8 Padel accessories to take a CAP!
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8 Padel accessories to take a CAP!

8 Padel accessories to take a CAP!

In the complete panoply of the padel player, the accessories are often forgotten by buyers. However, do not neglect them because they can Bring an important advantage During the matches. Whether it is to increase your game comfort, save money or protect your equipment, they are there to help you take more pleasure on the track. So here are the 8 Padel accessories that we recommend To make your Padel experience as pleasant as possible.

GRIP BULLPADEL HESACORE: Make your racket the extension of your arm

We start directly with a fairly recent innovation in the world of the padel and specific to the Spanish brand Bullpadel. The manufacturer, leader in the manufacture and distribution of Padel equipment, offers here A special grip, do rubber cells that improves racket outfit And therefore the comfort of playing. A little thicker than a classic grip, many players adopt it for this fingers. Hesacore also has virtues of anti vibrators but it is not its main quality, other accessories that we will talk about later are much more effective in this area.


To follow this approach, the Nox brand has also launched A grip named Custom. Thicker, it allows you to modify the location of rubber reinforcements to Adapt it to the positioning of your fingers. Widely used in Spain like Hesacore, it will allow you not to worry about how to hold your racket and concentrate 100% on your blows.

Bullpadel High Frame frame protection: against unforeseen shocks

Another Bullpadel innovation, High frame frame protection. To arrange on the upper edge of the racket, It protects the frame from cracks or impacts against windows or fences. Quite thick, it is the best executive protection on the market and has small rough points, improving the absorption of blows as much as possible. Another point to note: the weight of protection. Count 10 grams more in mind From your racket for high frames, a little less for other protections that are lighter.

Pascal Box: bring back to your padel balls

Another innovation and not least, The Pascal Box is a box where you can put your bullets and re -inflate them to give them a second life. Tested and approved by many players, it allows Take advantage of your balls 2 to 3 times longer. Despite the fact that the felt of the ball does not restore, the bullets can be re -inflated about twice without problem. Available in 3 balls or 4 balls version, The Pascal Box is an essential accessory for the Padel player and represents an excellent investment as well economic and ecological.

Anti Shock Out vibrators: remove unnecessary vibrations

Shock Out is a brand specializing in padel and accessories that allow Facilitate game and increase user comfort. Anti vibrators are their flagship products and constitute a real plus on your racket. Pack of 8 small pieces of rubber, they must be placed In the holes of your racket. They allow Limit vibrations produced by blows and therefore their spreads in the arm and in the shoulder. Ideal for players suffering from tendonitis or heaviness in the arm at the end of the match, anti vibrators allow to Limit injuries And the Genoa as you go.

Note that you can Change the placement of anti vibrators according to the type of racket that you have. For a diamond racket, anti vibrators can be to racket head, as close as possible to SweetSpot to best maximize the anti vibration effect. In addition, this adds a few more grams that can be useful for more power. For round snowshoes, placement on the holes near the handle allows you to optimize the effect.

Padel surgrips: comfortable and absorbent

Over the grips, special as higher or classic, it is often advised to Add an Surgrip To add comfort and thickness to your handle. Much more absorbent than a classic grip, the Surgrip is useful on many points:

  • Absorb perspiration as much as possible To prevent the racket from slipping and becoming quickly unusable.
  • Improve maintenance by adding thickness (can be modulated by adjusting the Surgrip at the time of the installation)
  • Improve racket outfit Depending on the more or less adherent material.

Sold per unit, by 3 or 12, many brands offer different materials. Perforated, comfort or absorbents You have the choice of the brand and the specialty of your Surgrips. For example, the American brand Wilson uses his experience in tennis in particular to offer emergence that are part Best on the market.

GORILLA GOLD BY NOX towels: Check your grip

In cases where you sweat a lot and absorbent appearances are no longer enough, The napkin for Grip Nox is there for you. Small special towel with a slight layer of an absorbent material, You can wipe your hands and handle of your racket. Already approved in golf and hockey, this type of towel is very effective and will allow you to delete perspiration With your hands for several weeks, or even several months depending on your game of play. Be careful not to confuse with a classic towel that does not contain a sticky layer.

4on paste and spray: hang well!

Other products developed for your snowshoeing, The products of the 4on Swedish brand. Specialized in the padel, this manufacturer seeks above all to serve players and to counter their grip problems with snowshoes. Available in form cream or spray, it must be placed on the hands (or the handle with the spray) to improve adhesion with the racket and be one with your pala. Supported by the Argentinian champion Sanyo GUITERREZ, this very recent brand is already surrounded by the best, proof of its very good quality. Do not hesitate to consult our article on 4on products To find out more about the subject.

Padel soles: to be good in your sneakers

To complete your panoply and put the odds on your side, Padel special soles have been created. First, here are the footgel soles, which are soles Both comfort and good for the breathing of the feet. Indeed, with its scent to eucalyptus and its antibacterial properties, they are very comfortable and reinforced In the most demanded places at the Padel.

For the second, it is Shock Out which returns with its Supreme Sport soles which are more focused on performance and on the maintenance of the foot. Fairly thick and specialized in Padel, it keeps the foot immobilized and therefore reducing the risk of injury. Manufactured made of rubber high density, these soles limit the vibrations received in the foot and improve global comfort shoe.

These 8 accessories presented can be considered as essential to Padel players to progress or to make the most of your Padel games. They are all available at the best price on Padel Shop spirit!

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