Nox padel rackets

Nox is a Mark 100% Padel who turns out to be a real expert in this field. As their slogan "makes you progress" means, let yourself be guided and become the best version of yourself thanks to Nox.

Sure Spirit Padel Shop, we offer you different Nox snowshoes ranges

The Luxury range which bring together the Nox rackets the most efficient is represented by the AT10 Genius racket Who is here blade official world number 7 Augustín Tapia

The ML10 Pro Cup, which is part of the Nox Pro range, is the racket developed by the padel legend Miguel Lamperti and is known for its versatility

The 3rd range is dedicated to regular and confirmed players in this sport who wish to spend a stage with a performance racket. We invite you to discover the Attraction WPT 2020 racket which is a powerful racket.

Finally, we offer you two padel rackets, which are part of the casual series, Ideal for beginners.