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Raquette de padel de forme ronde afin d'optimiser le contrôle de celle-ci.
Raquette très performante qui vous permettra de dominer le point grâce à des coups très précis.
Raquette de padel Bullpadel Vertex 03 Control
Nouveau modèle de la Vertex Control qui intègre de nouvelles technologies comme le X-Tend Carbon12K ou encore le Top Spin.
Raquette de padel de forme ronde afin d'optimiser le contrôle de celle-ci.
Raquette très performante qui vous permettra de dominer le point grâce à des coups très précis.
Raquette de padel Bullpadel Vertex 03 Control
Nouveau modèle de la Vertex Control qui intègre de nouvelles technologies comme le X-Tend Carbon12K ou encore le Top Spin.

Bullpadel Vertex 03 Control 2021 padel racket

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    If you are a very competitive playerf and you are looking for a maximum control so Bullpadel addresses you with this news racket. The Bullpadel Vertex 03 Control 2021 provides first-rate control, particularly with its round shape. Your shots will never have been more precise than with this racket.

    Bullpadel does not hide its desire to have a racket here that will bring you comfort and maneuverability. This is why they have developed a new technology which consists in stabilizing the frame in order to maximize the precision of each of your shots!

    The elegant Fede chingotto will shine on the field in 2021 with this racquet.

    We let you appreciate its 5 most beautiful points of the year 2019:

    The strong points of this racket:

    Maneuverability and control define it perfectly

    Bullpadel is aimed especially at players who do not want to suffer the point and prefer to be master of the game with a touch of the ball that borders on perfection. You have the opportunity to make your racket even more manageable thanks to CustomWeight technology which allows you to modify its balance according to your needs.

    The power of this racket is not to be neglected

    With a heavy weight this racket could allow you to send heavy hits. Bullpadel has the will not to put aside the power of this racket especially thanks to Xtend Carbon 12K, which composes it, which allows to reach a maximum power for the best players of padel. This material thus reinforcing the rigidity of your racket guarantees you a good lifespan of your racket.


    The technologies integrated into the Vertex 03 CTR 2021:

    MultiEVA technology

    technology multieva bullpadel padel racket
    MultiEva technology has 2 foam densities:
    • The inner layer less dense which allows to better feel the slow balls in the racket.
    • The outer layer more compact which allows better reactivity on fast balls and a more powerful ball exit during big impacts.


    XTendCarbon12K technology

    xtend technology 12K carbon bullpadel padel racket
    TechnologyXtend Carbon 12K is designed with fibers of carbon intertwined. The racket will therefore be more resistant and slightly more rigid while keeping its lightness.

    Air React Channel Technology

    Bullpadel Air React Channel technology
    The new 2021 technology of Bullpadel, Present throughout the Vertex range, Is this one. Its purpose is to improve aerodynamics racket by reviewing the structure of the heart of the racket. Four arms integrate the heart of the racket allowing to bring you more control but also more than power. This technology makes your racket bothlighter, More comfortable and more powerful. This is surely the definition of innovation.

    Vertex technology

    vertex bullpadel padel racket technology
    Vertex technology is designed with a heart of racket which distributes weights and forces evenly throughout the frame to increase stability at the time ofbullet hole. Thanks to him, the twists and vibrations are considerably reduced.

    Vibradrive technology
    vibradrive technology bullpadel padel racket
    Rubber system inserted throughout the handle. It absorbs vibrations on classic ball strikes but especially on off-center hits.

    Metalshield technology

    metalshield bullpadel technology padel racket
    Very light aluminum protector providing better frame resistance to external impact. In addition, it brings a significant aesthetic side to the pala.

    CustomWeight technology

    technology custom weight bullpadel padel racket
    Ingenious technology allowing change the weight of the racket according to your needs. You can increase its weight in different places of the frame:
    • 3 spaces are devoted to the head of racket. Here, these are aluminum plates that you can put on the edge of the racket.
    • 1 space is devoted to the end of the handle. The current tip must be replaced with a 5g or 10g tip.

    Nerve technology

    nerve bullpadel padel racket technology
    Channels are integrated into the sides of the frame. They slightly increase the rigidity and stability of the racket all in reducing weight. Thanks to this technology, you will get more control on the fly and over smashes.

    Hesacore technology

    Grip hesacore bullpadel vertex 2
    Delivered with Hesacore technology, you will have a better grip of the racket.
    Thanks to its honeycomb design, your hand will adapt very easily to this innovative grip. It allows greater grip of the racket by hand. It will therefore be ideal for players who sweat a lot.

    TopSpin technology

    Top spin effect bullpadel vertex 2
    Rough surface that allows a better hold.

    Technical description of the Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTR:

    Weight 365-380g
    Form Round
    Balanced Low
    Foam Multi EVA
    Racket type Control
    Collection 2021

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