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Padel levels

Padel levels
Hi my little Thai curried shrimp, so how are you doing in your padix lives right now?
I always imagine in "pre-temporary" for the best French padix and in pre-temporada for us talented people. Besides, that's good, today I have the chance to write to you on the topic: how to know your level in padel?
As you will have understood, we took the best to be able to locate you and come to understand, with lucidity, that you are bad anyway but on various scales.
charles alexandre the laughing stock of french padel
Indeed, you all know this reference table generated by the biggest French clubs ranging from 1 to 10 and which allows you to be able to select your games in a convincing way according to the big, the unique, Padel Magazine.
Multiclub padel level scale
In reality, it is quite different ... Indeed how to say that we are not level 2 when level 1 simply requires an interest in the rules ... It is well known my stuffed mushrooms that when you arrive in a place to do a new sport, you did not inquire. 🤦‍♂️
Wouldn't the supreme elite who imagined this painting take us for buzzards? I grant you.
Then there is the problem of level 5, in fact, like 95% of new players, you love padel, so you play at least once a week and you remember that level 5 must play at least once a week. week. In your head it's total euphoria, but where did the notion of double glass defense go, noted just below ... No, you are still playing level 3, yet another error in the creation.
Finally, there is the community levels 7/10, will understand, the csp + of padel, one day a guy decided that on whatsapp level 7 masters as much as level 10, and the padix, he likes this category, so he comes to see you almost every week to understand why he is still in the 4/6 group when he has just bought a Wilson bela pro to 350 bouliches for the defourailler, in short a classic.
No, gentlemen, forget this table, I will bring you a little more clarity which will serve as a reference in the future creations of your parts, with:The Padix Scale.
9 Levels for the lambda and one goal: reach the 10th to be part of the greatest!

Level 1-2: the tennis player

Always arrives with his bag and his tennis balls.
Sure to know the rules that's why it only comes with one person in each game.
Find that 6 € the box of balls Head padel Pro it is therefore limited to buy tretorn at 8 €.
Never go through the locker room and bar.

Level 3: The Sunday Player

The champion's outfit, fully coordinated with the top racket (as below for example).
Bullpadel vertex 03 padel racket
Never use the windows because "it is useless".
Never play without your Siux anti vibratorit gives control for baduf volleys.
A part = a barrel.

Level 4: the regular

Decided he was left player without knowing why.
Start doing P25s and understand that the important thing is to participate.
Has the smash of a 10 year old child despite the power of his racket (as below for example).
Always looks good out of the locker room, you never know about a misunderstanding.

Level 5: The Sympa

Accepts all club games and all tournament partners.
Only play neutral shots so as not to take sides.
Can play left or right but prefers the middle so as not to crumple
Drink only coolers.

Level 6: Le Boulard

Total contempt for lower levels but he loves to play with them.
Has spent a lap in p500 with kibble on match point and talks about it 24 hours a day.
Master all the strokes of the padel, well that's what he believes.
Likes to get paid for a cannon but not below a pint because he deserves it

Level 7: The Ambassador

Speak only with his fellows because the padel is him.
Sharp, the seeds are his friends and he is for gluten-free (without knowing why but it is fashion.)
Loves to tell about his life on the networks, he is sponsored by large local companies with 2 employees and even when he is in bed he wears his sponsor #lapince.
He is a "top top" being for the Spaniards who understood that he would always be bad, but 20k a year it takes.

Level 8: The Padix

At the hand of Bela with the physique of Carlos.
Do a par 3 per year but only play on the left.
Loves to room after taking 6/0.
With the elegance of Chicandier as soon as he arrives at the bar.
There you have it, you now have a real idea of ​​your intrinsic worth racket in hand, I know reality is tough but you'll see once at level 8 it's burst.
Ladies, I haven't forgotten you, you are all above the sun, perfection, elegance, sobriety ...


Level 9-10 (feel free to contact me via the padel shop spirit form, I'm a bit like the Jean Claude duss of the estate)

My little brioche sausages, I wish you good games, to quickly rediscover the pleasure of sharing great moments of talent and above all to take you good jerks but always with your head held high.

Looking forward to seeing you again at the bar (in the field I have no time I'm on top) by then we'll meet up quickly for a new quirky theme if Joffrey the "butcher" still allows me ...
charles alexandre first in p250
Charles Alexander, first round fan in the Lyon region

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