Get to know Padel snowshoes better to choose it
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Learn more about padel rackets to choose the right one

Learn more about padel rackets to choose the right one

To choose the right Padel racket, we will first detail what it is and the important characteristics to consider. 


Composition of a racket ofpadel

A Padel racket is made up of four distinct elements: 

  • THE racket 
  • THE nucleus - gum of the racket 
  • There strike zone 
  • THE School coating 

All snowshoes must follow theregulationsd 'a number of criteria.VSthe rulescome from theTo International Federation ofPadel Andare thefollowing: 

  • Length455 mm 
  • Width260 mm 
  • Thickness38 mm 
  • Zone ofstruck : 300 mm length and 260 millimeters wide 
  • Zstrike one : presence of holes with a diameter of 9 to 13 mm in diameter, their number ispaS limited 
  • Presence of a safety cordon At the end of the handle with a maximum length of 350 MM. 

Around these regulatory criteria, it is necessary toknow them 5 technical characteristics that define a racket ofpadel. Their combinations make each racket unique and will do it will be adapted (or not) to you and yourgame !  


THE featuresmain of a padel racket

Ia racket shape


Three different shapes of rackets exist, each corresponds to a gameplay style. 

  • Round shape thisform providesthe bestcontrolthanks (in general) to a balance rather in the round. Perm maneuverabilityand to feelquicklycomfortable with rackets ofRound padel. Here is an example of round racket.



  • Water dropThis form presentThe best ratio between control and power.It is suddenly recommended to intermediate level players (level 5-8)This is the most sold form currentlyen Francegrace on the comboMastery/power. Here are different examples of water drop racket.
  • Diamond shapethe power available with this racket shape makes it a racketintended for advanced players with aGoodtechnical level. These snowshoeshave asweep spot of fairly small size,what Strengthen their technical appearance. Here are some examples of Diamond shape rackets.

Powerful Viper Technical Viper School



The balance racket

Balance is generally linked to racket shape. 

  • Round snowshoes: balance in handle, better handling and control but power loss in your strikes. 
  • Water drop racket: versatile medium balance, the Compromise between control and power 
  • Diamond rackets: head balance that gives power at the racket with a loss of maneuverability. 


Manufacturing materials racket

Padel racket manufacturers use the same main materials, namely fiberglass, of the carbon fiber and kevlar. The aim of these different materials are to provide robustness, control and power. 

  • Fiberglass : Flexible, resistant At an accessible but significant price and slow reaction to the deformation. Used especially on the surface of the racket head. Here is for example the Babolat Reflex which is composed in fiberglass.



  • Carbon fiber : light and quite rigid, and with good explosiveness, it is clearly the fashionable equipment for the snowshoes ofpadel Currently ! Here is for example the Bullpadel Hack 03 2021 which is composed in carbon fiber.


  • Kevlar: rare because its cost is important but it offers good resistance. It can also be used to strengthen certain points of snowshoes 

Like a relaxed rope, a soft material will give more power but less control, while a hard material will bring greater control of the strike with less power. An article will also be devoted to this subject.

Other "secondary" materials intervene in the manufacture of a racket such as the gum eva, thefoam, titanium, graphite, etc.  


The core 

In the nucleus of the racket, there are mainly two types of foam. There Eva gum, and all its variations according to the different brands, and Foam (polyethylene foam). 

These two types of foam have opposite characteristics even if the brands have brought changes to have a large variation of each foam 

  • EVA gum: hard, less flexible, significant sustainability. Very widely used by the different brands, it allows you to have a lot of control thanks to rigidity. But beware the rigidity of this foam can be the cause of injuries, particularly in the event of an imperfect technique. 
  • Foam foam: soft, average control, average power But a very fast ball exit. The foamFoam is more fragile, and therefore the rackets last less. 



The weight influences your way of playing directly and is linked to your style of play. The more the weight will be, the more you will have a powerful strike. And conversely, the lower the weight you will be and precise but with a power loss. 

The weight of a padel racket varies Between 300g and 390g. 


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