Find out our 2021 collection of Bullpadel rackets

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Find out our 2021 collection of Bullpadel rackets

As the weather resurfaces gradually you will begin to be able to resume the padel practice outdoors with acceptable playing conditions. For some this must be a while since you have not attended the grounds of padel So you may not have followed the latest news, particularly with regard to the rackets ?

That’s why the team ofEsprit Padel Shop wanted to introduce you the brand new 2021 collection of rackets proposed by Bullpadel, one of the reference marks in the material ofpadel.

For those who don't know this well spanish brand, a catch-up course is needed. For others, you can go directly to the next paragraph. Bullpadel is a 100% padel brand created in 2005 when this sport began to gain prominence in Spain. This brand offers rackets for any type of player However, they are more specialized in the field of top-of-the-line. This is characterised in particular by their 5 aerials world-renowned asAlejandra Salazar, current world number 1, Paquito Navarro world number 3 (number 1 a few months ago) or Maximiliano Sanchez, world number 8. It is rare for a brand to have so many great players and players in its ranks but we are not going to complain about it. Indeed, that allows us, we padel player, to have a greater number of proposals in terms of bullpade racketsl. Each brand celebrity has its own racket, depending on its style of play and cravings, all as well innovative that performers

We'll see three racket ranges which propose BullpadelThe first is the performance range who are aimed at players of an intermediate level who wish to make padel a regular practice. The second range of racket we have in our catalogue is the Avantline range that brings together high-performance rackets at reasonable prices. Finally, we will discover the top-of-the-line bullpadel which is composed of the rackets of the 5 professional padel players who trust the Spanish brand.


BULLPADEL’s performance range 

  • Bullpadel BP10 EVO 

 handy and pleasant padel racket for bullpadel beginner

This performance range is intended to meet the needs of beginners/intermediaries and regular players, who wish to acquire a high-performance racket at very good price.

The BP10 Evo is a highly versatile racket which guarantees you comfort and flexibility. Sa water drop shape well characterizes between two power and control. It is ideal for players who want to get a good regularity while accelerating the game when it takes.

Sound weight, which varies between 360 and 370 grams, returns it both maniable and powerful.

The foam integrated with this racket is the Eva douce which ensures a large stability and therefore more than comfortIt is not the only technology that is designed to make you comfortable with your racket. Indeed, Bullpadel opted for a double bridge between the handle and the racket heart to have a better stability and therefore a better handling.

This racket is therefore very maneuverable, comfortable and not impotently. If we had discovered this racket without seeing its price, we would never have thought it would cost less than 100€, and yet that is what you are offered on Esprit Padel Shop.


The Avantline range of BULLPADEL

This range is aimed at regular and/or confirmed padel players who wish to acquire a performing racket without spending their entire budget on it. The rackets prices of this range are around €150. These are the rackets that are just below the bullpadel's ultimate rangeWe will introduce you to the two rackets of this Avantline range which are in our magasin.


  • Bullpadel Wing Avantline

padel racket for intermediate player Bullpadel

This racket is perfectly characterised by the Avantline range. Indeed, it is not the most powerful racket in the market but it is very versatile. This racket was clearly designed for players who want to be regular but who like to get out of the shadows with an exceptional blow.

On one side sa handling and sound comfort is guaranteed by his round shape who will make you lose a little bit in power but that guarantee you a greater tache douce and one impressive regularity. Siliflex technology has been integrated into this racket in order to minimize vibrations of the latter to ensure your comfort since the more comfortable you will feel with this racket the more you will be performant. One of the materials that composes it is the glass fiber which makes this racket more soft so more tolerant and with a great control.

But that’s not all, it’s also composed of carbon that allows the best players of you to reach a maximum power. The fiberglass will allow a easy power while the carbon will allow players taking more risks to be able to send strikes heavy enough to make them irreproachable to your opponents. The Avantline d'aile weighs 370 grams that makes her a fairly heavy racket but without real loss of control.

Finally, Bullpadel has opted for two other technologies that guarantee both power and control. The first of the two is Aile which allows the racket to be balanced, in terms of its weight, from the racket head to the handle. The second is a carbon hollow tube that will surround the racket frame so that it is the most versatile possible.


  • Bullpadel Vertex 02 Avantlinepowerful padel racket for intermediate player

Unlike the previous racket, the Vertex 02 Avantline addresses offensive players searching for a powerful racketWith his diamond shape, balance is made towards the racket head that is, when you make a smash your racket will go faster downwards thus training a quick hit and hard to catch up for your opponents. However, these blows are therefore more risky, so it is necessary to be technically comfortable in order to succeed in being regular with a racket of this guy.

