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Summer / winter padel snowshoes

Summer / winter padel snowshoes

This is the flagship object when we Play at Padel ! There Padel racket is the subject of all desires for all the clips of this sport. Some, even, create long love stories between them and their owner, who leave them only after difficult gusts.
Stories that cross the seasons, with a few exceptions ... Indeed, we can notice a difference in sensation in Our snowshoes between summer and winter
So are there any differences between Padel rackets in summer and winter? This is the subject that we are going to approach today.

Yes, as you may know, the Padel palas are sensitive and fragile objects.

Temperature, seasons changes and conditions under which they are preserved and maintained, will determine theirperformance and their behavior on the track.

Indeed, it is important to know the Characteristics of a racket When playing the padel. Many players wonder when you have to change your racket, and you have to play with a racket in winter and another in summer ?
The obvious answer to this last question is that it is not necessarily necessary to have a winter racket and a summer racket but that it may be wise to think about it if you really feel the difference during your Winter and summer parts.

For this reason, we will describe the characteristics of winter padel snowshoes and summer padel snowshoes but also how to protect them, maintain them.
Finally, we will end with examples of pairs of summer/winter rackets which can be interesting to acquire.


Padel racket in winter

Winter is characterized by unfavorable weather conditions. THE cold, rain, humidity Make the game very different from other seasons and the performance of the Pala and the ball also change.

With low temperatures, the ball will have less rebound and/or racket a lower ball outlet. The combination of the two factors (humidity and cold) will make the game Less powerful, fast and dynamic.

This reaction is due to the materials that make up the racket, and which tend to harden, compress and provide a less important ball output. This will make the game less explosive and with an increased ball check.

It is therefore the less rigid rackets that will be advised in winter with more flexible materials, like foam Foam or a combination of mosses Foam and Eva, which will compensate for the winter cold.


Padel's racket in summer

The reverse occurs on snowshoes in summer. With weather conditions, rackets become more flexible than in winter. Indeed, the sun, high temperatures tend to make padel snowshoes more flexible.

With high temperatures, the racket tends to soften. In reality, these are the racket materials that dilate give the impression that the eraser is moving away.

This time of year gives a better outlet, a slightly faster game and a longer ball bounce.

We therefore recommend more rigid snowshoes during this time of year. Palas composed of carbon and Eva foam (or fiberglass/carbon and FOAM/EVA hybrids) will be preferred if you want to get closer to your winter sensations.

It is essential to also specify that it is important to maintain your racket well in order to keep it the longest in good condition.


How to protect and maintain your Padel racket? 

As you can see in the article, padel snowshoes are objects very sensitive to temperature variations. This is why it is important to take care of it.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of good practices to adopt to keep your racket in good condition:

  • Tidy up in a cover or padel bag. The best is to have an isothermal cover or bag in which you can store your snowshoes so that they are not influenced by temperature changes.
  • Have a racket protector Adjusted on your racket frame. He strongly reduces the shocks that your pala takes during the blows against the glass, the fence or even on the ground.
  • In a surprising way, Throw or type his Padel racket By nervousness is extremely harmful for the latter. Indeed, a padel racket is very fragile, much more than its cousin the tennis racket.
  • Do not leave your racket in the trunk of your car. As we all know, a car parked outside undergoes large temperature variations, whether in summer and in winter, and even if your racket is stored in an isothermal compartment, it does not keep the temperature infinitely. It is therefore important to enter your padel bag at home after each game.


Summer / winter racket pairs

After seeing the differences between the padel rackets in summer and winter, it can be interesting, as some players do, to acquire a racket to play in summer and a racket to play in winter. Obviously, these rackets must be very similar, and ideally, whether it is the same with a difference: that there is a little more flexible and the other a little more rigid to compensate Summer/winter variations.


 Babolat Veron and Babolat Viper

Viper and Veron are the two new ranges of Babolat 2021 rackets.
These 2 ranges are made up of 3 snowshoes each, the Counter, the Air and the Technical.
The difference between these 2 ranges can be found in the materials used for the manufacture of the racket. To summarize, we find the same racket forms, the same balances between these 2 ranges. The difference? Viper are more rigid than veron.

It may be appropriate to combine for example the Air viper and the Air Veron in order to have similar sensations in summer and winter.

Paddle Tennis racket Babolat Air Viper

 Paddle Tennis Babolat Air Veron racket



 Head Delta or Head Alpha

There Alpha racket range De Head is available in 3 snowshoes:

  • Head alpha pro
  • Head Alpha Motion
  • Head Alpha Elite

There Delta range is also available in 3 snowshoes:

  • Head Delta Hybrid
  • Head Delta Motion
  • Head Delta Elite

At Head, it is in each range that rackets are available in different models of the same design and the same shape.

For example, you can combine the Delta Motion with the Delta Hybrid. The Delta Motion is a little less rigid than its sister the Delta Hybrid. We will therefore use the Delta Motion in winter and the Delta Hybrid in summer.

Padel Tennis racket Head Delta Hybrid

Padel Tennis racket Head Delta Motion

Padel Tennis racket Head Delta Elite


Or if you prefer head alpha, you can very well combine theAlpha Elite With l'Alpha Motion For example. The Alpha Elite, which we will use rather in winter will marry perfectly with the Alpha Motion, which we will use in this example, in summer.

 Padel Tennis HEAD Alpha Pro racket

Padel Tennis HEAD Alpha racket

Padel Tennis HEAD Alpha racket 


 The Bullpadel Vertex 03 and Vertex 03 Comfort

There Vertex 03 and the Vertex Comfort are 2 snowshoes that can be complementary. Indeed, as its name suggests, the Vertex Comfort is more comfortable and more flexible to the impact. It can therefore be perfect in winter if you use the Vertex 03 in summer.

Padel Tennis Bullpadel Green Vertex 03 racket

Padel Tennis Bullpadel Vertex 03 Comfort racket


In the end, many padel snowshoes can be complementary to each other, but be careful not to have two snowshoes with too many differences. To be sure of your choice, do not hesitate to contact us to take advice.


Joffrey Gilant Spirit Padel Shop  Joffrey Gilant, the "butcher" of spirit padel

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