Better understand our padel snowshoe comparator
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El Comparator: the racket comparator made in Padel Shop spirit

Tested and noted by François Authier, ex n ° 1 French

Better understand our padel snowshoe comparator

Power/ explosiveness:

The explosive characteristic is defined here by the ball speed released by the racket during powerful blows. The power note determines How fast will the ball come out of your racket During Smashs or Viboras for example.

Control :

This characteristic fixes control of the racket, the control and precision rate What can the racket have. The control influences the accuracy of your strikes. It is determined by the form but also the distribution of weight in the racket.

Tolerance :

It’s just Sweetspot size. The SweetSpot is the racket area where the response to the impact of the ball will be the best. It can be more or less large and in different places depending on the racket.


Handling is defined as the ease of moving your racket on the track. The more handy she is, she will be reactive to your movements And the more effective your blows, in particular on the fly.


Spin, or the effect in French, is the ability to ball in the ball. The placement and size of the holes as well as the type of surface influence the quality of the spin and the ease of producing effects to surprise your opponents. The shape of the racket can also modify the effect rate, the rackets more in mind allow you to add more spin to your balls.

Comfort :

Here, the comfort of play is characterized by the ease of playing the racket. The more comfortable a racket, the more it will absorb impact vibrations And will make the feeling of the blows more "soft", to the detriment of a certain power.