In addition to his power, sa surface is rough in star shape which gives a important effectto the ball as soon as it impacts with your racket. So it can be very interesting to work your opponent before sending him to the ground with a superpowering smash.

The technologies it integrates allow you to feel comfortable playing with it. For example, the nerve technology consists of the integration of channels on the side of your racket in order toincrease one's stiffness and his stability for a maximum of control when you realize a fly or smash. The vertex technology has for the purpose of minimize all vibrations that you can feel when you type in the ball which will allow you to gain in regularity.


The Pro range of BULLPADEL

They have a common point, which is not the least, that concerns foam. Indeed, all these rackets incorporate foam MultiEva who is very appreciated thanks to the power that it brings in attack and control of the game on slower balls.


  • Femme de flux Bullpadel

 high-end Bullpadel flow padel racket for women

Here is one of the best rackets for women present on the market. His great asset is his polyvalence for despite his lightweight she's clearing a power very interesting. This racket is therefore for players of a very good level looking for in the first place handling and comfort. You like to have the upper hand on your racket and power control If the answer is positive, the racket Flow Woman 2021You'll necessarily like it.

This padel racket is approved and used by world number 1 currently Alejandra Salazar, not bad, right?

You will have to appreciate the tolerance and the pep’s that this racket offers.

It incorporates many technologies such as a new innovation on behalf of “Flux"which is to strengthen the racket core to balance the frame. surdimensionnement du format that this technology allows this padel racket to be more reactive and powerful. All technologies integrated with this racket are designed to make this very nice racket to play et c’est une réussite.



  • Bullpadel Vertex 03 Femme

powerful racket for woman Vertex woman  

The Vertex 03 Femmeis the "girly" racket by excellence! The first thing that is striking to the naked eye is obviously its conception both flashy and purple that likes a lot. What we cannot see at first glance but which is its primary feature is that it is clearing lots of power.

This racket designed forpadel playerswho like to take things into their own hands with stolens and smashes as powerful as possible. Its balance is on the racket head thanks to itsdiamond shapewhich will allow speed of your ball to be accelerated as soon as it impacts. You must have a very strong technical basis to succeed in beingregularwhile taking maximum risk in your strikes.

This racket will allow you tooptimize your powerand so yours performances on the trail!

This racket has everything to please the offensive players with the same technologies as the Vertex 03 Comfort but in lighter to have a maximum of handling despite the power it exudes.

This racket was developed for the very young player (21) and currently 14th world,Delfina Brea Senesi, which is known to be net sharpener with superpowering flights.Sofia Aurojo, 17eme World, also plays with the Vertex 03 Femme.


  • Bullpadel Vertex 03

 high-end 03 bullpadel vertex racket

Bullpadel proposes you a multipurpose racketallowing you to generate aimpressive power without losing control.

Thanks to hisdiamond shape, thisbullpadel racketranks among themarket's most valued rackets. It provides very high performance and a better effect take without loss of control through its rough surface, and its various onboard technologies.

If you are hesitant to choose this racket, tell yourself that it is used by a reference of the world padel that isMaxi Sánchez, current world number 8.

Like manyhigh-end racket, laBullpadel Vertex 03has a 12K Carbone technology. But unlike other rackets incarbon, thispalakeep one comfort and one game flexibility without equal. Indeed, the problem of many carbon rackets is in their rigidity at the impact of the ball. This comfort of play, offered by this racket, is due in particular to a very technical superposition of different layers of foam within the racket.

If you love to make smash by 3 this racket will not make life easier for you.


  • Bullpadel Vertex Comfort

padel racket very comfortable vertex 03 comfort 

Here's the young man's racket Juan Tello, 10th Padel World Player, in attractive designShe owes her optimal power in particular todiamond shapeand by onefairly high weight(365-380 grams) that will prevent your opponents from easily sending back your smashes. The power of your strike will be very high but while ensuring a certain control and comfort. Indeed, thispadel racketdifferentiates itself from the flagship model of the range that is theBullpadel Vertex 03by being more tolerant and more comfortable, and so a little less nervous.Padel players with a full style of play will find themselves there perfectly with this racket.

It is differentiated from the old version, especially by the use of Fibrix technology. The aim of the latter is to make the more reactive racket with a fiber composed by X-Glass and carbon. Find all the technologies integrated with this racket on


  • Bullpadel Vertex 03 Control

 padel control racket and vertex nerve 03 control

If you're avery competitive player and that you're looking to get amaximum controlthen Bullpadel is addressing you with this new racket. TheBullpadel Vertex 03 Control 2021ensures a first-rate control, includinground shapeYour blows will never have been as accurate as with this racket. Beyond the precision it offers you, it will be very nice to play with the Contrôle Vertex, notably thanks to the technology Vibradrive which minimize vibrations and assures you, at the same time, that you can also be regular than you can. Nothing better to take his foot on a padel ground, while being performant.

