difficult to get the ball out of the field with a soft racquet than with a rigid racquet?

It is usually improper use of the FOAM foam racquet that is linked to this feeling.

Eh yes ! With a FOAM foam, it is counterproductive to hit the ball with all your might in a smash. By doing this you are going to "break" the elasticity of the FOAM and get the ball out much slower than expected. Romain from Padelonomics explains it very well in video.

With this type of racket, it is advisable to have a better movement that will put more spin than power in the ball in order to achieve this famous "smash by 3"



In conclusion, if you are looking for power in all your shots but smashes are not your priority, we advise you to go on a racquet equipped with FOAM foam.

On the other hand, if you are a big “smasher” and you need to hit the ball very hard in order to get it out of the field or to bring it back to your camp, we advise you to start on an EVA / MULTIEVA foam.



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