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Raquette de padel Babolat Air Vertuo 2022 - Esprit Padel Shop
Raquette de padel Babolat Air Vertuo 2022 - Esprit Padel Shop
Raquette de padel Babolat Air Vertuo 2022 - Esprit Padel Shop
Raquette de padel Babolat Air Vertuo 2022 - Esprit Padel Shop
Raquette de padel Babolat Air Vertuo 2022 - Esprit Padel Shop
Raquette de padel Babolat Air Vertuo 2022 - Esprit Padel Shop

Padel racket Babolat Air Virtue 2022

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Light and aerial, Babolat strikes hard

Babolat releases a 2022 edition of its entire virtue range. Light, compact with a black/aggressive blue design ... here is the Air Virtue 2022.

The Virtuo range is intended for level players Beginner and intermediary. This does not prevent Babolat from putting their quality technologies in terms of padel racket.

Air Virtuo: For beginners/intermediaries, yes ... low -end, no!

Power side:

Apart from design, the first thing that marks in this racket, it is its Hybrid shape between diamonds and water drop. This allows a racket specializing in power while having a touch of versatility. Ideal when you are looking for power, but not only.

The power of this racket is easy thanks to its frame and its gum.

Made of fiberglass, the frame is resistant, but also provided an excellent return of force. This is also the case with racket mousse, the Black Eva, which is rigid thus increasing the strike force.

Sensation side:

But the air Virtue is also known for a particularity precise: his weight.

This one is around the 345g makes this racket one of the lightest in its range. This lightness is very appreciated For any player looking for power in air games.

With a view to tolerance, Babolate use it "Hole Patern System". This technique consists of a reflected distribution of the holes in order to best enlarge the striking area of ​​the racket.

This tolerance is also expressed thanks to "Vibrasorb System"which absorbs vibrations during strikes.

Babolate Looking for once again the quality and intends to show us that small price is not equal to poor quality.

Technologies included in the Padel Babolat Air Virtue 2022 racket:



Soft Fiber:

Flexible and flexible fibers used on the surface of the snowshoes to give effortless power with maximum comfort and tolerance.

Black Eva:

More elastic foam giving the player a maximum power and of comfort When hitting the ball.


Distribution and size of optimized holes for each form of racket in order toImprove power transmission And the precision of the blows at the time of the strike.

Technical description of the Babolat Air Virtuo 2022:

Weight 345g
Shape Water drop
Balance Medium
Moss Black Eva
Racket type Versatile
Collection 2022

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