Bullpadeldon't hide his willingness to have here a racket that will bring you comfort and handling. That is why they have developed a new technology which consists of stabilize the frame in order to maximize precision Every one of your blows!

The elegant Fede Chingottoshine on the grounds this year 2021 with this racket.

The first asset of this racket is clearly its handling. Bullpadel is especially for players who do not want to undergo the point and prefer to be master of the game with a bullet touch that brushes perfection. You have the opportunity to make your racket even more maneuverable thanks to the CustomWeight technology that allows you to change its balance according to your needs. As with all top-of-the-line racket Even if it is very maneuverable, it clearly does not mean that it is powerless. Indeed, with a high weight this racket could allow you to send heavy strikes. Bullpadel has the will not to put aside the power of this racket, thanks in particular to the Xtend Carbon 12K, which composes it, which allows to reach maximum power for the best padel players.



  • Bullpadel Hack 02 2021

Bullpadel's powerful and rigid hack 02 racket

Here is one of the headers proposed by Bullpadel. It is particularly with this racket that the great one plays Paquito Navarro on the padel world circuitThe strength of theHack 02is that she's very easily handleable despite the strength it provides.

Even with a high balance at the top of the racket favouring power, this racket does not lose control. Indeed, thehybrid shapeof this racket between the diamond and the drop of water allows to keep a polyvalence primordial so that it is perfectly maneuverable

The Hack 02 2021bring together many advantages that will delight any type of player.Attaquant or defensive, this racket with the peculiarity of adapting to any style of play thanks to its great advantages.

In the continuity of theHack 2020, this racket is less rigidIt is now much more pleasant to play with theHack 02. It has also allowed many players togain in accuracy on the fly and in return from service thanks to a balance oriented more towards the racket handle.

It's not a diamond-shaped racket, but it has all the assets! Indeed, with its many integrated technologies, and in particular through its ultra reactive foam, thisBullpadelcompensates for not having a racket head oriented weight. Its smooth coating will give your ball a very interesting speed.

Take possession of this racket and become the center of attentions with breathtaking actions of the spectators (and even your opponents! ).

The best technologies that are especially designed to optimize your comfort are present on this racket. You can find them all on the website ofEsprit Padel Shop.


  • Bullpadel Hack 02 Control

 racket controle et tonique hack control de bullpadel

We present you the best possible alternative to the Hack 02 for players who have reason to live the defense of their field.

Through hisround shapeas well as through various technologies, the flagship brand of the padel designed this racket for players who love control points. Indeed, itsround shapeallows the "tache douce", which means "ideal strike zone", to be closer to the handle and so you will have the opportunity to master the ball like that never happened to you.

She turns out to be one of the top-of-the-line rackets offering you the most control, de handling and of stability thanks to the bridge "Hack". If you have an advanced level, and you bring importance to the comfort you give your racket, you surely have the pala of your dreams in front of your eyes.

This racket has everything to please the right-wing players as left-wing players.You have the opportunity to return your racket again more maniable or more powerful thanks to technology Poids personnalisé which allows you to change its balance according to your needs.

You doubt it, Bullpadel does not have the will to set aside the power of this racket, thanks in particular to theTricarbone, which composes it, which allows to reach a maximum power for the best padel players.

  • Bullpadel Hack Comfort

comfortable and powerful padel racket

Unlike the racket, this new racket has a maximum power The real evolution is that this racket has won in power without losing comfort which characterised the 2020 model.

The shape of the racket has been unchanged since it is still in diamond shapewhich would strongly appeal to players, especially from the left, who seek to finish the point with their formidable power 

Bullpadel opted for a racket while carbon, unlike the previous model, allowing to reach a maximum power for the best players. As far as the handling of this racket, the Vibradrive system allows to avoid vibrations to the maximum. So you can give your ball an impressive speed without feeling like you're outperforming!The balance of the blade may be modified to each player's needs through CustomWeight technology. You don't need to adapt to the racketsince it is she who adapts to your style of play. So it can make between 365 and 380 grams as required.



We hope you have been able to learn more about this new catalogue 2021 of the superb bullpade brandl, thanks to this article. If you need more and more specific information, according to your expectations, please contact us. We'll be happy to be able to help you find the racket that suits you best.

We wish you all to take as many of the pleasure as possible on the padel grounds with, why not, thesenew rackets at the cutting edge of technology.


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