Change Padel racket: when and why do it
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Change Padel racket: when and why do it

Change Padel racket: when and why do it

The choice of a Padel racket is, as we know, quite difficult. Must take Several parameters in account and find yourself among Hundreds of models And the dozens of brands available on the market. After peeling the many Padel Shop -style articles, you have finally found your Grail and your pala satisfied you at the highest point. But some questions still reside : When and why Change Padel racket? Should we go back the same? What are Signs of weakness of a pala? It is these questions that we will answer in this article.

Evolution of the level of play: To make your Padel racket follow your progress

This is the goal of any padel player: progress. Whether with lessons or simply playing often, The progression curve of a beginner is often exponential. It is therefore necessary to adapt the material in this direction, starting with the racket. Beginner rackets are often Easy to play, comfortable and tolerant But sometimes lack punch or advanced technologies. This is why passed to a certain level, players need a better racket for Continue to improve.

Among all the parameters of a racket, the change of front material is very important in the choice of a racket. Palas for beginners are often in fiberglass While more advanced snowshoes are in carbon / fiberglass alloy or completely in carbon. This new element adds rigidity to the strikes, for more power and precision, by abandoning a little bit the comfort of playing necessary for beginners.

Evolution of play style: rather control, power or versatility?

During a player's career, it is not uncommon to see it Change style of play. Whether it is to adapt to a partner or simply by desire, passing from powerful player to control player or vice versa is rather common. For the transition to be done as best as possible, it is often necessary to Change racket.

And the main characteristic to change is the shape of the mold. If it is the maneuverability and the ball control that you are missing, opt for more for A round racket. With a balance close to the handle, round rackets are ideal for master most blows of your opponents and send the ball where you want. With a diamond shape, Take advantage of the weight at the head of the racket to assemble powerful blows in smashs or viboras. The intermediate shape, in water drop, is balanced in the center of the sieve and is located between the previous 2 forms.

Wear: rackets are not eternal ...

It is quite normal for a racket to wear out and damage over time, like any other product. Depending on your use and game frequency, time has its effect and it can impact the performance of a racket. The foam can for example soften, which makes it lose in density and therefore in efficiency. To make your racket provide you with the best possible performance, you have to change it regularly Depending on your use So as soon as you feel your racket different day after day, it's time to part with it! Count around 5 to 6 months for a semi-professional player who plays several times a week, 1 year for an intermediate player who plays once a week, 1 year and a half or even 2 for beginners. If the racket does not break against a wall ...

The breakage: nerve or manufacturing defect?

Sometimes the pala breaks and is no longer usable because The crack infiltrates the heart of the racket and affects the frame and foam. 2 main causes are often mentioned. The first one, Too much shock On a glass or the fence that cracks the frame. In this case, no secret, you have to change the racket. The other case is manufacturing defect. Like all palas are handmade (that's why the weight can vary from one model to another), manufacturing defects can sometimes happen andabnormally ndomigate your racket. But don't panic, we're here for you. Our after -sales service takes up all the rackets victims of manufacturing defects and replaces them with new, all that as quickly as possible and for free. Go to the political background section on our site Padel Shop!

But then, how to increase the lifespan of your pala?

There are several methods to help your racket hold longer. First of all, avoid passing your nerves on it! Casually, that's often why padel snowshoes break quickly. Then there are accessories like Framework protections which stick to the slice of your racket and which strengthens it. Ideal for The blows struck too close to the windows and grids.

One of the greatest enemies of the Padel racket and especially its foam, These are extreme temperatures and variations. So avoid leaving your racket in the trunk of your car for example, in winter and in summer. The solution to avoid damaging your racket: Padel bags. Most Padel brands offer bags with isothermal pockets, Ideal for storing snowshoes and protecting them from these temperature changes which affect the foam but also the frame, which can be broken much more easily.

Humidity is also dangerous, especially for foam which can inflate and make racket voting much more difficult to play. To prevent humidity from invading your pala, put your padel bag in a dry place. If you play in outdoor, the rain will not directly damage your racket but it will be necessary wipe it with a towel so that the water does not infiltrate the foam. It is also important to protect your racket from the sweat of your clothes after your session. This is why we advise you to separate them thanks to Different compartments that the bags offer.

Padel rackets are fragile objects, which must be taken care of in order to make them last as long as possible with the best possible performance. As said before, it is necessary to change them regularly and to protect them well to keep the qualities!

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