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5 good reasons to have your own padel racket

5 good reasons to have your own padel racket

You start to Play regularly at Padel ? Do you think of starting a professional career? And you are persuaded to be able to dethrone Pascal, your precursor who made you discover the padel! So you are in the right place, because the first step will be to equip you with your First padel racket !

Good luck ... because at Padel, there are hundreds of brands and thousands of different rackets. This is why we created this blog, To guide you on how to choose your Padel material. For example, after reading The article on different forms of snowshoes, you will surely have a slightly clearer idea on Characteristics of your future racket.

If you are not convinced and you think you can progress and get the moon with a rental racket, you will see that this beautiful ambition will be difficult to reach. Because think again, having your own racket can get you several indisputable advantages !


1. No more apology of the type "They lent me a rotten racket, that's why I lost!" »»

Yes .. we all have a friend who, after having taken a nice heap, finds the best excuses in the world.
Most often, it is the fault of the racket, because it is well known, it is the racket that makes the player !! Too light, too soft, too small or too large, it is Always this poor Padel racket that knits in the first place.

But if it is not the racket, it is the wind (even inside!) Which embarrassed it on 2-3 important smashs, or the sun that makes its own because, obviously, he also changes from space to each change aside 😂

So to avoid ending in the same state of anger as the player above, we recommend you to have your own weapon of war.


2. Have the same sensations in each match

World Padel Tour Sport Gif by Carolina Navarro - Find & Share on Giphy

This is often a problem when you don't have your own equipment, you play with different padel snowshoes in each match. And this is where the problems start, because between two games, you can play with two completely different rackets or with the same snowshoes but not with the same wear state. All this generates Very different game sensations.

Because of its changes, you may put a few tens of minutes with each game, to get used to its snowshoe changes. And 30 minutes on a 1:30 am, it's a lot of time!


3. Having a racket with better yield than rental snowshoes


In general, the price of snowshoes varies between 50 € and 300 €. As in all sports, to have quality equipment, you have to pay the price. This is the case with the Padel.

However, if you are starting the padel and you don't want to put € 300 in a racket (which is fully understood), many very affordable rackets are available to you. You can completely leave on a racket within 100 € And have very good feeling. For a few more euros, you will find excellent versatile rackets, comfortable and easy to play such as the for example Bullpadel Wing, there Head Flash Pro, or the Wilson Blade Elite. Summarize, Between 80 € and 150 €, you can find excellent padel snowshoes to start your champion career😉

4. A look like a professional with your new Padel equipment!

We are not going to lie, have a racket and pro material Do not return the same image as a player discovering a new racket at each match! So if you want Impress your opponents, do not hesitate !

Paddle racket balance head flash

And for the most stylish of you, you will have the luxury of being able to match your outfit according to the color of your new weapon ! Nice right?


5. Stop paying your racket rentals and paying off your investment

As you know, each time you play, you spend an average of 2 to 5 € for the rental of a racket. Starting from this observation, wouldn't it be better to invest in a racket?

Let's take the following example: How long do you return to a padel racket bought 100 €?

Dollar Gifs | Tenor


 At 3 € racket rental, and part of padel per week, you will have returned your purchase in 34 sessions, That is to say much less than a year ! And with all the advantages seen previously, we let you choose your camp ...

And of course, we help you make your choice thanks to a selection of Shakes on the shutter by our team of experts.



Joffrey Gilant Spirit Padel Shop  Joffrey Gilant, The "butcher" of spirit padel

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